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Thread: The Official Merfolk Accessories Store List

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    Post The Official Merfolk Accessories Store List

    The Official Merfolk Accessories Store List

    This is the list of all the stores that sell merfolk accessories! Everything right here, including shell and scale tops, mermaid belts, shell/seaweed/octopus/tentacle jewelry, hair clips, webbed finger gloves, gills, staging props, playing music under water, to every day mermaid inspired wear!

    If you would have or know of a store or link that you think should be added to the list, either PM me, email the admins at, or comment below. Note that such comments will be deleted after the link is added to the list.

    Merfolk Accessories:

    Blue Mermaid Designs
    Bra based plastic shell tops, and mermaid sashes.

    Caught in the Net by Mermaid Melu
    Hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and mermaidy trinkets

    Cephalopod's - Tentacles hair clip (available in silver and brass)

    Custom made shell covered bra

    Custom Monofins by Mermaid Victoria
    Custom mermaid monofins, hairclips

    Octopus tentacle earrings

    Emily Angelfish
    shell jewelry, hair clips, painted plastic shell tops, neoprene tin cure latex tops.

    Gracious and Pure
    Hair clips, shell head bands, hair falls, polymer clay octopus and mermaid tail jewelery, nautical jewelry.

    Landlocked M3rmaid
    Bedazzled starfish and shell accessories

    Legendary Art by Nerine
    Weight belts, shell bras, shell earrings, and hairclips

    The Local Mermaid
    Polymer octopus, jellyfish, and tentacle jewelry; starfish jewelry, and hair clips.

    LoLo and Rubys
    Shell and sequin tops

    Lovelorn Siren
    Various mer jewelry, hair clips, headbands,

    Magic Horizon (By Mermaid Aqua)
    Seashell necklaces, mermaid sleeves, shell covered bras, and other jewelery.

    MerBellas Studios
    Famous for her original designs and realistic tails, mermaid Raven of Merbellas creates unique and stunning accessories! Shell and netting bras, seaweed bras, earrings, necklaces, arm bands, head wreaths, circlets, dragonskin scale tops, dragonskin octopus tops, octopus pasties, individual and patches of latex scales, original octopus pendants, the original polymer mermaid tail pendants, mermaid belts, hair clips, and of course mermaid tails. Available for custom orders.

    Mercessories by Kailani the Mermaid
    hair clips

    Merfolk Tails (FoxMoon) - real and plastic shell bras, starfish top, various lycra and sequin tops.

    Mermaid Chic LLC
    Various mer jewelry, head bands, hair clips

    Mermaid Outfitters (by Mermaid Lorelei)
    Hair clips, as well as mermaid inspired jewelry.

    Mermaid Parties - tin cure latex scale bras and tops.

    MermaidsRUs - Sequin and bra based painted shell tops

    Fabric and silicone tails, silicone scale tops, sequin tops

    The Moon Mermaid by Moon Mermaid
    Hair clips and hair beads

    Morticia Mermaid Tails
    Custom neoprene tails, necklaces, hair clips

    Myth and Magic by Mermaid Atlantis
    Silicone seashells, silicone starfish, silicone tops, mermaid tails, hair accessories

    "Scale" sequin necklaces and earrings

    Oceanika - Scaled leggings and tops

    OctopusME - A myriad of metal Octopus and Tentacle Jewelry

    Patina and Lace by Mermaid Odette
    Hand beaded and embellished mermaid bras and belts.

    silicone mermaid tail charms

    Poseidon's Grotto (by HB Mermaid Angela)
    Shell and netting mermaid tops, starfish jewelry, and hair clips.

    Sapphire Sea Siren by Angel Starfish
    Necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories

    SeaShore Siren by Mermaid Iona
    Earrings, necklaces, hair clips, rings, shell tops

    Sea Vixen Designs
    Mermaid and merman accessories. Shell jewelry, mermaid belts, hair pins, and more.

    Shadow Fancy Designs
    Tails and accessories.

    Siren Allure by Mermaid Hyli
    shell tops, hair clips, silicone tops

    Siren's Grotto (by Tracy Hines)
    Unique fantasy accessories, including seashell bras, cosplay wigs, hair clips, starfish rings. Note that most of these may not be swimmable, but are more for dry wear.

    Siren's Oasis by Ariel
    Seashell and netting bras, earrings, and various every day jewlery.

    Siren Trinkets by Mermaid Luna
    shell tops, mermaid belts, earrings, necklaces

    The Soil and Sea
    Headdresses, hair clips,

    SpidersDust by Mermaid Evangeline
    Shell tops, hair clips, mermaid belts,

    Steampunk Couture Cthulhu - Large (5.5x6 in) octopus hair clips

    Swirly Girly Goddess - Gauged or regular Octopus tentacle earrings, custom colors

    Tidal Treasures by Sirena Solaris
    Bra based shell and seaweed tops, jewelry, hair clips, and custom tails.

