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    I don't know if anyone is up for this at all but the Bronx Zoo is free on Wednesdays and there's a zoo in Millbrook, maybe 40m or 50 from Danbury it's $5. That'd be a pretty fun activity to do and get to know all each other. Or I'm down for coffee, too. I'm 30m or so from Danbury, I'm only 30m or so from Seraphina Suds. Afternoon/night is best for me but I need to know ahead because I work at night haha
    Is it really 30 mins between us? I thought it was only like 15! Dang. But yeah, Danbury is good. I'd be willing to drive as far as Waterbury for a day thing. I think I might have mentioned it before but I'm going to plan a tail meet up at a CT beach some time this summer.

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    Bronx Zoo might be fun, although generally I'm against zoos because I'm one of those animal activists, but if everyone were up for it I could make an exception. Also would only people with tails be allowed? I don't have a tail yet, but I've got flippers, still trying to find the right fabric for me.

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    You don't need a tail!

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    I think I'll be back on the east coast for a little bit in May and probably a lot more in the fall :3
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    I can't wait to meet you all! I'm so excited. Would it be ok if I brought a friend? She's not on mernetwork but slowly and surely I've been getting her into mermaiding. She wore my old tail in one of my films and absolutely loved it, so I'm making one for her this summer.

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    The more mermaids the merrier 😊 So where do we want to meet and when?
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    I think July would be nice. It's always so chilly in CT. Water doesn't warm up for a while. Not sure what a good place for location would be.

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    Well, if its July (which I agree with if were swimming, but if we all want to get coffee or something we could definitely do that now) I only have Saturdays off during the summer.
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    Saturday's seem nice. But I'm not sure about coffee. I'd love to go out, I'm not sure when people would be available.

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    Yeah, I feel the same way. Have no idea when people are actually free lol
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    Hi everyone! I know this thread is a bit older, but figured this was the best place to ask this since it is a CT specific thread...

    Where do you swim? I've had a hard time finding a public pool or beach that allows monofins or tails, so I've been swimming exclusively in private pools. This works fine for my fabric tails, but I'll be getting my first silicone tail next summer, and I worry that those private pools will be too small/shallow. Where are your favorite places?

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    Hi sweetie, im from NY but we have many mersisters up in CT, in fact me and Mermaid Wave from CT are having a Mermaid Event from Country to City, swim over and take a look and join us.

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