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Thread: Interesting new ebay tail maker

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    Interesting new ebay tail maker

    as quoted: custom made latex mermaid tail:

    This is all I could find but it looks cool
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    I sure wish there were more pictures and information! It looks like there's no monofin though, maybe just good for dry photoshoots? It sure is pretty, though.

    I gotta admit, some of those latex "masks" (ahem) scare me a bit. To each their own!

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    Yeah the masks are a bit creepy, but I think the latex knickers are scarier

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    I think I saw that on ebay. I will try and find the link. If its the one I thought I saw its an "inflatable" mermaid tail.

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    this is what it looks like to me. i dont know how an inflatable mermaid tail would says you can swim in it ::

    but it looks more dominatrix to me than anything lol

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    Yeah, I found it on an art site and the photographer didn't put their information correctly. The first link they gave me to ebay didn't work, then when I asked again they gave me this one so it may not even be the right one. I'm assuming it must be just for fetish/dry photoshoots.

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    I saw these a few days ago. Figured it was just another of those silly latex tail costumes.

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    I saw that before on ebay it's only for fetish play. Nonswimmable but it does look kinda cool. Now if they had a swimmable version that would be interesting.

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    don't write it off just because it's fetish. I think it looks super cool and by inflatable it looks to my like it's just part of the flukes to make it look cool. You probably can't swim in it but would be cool for dry and wet photos still. And fairly cheap.

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    thanks, it's been buggy I can't get the size restraints to stick >.> I might have to remake it


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