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Thread: Dragonskin Silicone Mermaid Tails, up to 3 custom colors, in time for Xmas!

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    Dragonskin Silicone Mermaid Tails, up to 3 custom colors, in time for Xmas!

    What if I told you you could have a 100% dragonskin silicone tail in your choice of up to three colors in time for Xmas?

    Okay, so you can't swim in it, but you can have your tail with you wherever you go!

    Get yours now!

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    Great idea!
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    You got me pearlie! When I saw the title I immediately thought....who the hell can promise to finish a tail before Christmas?!

    these are just awesome!!! So pretty and cute! Love it!!! Such a perfect secret Santa gift!

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    Wish I had the money to order a little tail like that in my favorite color

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    Hahaha, Jessica! Do I know the perfect mermaid bait or what?

    Save your pennies, Fenicia! It's not like I'm going to run out!

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    How cutie X3
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    As I'm disabled and don't get any money of my own (my boyfriend earns to much according F.O.D.) It's very hard to save money. I'm trying to save up for a wearable silicone tail and I only have less than 1/4 from what I need and it took me more then 2 years for this little money

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    OMG, so cute!!! And you're such a tease, Auntie Pearlie, lol
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    These are beautiful . I am sure people will love them. and Yeah, the way you headlined it, its gonna grab people's attention! Awesome idea!
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    I would love to order one! Do you ship worldwide?

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    Pearlie are these flat on the backside?

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    Thanks, everyone!

    Yes, I ship worldwide and I use the lowest cost method I can find.

    Yes, they are flat on the back and the suede loop is permanently embedded.

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    I'm so happy with the response on these! I sure would appreciate it you guys might share my etsy link on your social media pages!

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    This is so friggin cool! I'll share!
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    These are just so cute I'm glad you're getting a positive response! I hope you get lots of orders!

    (I want you to be my secret Santa! )


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