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Thread: Used Blue Mermaid Creations Tail For Sale

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    Used Blue Mermaid Creations Tail For Sale

    I have a silicone tail by Mermaid Creations for sale. I'm asking $500 + $60 shipping. It is a full silicone tail with a ocenika merfin inside. It was worn for a few events. To order one from Mermaid Creations is $1200 + shipping, so this is a great savings! I am willing to make payment arrangements if you'd need a little time to pay.

    The tail is blue, with spots.It was made for someone 5,4" tall, a size 3 pants, and size 7 feet..... If you are around that size or a little bigger, it will fit you because the silicone is very stretchy.

    Pros: No waiting! It's ready to go to it's new home! And much cheaper than buying new.

    Cons: The tail came to us with some cosmetic issues. There is a light patch on the back where the silicone has discolored. The fluke has a double tip on one end, but not the other. Since wearing the tail, there are a few flaky areas, the shine has rubbed off in some spots, and the edge of the bottom of the fluke has opened up. Also, the tail came much, much longer than expected, so the top had to be cut down in order to fit my short frame, but I left the back higher to keep the bum coverage. (See the pictures below) These won't be an issue if you are using the tail for personal use, photos, or swimming. You cannot see them in regular photos or in the water. You can have these issue repaired if you want,you will just have to pay for the shipping to Mermaid Creations and wait for them to repair it.

    More information on Mermaid Creations is on their website,

    (I also have a larger, new tail from MermaidCreations for sale)

    Here is a video of me using it at an event:

    Here is a video taken by Mermaid Creations.

    Here is the tail being used at an event, this was before the waist was cut down:

    These pics show the tail being used at a 2nd event, after the waist was cut

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    The colors are so pretty. Not sure I could stand the look of the back though :/ Looks kinda funky to me
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    Yeah, like I said, it's got cosmetic issues, but it works for recreational swimming or photos.

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    Good luck selling it
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    Anyone care to make an offer? If so, send me a PM.

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    If it wasn't an oceanika monofin I would snatch that up.

    Good luck though!

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    Are you selling it only because of the issues it came with?

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    It does have some visible problems but yea, it would work well for recreational.
    I actually love the colors!

    Good luck selling it!

    EDIT: also you look so cute in the video with you swimming in it! xD
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    Yes, it wasn't right for my business. If it was for recreational use, I would keep, but I wanted it for my business. Plus my husband surprised me with a new tail so I will not be using this one anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by MerEmma View Post
    Are you selling it only because of the issues it came with?

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    Thanks Kanti!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanti View Post

    EDIT: also you look so cute in the video with you swimming in it! xD

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    After thinking about the problems that I ran into with the Oceanika mono fin, the course of action that I am willing to follow is to replace this fluke with my original style fluke (see Raina's sister's tail), and put a Foil in it.

    The new fluke will be painted to match the rest of the tail.

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    Would that be free of charge or extra?

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    I believe he is willing to do that at no charge.
    Quote Originally Posted by MermanJesse View Post
    the course of action that I am willing to follow is to replace this fluke with my original style fluke

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    What measurements did you give Jesse? It looks to be smaller than a size 3 pants, but I can't really tell.

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    Here are the measurements I used. Keep in mind we cut the waist down.
    Top of tail: 24"
    Top of tail to bellybutton/waist: 4"
    Waist: 27
    Waist to hip: 8
    Hip: 36"
    Hip to knee: 13"
    Knees: 21
    Knees to calves: 5"
    Calves: 22'
    Calves to ankle: 9"
    Ankles: 13"

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    Okay, thanks! I'll check my own and see if they're at all similar later today.

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    Annnnd it's way too big. I kind of figured so. It's such a beautiful shade of blue, though. Seriously!

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    Ok Jesse its coming to you for repair very soon! And then its going Moongazer!

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    Woo! So glad she got it. It's gorgeous.


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