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Thread: Canadian Pod

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    I thought this was such a cute pic when I saw it on FB! And holy snow batman! I've actually been visiting Vancouver for the last month and its like the opposite of you right now lol. Like flowers and green grass everywhere! When we landed I couldn't believe I was still in Canada haha
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    Hi! Another Canadian (soon-to-be) mer here. I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia and my very first tail should arrive in the next few weeks! *fingers crossed*

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    Ohhh can't wait for it Kay! Gimmie a shout and we'll swim!

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    Hi - Toronto mer here.

    Been a performer since I was 4 years old, and grew up in Orlando swimming all year and fantasizing about working at Weeki Wachee. Finally am doing something to use my skills to live a dream! I have my tail on order, which a good friend who is a seamster is going to help me pimp out a bit so it won't just look like every fabric tail (while I wait to be ready to invest in a silicone), and have some custom tops and hair pieces coming my way too. I'm going to be getting my SCUBA certification soon, too, and I want to get into the free diving locally - but when I contacted them they said they didn't have pool access until next year due to the PanAm games. So I guess that will have to wait until 2016. But I'm doing it!

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    Good for you!

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    Hello MerNetwork <3

    I'm from Kelowna, BC!!

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    Yay more Canadians!

    A welcome is in order then, eh?
    If you can't stand upon the water I will meet you on the ocean floor

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    Welcomewelcome!! ^o^
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    Staying warm here in Quebec!

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    I think this thread will be forever growing with all the mermaid schools going on

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    Hello fellow Canadians!!! I am from BC as well.

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    Hey there Canadian Mermaids :-)
    Sending out some thoughts to those in Alberta right now or who have loved ones there. I've heard of the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray.
    Hope you are all ok <3

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    Thanks for the good wishes, OceanRose!

    So far people appear to be making it out OK. I've only read about 2 deaths from the fire so far, as well as the usual injuries from smoke. No-one I know from the area has been hurt so far. It's also bringing out the kindness of people. I found this article inspiring.

    Of course, you New Zealanders need good wishes when you get one of your earthquakes. One of my good friends in Christchurch went through the last one pretty well. Not too much repair expenses, and he's not a Marmite-eater, so was unaffected by Marmageddon (now me, on the other hand ... I was feeling that loss of Kiwi Marmite )

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    From Winnipeg, Manitoba myself! I saw there is another person here from Winnipeg! Yay for Land-Locked mermaids. Currently I have a gym/ pool membership at the Active living Centre at the U of M campus. Not sure what their policies are on monofins and tails yet (but Iwill ask if necessary), HOWEVER, there has been some numerous reports of repeated thefts recently (As of May 25, 2016) so be aware and bring your own lock if you use their services, and don't leave things like a phone or laptop in your locker.

    I've not inquired at Pan Am Pool, Sergeant, Boni-Vital or any of the YMCA's in the city. If the other person is still around, let me know please? It might save me some hassle in the long run.

    Also, is there a place in the city that sells mono fins in the city? Thanks!


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    Hello all! I am from Ontario! Near Kitchener! I am looking for a few mermaids to join me in a project I am starting. Looking for mermaids that wear masks, are nerdy, and don't fit the normal "mermaid/man" profile. Any mermaids with Autism here? I have Aspergers?

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    Hey merfriends! Any mess around the Montreal area? I will be coming there this week

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    I'm in Montreal but probably working bleh. I just moved back so I'm not sure of any public pools that allow tails yet.

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    Hi guys!
    My names Marie! I just joined mernetwork and I'm living in the maritimes! I was wondering if there are any other mers around here?

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    Any mermaids in the Kootenays?


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