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    ⚑ The Merfolk Reference Page ⚑

    Welcome to MerNetwork, the largest online community of merfolk from around the world! We're so glad you could join our community. Here you'll find information to get your fins wet in costuming, or to expand your knowledge! Here you'll find references for everything that a merperson needs to know!

    MerNetwork FAQ

    List of Tailmakers

    The Tailmaking Reference Index - all the links and threads on how to make every kind of tail, organized by tail type

    Comprehensive information on monofins- both commercial and DIY

    Tips on How To Measure for a Tail

    Important information on tail care and maintenance:

    Dealing with Chlorine's Negative Effects

    Mer-Care for Mer-Hair

    The Official Underwater Makeup Thread

    The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread

    Accessory Making FAQ - commonly asked questions on making mer accessories

    How to Save for a Mermaid Tail

    What to Expect with Your First Tail

    The Official How to Put On Your Mermaid Tail thread

    Why we don't advise full silicone tails for your first tail

    The Official Merfolk Accessories Store List- the list of all the stores that sell merfolk accessories! Everything right here, including shell and scale tops, mermaid belts, shell/seaweed/octopus/tentacle jewelry, hair clips, webbed finger gloves, gills, staging props, playing music under water, to every day mermaid inspired wear!

    The Official Underwater Tricks Thread- Share underwater tricks, techniques, ideas, tips, ect! Find out about bubble kisses, bubble rings, flips, ect:!

    Health Risks when swimming in Pools

    Mermaid Modeling Tips

    The Official "How to Become a Professional Mermaid" Index

    Professional Mermaid Gigs (Index)

    Photography and Professional Mermaiding
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    This is AWESOME, Iona! I dig it!
    Mermaid Dottie
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    Thanks Dottie! This is just the Getting Started Thread with the how to work the forum info trimmed off (I had cross posted that thread here, but changed the title and the formatting):P But people weren't noticing the reference part much due to the "how to navigate the site" part being first. So I figured a reference thread would be good.

    I'll keep adding and probably polish it up at some point. I may add a tab on the navigation bar for it if people think it would be helpful (especially for newcomers). We have so much awesome info on here it deserves to be somewhere where everyone can find it!

    Wingd Mermaid Iona

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    Great idea, I suggest posting this on tumblr too Iona!

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    I think I haven't read some of these threads yet... I'll def check them out. Great thing Iona!

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    I love this. Thanks for all your hard work, Iona.

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    Awesome all and everything i needed to know is here!

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    The Harlem Mermaid

    Quote Originally Posted by The Harlem Mermaid View Post
    Awesome all and everything i needed to know is here!
    Nice to see you here! I didn't know it even existed! Now that I do, I'll be using it as a great reference spot!!!
    Anyway, GLAD to see my mersister here!
    Chris K. Mermaid Lyric

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Lyric View Post
    Nice to see you here! I didn't know it even existed! Now that I do, I'll be using it as a great reference spot!!!
    Anyway, GLAD to see my mersister here!
    Chris K. Mermaid Lyric
    Great to see your here too! And ues this is def the best source for any mer related topic luv yoy

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    Awesome list!
    It's amazing what work you put into this forum!

    Is there a Second hand market? a special Plattform or a thread in in this network? couldn't find it jet.
    I've been on Facebook in many groups searching for a tail... but no luck.

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