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Thread: Coming up with a mermaid name?

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    Coming up with a mermaid name?

    So I'm eventually going to start a facebook mermaid page for myself once I cut my monofin out, which should be next week. Then I'll be ordering my tail!

    Anywho! I've been thinking for weeks for a good mermaid "name" for myself. My real name is Kiersten. But most people call me Blondie. I'm not really a fan of the name, Mermaid Kiersten. Just because it's too...Human-y haha! I like my nickname Blondie but would Mermaid Blondie just be weird sounding too? I'm not sure. And Blondie just doesn't sound too mermaid-y too me.

    What do you guys think? How'd you come up with your mermaid stage name?

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    I'm having trouble coming up with a mer-name as well. My friend and I were going to be Mermaids Ember and Flare, but are having second thoughts because people don't seem to be getting it. Our tails have light/glow elements in them though, which is how the names came about. I'm also super paranoid about people knowing my identity, but my friend would rather use her real name. My real name goes really well with hers, but I'm uncomfortable using it even though I think it is quite pretty. IDK. Since we're appearing/performing/doing stuff as a duo I wanted our names to work together but am not sure how it will work out yet.

    Personally, I like Mermaid Blondie.
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    I like Blondie, but if you want a more mermaidy name then you could always play off that. Perhaps use Blond in another language, or something else that makes people think of blond hair, kinda like how Rapunzel got her blond hair from the sun. Or you could do something punny and go by a name like Sunfish!!

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    hmm.. I went for a hawaiian island name

    I say look through baby names from random places, japanese/hawaiian/Native american names and such.. something might spark your interest?

    I personally am attached to the name Kaida which i plan to have for a "Darker version of Lanai" like an evil twin with a dark blue (hey no one said you cant have 2

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    For my real mer name ( not the one I use here) I went and looked up 'sea' and 'ocean' in ancient languages and ended up with Ulla which means 'jewel of the sea'
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    I'm thinking of changing my mername from Mermaid WaterWolf to Mermaid Ayla, just because it sounds more natural. Ayla is one of my favorite songs by [wouldn't ya know,] Ayla. However WaterWolf is a name that has been around me for a long time and I'm having trouble getting used to the change.

    Maybe try thinking of names you like, and then making variations of them. For instance, I like the name Caroline, but that sounds too human. so I'd switch it up to Coraline. [i know, its a movie] But it has coral in it, and it still sounds like Caroline. Just an idea. Maybe you could take two names and smoosh them together. Like in the big bang theory, when sheldon got a friend named amy, they called them shamy.

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    celtic names are really pretty, and i think they fit wonderfully for merfolk names. or names similar to water and such in different languages.
    ive been thinking about a different mersona, rather than just using my real name, brianna. i was thinking about something like aendina or aendine, which i modified from undine, which means "of the waves". i really love that name, and i think its super pretty.

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    I like Greek names, actually... I'm considering Hylas for myself, after the character from Greek Myth. Also, maybe instead of Blondie, you could use some other term for shades of yellow or gold (Saffron, Goldie, Goldina, Helia, Amber... there might be a Mermaid Amber on here, though... etc)


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