    Trina Mason
    shell tops

    Trove By the Sea by Mermaid Marissa
    Custom seashell tops

    The Virginia Mermaid
    Abalone chip tops, seaweed tops, hair clips, crowns

    Whispers of the Sea by Little Orca
    mermaidy necklaces

    Glowing Accessories:

    Geek Outlet

    Glow in the Dark Octopus Pendant

    Glowing Magic Dagger

    Gleaux Jewelry, The Original Glow Lockets

    Magic Made Elegant, Glow in the Dark Jewelry by Clover13


    Ayalga's treasures

    The Bronze Smith


    Elnara's Medieval Bridal Fashions

    Weapons (Tridents, Daggers, ect):

    Laughing Reaper - 5ft gold double ended wood trident

    North Star Zone - Demon Guard Neptune's Trident Scepter (stainless steel forked blades with cast metal fittings) (scroll down)

    Party America - 24'' PVC "Death Trident"

    Swim aid webbed fingers:

    Darkfin (latex full glove with webbing)

    Webbed Finger Silicone Swimming Gloves


    Finger Tentacles

    Latex barnacles

    Merfolk Ears

    Prosthetic Latex Gills

    Prosthetic Gills, Lady Gaga Inspired

    Dark merfolk/shark teeth:

    Dental Distortions - "Gremlin" teeth

    Dental Distortions - "Lucius" teeth

    Dnash - fangs made of dental acrylic, custom made

    Fae Ears

    Aradani Costumes

    Badgers Den

    Cottage Emporium

    Sea Elf Gills

    Additional hair:

    Artistic Strands - Hair Extensions

    Cool2Day Wigs 3A!11055981%2Cn%3A11057241&bbn=11055981&ie=UTF8&qi d=1342739452&rnid=11055981

    Cosplay Wigs USA

    Music underwater:

    DARAVOC Underwater Speaker (Model MA001A)

    Swimp3 Player by Finis (use "mermaid20" code for 20% off at checkout)


    Living Color - Kelp and Seaweed Gardens

    Mermaid Rentals - dolphins, sharks, front whale half

    Robot RC Shark

    Every day wear:

    Blue Mermaid Deigns

    Carousel Ink - mermaid graphics clothing, scaled tights

    I'm Really A Mermaid
    Acrylic mermaid themed necklaces and pendants

    MerNetwork Store

    NC Merfolk
    Merfolk design t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanktops, ect

    Raina Mermaid Shirts

    Everyday jewelery:

    Jewelry by Michelle Robison - unique and stunning jewelery

    Mermaid Tears Jewelry

    Spirit Beader - Nautical themed beaded jewelry

    Whales Forever - 25% of every purchase is donated to The Sea Shepherd
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    ThanQ for adding me! I really apperciate it Great list!
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    My store is not always in stock as i make new things all the time but i post what ever i create on (merbelts, jewelry, crowns, hair pieces , mermaid tails etc)

    Alexandria Designs is the name
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    This is awesome!! Thanks for posting this
    Formerly known as "kimmie".

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    I've made (and going to make more) a few things that mermaids like and could use
    * latex protheses:
    * mermaid tails and tops for ball joined dolls:
    Or just take a look at my site on:

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    nobody makes the shell bra's small enough for me....

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    What size do you need Lyna? I would be more than happy to make you one to your measurements.
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    i have 2 words AWE SOME

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    My new store is now open!!!! Can you add my store to the list please and thank you!!

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    Can you add my shop please. It's a little barren at the moment, but I am working on that. Thank you!!
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    Wow, great job! Thank you for your effort in putting it together, I needed a list like that.

    I'm bookmarking this thread. I have seen some things that I need in my collection.

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    If you could be so kind as to like my page, I'd appreciate it:

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    I have one as well:
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    Could I maybe be added to the list? I make 100% custom mermaid tail necklace pendants that can be modeled after any tail. I also make etched glass. :3

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    Etsy shop

    My Etsy shop is now open!!!
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    Would GREATLY Appreciate being added to this thread as well! ALL the needed information for link can be found below in my signature... but to make it super easy here you go







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    I requested an add to this list about a month ago. can that please be taken care of? Thanks.

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    Sorry, this thread has been off my radar. I'll see if I can get around do doing a mass update on it later this week.

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    Ok, just added 18 more stores

    Wingéd Mermaid Iona

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    Does it have to be mermaid related shops or can it be for jewelry only?

    Because I make jewelry mostly and knotting, I don't do mermaid bras or any of that sort of things.

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