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Thread: What Would You Do with $590m Powerball Lotto Win?

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    What Would You Do with $590m Powerball Lotto Win?

    I personally cant believe the lotto jackpot reached half a billion dollars. That is way too much money for any single person.

    What are your thoughts on a jackpot this large, and what would you spend your lotto winnings on? Wish I had a big stash of money from a huge lotto win.
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    braces, a reliable car, pay down debt, a house, a wedding, and I'd open an aquarium! lol

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    What about the rest of the $598m lol. Half a billion dollars is just simply insane!

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    After paying off that which is owed, it'd be making sure that my son was set up and then investing in a series of elaborate costumes and mermaid tails for my significant other that would never see the light of day in the presence of anyone else.
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    After all my debts were cleared, I'd give most of it to scientific research and charities. I'd invest a good portion, and pretty much do whatever the hell I wanted forevermore.
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    Paying off debt, putting at least half in savings, buying a house for my mom and making sure she's set, buying myself at least two silicone tails, all the BJDs I want... and then a wedding. Probably traveling the world too!

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    Pretty darn much everything! xD

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    The scope of that is just wild. You could use just 2 million of that after taxes, never work again, and just live roughly the way you are now on the interest, without most money worries, AND have a closet full of performance tails from Raven.
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    I would donate half to various charities. I would send my mom to Ireland to spread Andy's ashes. I would buy a house, set up a college fund for my kid(s), invest a fair portion(in different places. eggs in baskets, you know) and buy a house for my parents. And my house would have a saline or filtered freshwater pool. Then I would go back to school and take acting classes, and costuming classes.
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    Id pay off all my family and close friends debt without them knowing, purchase a house, give a good chunk to world help ( an organization I've traveled with to Uganda and make sure the kids are set up for life) then probably savings. Or lile Raina said open an aquarium

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    Buy a third-world country and become its benevolent, grandfatherly king; after of course turning all the hard, governing stuff over to a freely elected prime minister.

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    Pay off debts, a wedding, a honeymoon, a house, a mermaid tail (or two), and help my boyfriend open the haunted house he's been dreaming of. Like Dottie said, I'd also get a natural pool. I'd probably hire an investor to help me invest some of my money wisely. I wouldn't quit working though. I'd still want to keep my job at this point.

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    I really, really hope this money goes to someone who will do great things with it....
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    I'm not sure how other states do it, but the whole jackpot doesn't usually go to the winner(s)--only a sizeable portion is given away. Here, in Missouri, some of the lotto goes to A+, a tuition program for college kids that they earn by doing different things while in high school. I don't know much else though ^w^U

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    First off I'd get my tail and all the mermaid and modelling stuff I want, get art supplies, buy a house, get married, open up an animal rehabilitation center, buy a horse, and whatever else is left I'd save lol. I won't quit working, it would still be my dream to be a model and mermaid entertainer, winning the lottery isn't going to stop me from working my dream. I'd probably give some of it to my family because a lot of them are having financial issues.

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    I don't think I'd work a 9-5 job. I would, however, travel the globe and fight the many battles in this world that the forces of good are currently losing due to lack of funds. Being a financial superhero sounds great
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    First, pay off everything I owe. Next, set aside funds for my kids' education. Then, buy an island for merfolk to visit: Hans Lollik Islands

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    I would make my first silicone tail :3 thats all I really want at the moment! haha!
    Other than that, I would probably look at investing in some properties or land. I'd give a big chunk of money to my parents and my big sister too.


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