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Thread: B!TC# IT OUT!

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    That sucks, Khaleesi. Hopefully one of these days you'll be able to have a conversation with him about how what he's doing makes you feel.

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    Khaleesi, that sucks. Maybe you should cancel and do something nice for yourself? You could go to a nail salon, go swimming, etc

    Also, it sounds as if he doesn't respect you at all It would not even occur to me to invite other people to dates I've set without discussing it first with the person I've set said date with. That is just wrong.

    You need to sit him down and have good talk about this!
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    Thanks guys it's defiantly frustrating. He said we can talk about it tonight when he gets home from work.
    On one hand I don't want to make him cancel with his friends because we are going to a beach we haven't been to before and his friends have. I also don't want the guys to feel bad because it's not their fault they didn't know.
    On the other hand I'm serious when I say I can't remember the last time we spent any time alone together away from other distractions. I guess depending on what time he gets home on Saturday we can spend some time together at the beach next to our house. I could also possibly make him watch the kids while I go take mermaid exercise class next weekend.


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