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Thread: SPF Vampire?

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    SPF Vampire?

    Haha...I haven't seen another thread about this I thought I would throw one out there and see if I could get any tips. I am pale... like middle age brittain pale...and I love it. I hate tans. yea, I know...real mermaidy Lyna....but it's my thing. I don't dig tanning beds or spray tan, and I definately avoid the sun getting me too bad. So...does anyone else out there have a similar pigment aversion? Or even sensitive skin that needs uber protection from sunburns? Because I can never find anything strong enough. Or waterproof enough. Any suggestions?

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    i got a tan from work and i find it repulsive. i want my glaring white winter skin tone back.

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    I sunburn easily so I avoid most of the sun when at its highest point, but if I do need to go I use Nivea sun spray F30 about every hour or I still get sun burned. I only get a very light tan, but if I got sunburned I lose all of it.
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    I don't like how I look when I'm tanned, but if I'm pale no one believes that I'm local when I return to Hawaii lol. I wore sunscreen on my face every day during high school and I think that's part of the reason to why I have really clear skin.
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    it's a common misconception that higher spf gives higher protection. Over here, to work with kids, you take sun safety training. One of things we learn is that spf after 15 actually only increases like .00001% (or something like that, I dont remember the exact number, just that it was insignificant.) it's a marketing ploy, but SPF 100 would actually be only slightly more effective than 15. The big thing with sunscreens, is to be the max benefit you need to put it on about 20min BEFORE going outside to allow it to absorb, then you should be replacing it every hour, or if you sweat/get wet even if it says water/sweat proof. Creams give better coverage than sprays, and sunBLOCK gives more protection than sunSCREEN.

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    Huh. Thanks for the advice. I'm not as worried about appearance, but I am definitely concerned by skin cancer.

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    Cancer in General runs in my family, and my dad has skin cancer. His dad had it too. That's why I get so upset when I or my little brother get sunburned.
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    I'm super pale. I avoid getting too much sun and I'll lather on the sunblock like crazy. You can seen just how pale I am in some of the pics from mercon last year, especially ones where I'm next to other mers, it's pretty funny. I like that I'm not the only one who likes their general paleness ha ha!

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    I have a terrible tan on my arms. Other than that, my skin is really white, and somewhat translucent (as in you can see more veins on me, than most people). The tan was from some over exposure in Marching band... I've taken great care never to get that tanned ever again. I'm also really badly freckled on my chest area. So yeah I have a permanent farMers tan... Lol

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    I'm sure I'm more susceptible to cancers
    ..being as I just had cancer surgery on the 13th. Luckily they got it all with surgery so I won't need kimo.inally tail and getting out there will be my first big thing since recovering.

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    I to am exceptionally pale, I don't think I've ever actually found anyone who is lighter then I so I must be careful when venturing into the realm of the burning day star, also AniaR is 100% correct.

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    i'm not pale at all XD (more of a light mocha or caramel color naturally) but i burn so easy XD i have super sensitive skin so much so that if I'm outside in the sun for just 10 minutes, i'll get a burn that'll start peeling right away. It's so horrible having to sit in my room all day having my mom pull off all the dead skin, so i carry an umbrella or parasol where ever i go.

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    I'm also very pale and want to keep it that way. I like the look of my very pale skin contrasting with my black hair, especially as a mermaid. I think a lot of people classically think of tan blonde mermaids like Madison from Splash, but I always liked thinking of the possibility of pale mermaids that stayed in the depths of the ocean not coming to the surface much for sun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Sirena View Post
    I to am exceptionally pale, I don't think I've ever actually found anyone who is lighter then I so I must be careful when venturing into the realm of the burning day star, also AniaR is 100% correct.
    "Burning day star" lmto! exactly how I feel about it. Also, SPF Vampire - that pretty much describes it. How about SPF "It's over 9000!" (please tell me someone else gets this and I'm not a huge nerd...)

    AniaR, thanks so much for the info, next time I have the means to pick up some sunBLOCK, I shall!

    I've been using Banana Boat Ultra Defense 100 spf/uvs (my heavy one) and Banana Boat Sport Performance 30 spf/uvb, and I suppose they work alright for casual day wear, but I'm always after the highest amount of protection I can get. I, too, am very pale, with thin translucent skin - the doctors love that they never have a problem finding my veins! I also want to keep my skin from looking like leather as long as possible, and of course I'm worried about skin cancer!

    Actually, my skin's so thin that I have an "X"-shaped scar on one of my ankles from taping my foot for support (my ballerina friend told me I gave myself "dancer's foot", haha), and another scar from a tumbleweed brushing my sandal-clad foot... plus, you know, a scar wherever anything happened anywhere on my body lol! Makeup and scale patches are going to be my Mermaiding friends! But they show up so much more when I tan (aka when sunlight hits me), so I really try to keep myself covered - a carry a parasol, never go out of the house without a long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, or shawl on - even in summer.

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    I would buy the shit out of SPF vampire lol. I don't tan at all, I just burn to a crisp and peel like a banana. Any color is gone in like a week. Also have the scar problem, you can still see minor shaving cuts on my legs from two years ago.

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    Hmm... I have fairly nice Mediterranean skin, but and I have no problems with being tan or seeing tanned people... but it has to be a natural tan. Spray tans or tanning booths/salons make no sense to me, and they look weird.

    I do burn pretty easily, though, so I usually look for something that advertises a fairly high SPF as well as swim and sweat proof, and I tend to look for those little stickers that change color to let me know when to re-apply sunblock. One time in Jamaica I got so badly burned that it actually became sun poisoning, and I had to wear a t-shirt for the rest of the trip (even when swimming) and sit in front of the air conditioning while applying cold wet tea packets to my face so that it would sooth the skin.

    My favorite activities (besides swimming) are reading, playing video games, writing, and going out to dance or sing karaoke... all of which are often done inside or in the dark. I do like to be outside in the sunshine, but generally not for extended periods of time... jogging/walking through my somewhat-wooded neighborhood is great, sitting in the full sun on the beach or by the pool for hours on end is not so fun. I tend to wrap myself in towels and hide under the umbrellas in situations like that, or I leave and go grab snacks or drinks or something else that keeps me moving and away from roasting in direct sunlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight Mermaid View Post
    How about SPF "It's over 9000!" (please tell me someone else gets this and I'm not a huge nerd....
    <~~ Oh HAI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakarotte View Post
    <~~ Oh HAI.
    YAY! heehee... So I don't feel like a total dweeb!

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    The over-9000 thing is a running gag on maaany games/forums I visit. lol.

    I'm ghostly pale, always have been, and I love it.
    Don't like tans at all.
    I've lived in Asia for years, and the people there buy whiteners

    Cancer is not an issue (hopefully), but one cannot be too careful.
    So, on top of looking good and mermaidy (how would a fish get a tan?), it's healthy to be pale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caltuna View Post
    The over-9000 thing is a running gag on maaany games/forums I visit. lol.
    this is why it's also the show my username comes from.
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