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Thread: Finis Vs Leaderfin??????

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    Finis Vs Leaderfin??????

    I have been looking at mono fins and came across Leadefins and wonder if anyone here knows anything about them?
    How does the rate against Finis Mono fin?
    Here is some info on it from the link below
    Monofin has comfortable foot pockets from soft rubber.
    Special fibreglass consists of 18-21 layers and used in finswimming many years.
    Our standards imply 4 levels of stiffness: SOFT, MEDIUM, HARD and EXTRAHARD.
    Monofin with measures about 72 x 68 cm.(width x length), but can be produced by your individual measures.
    The angle between the blade and foot pockets (~ 10 dgr.) makes thigh work less and you expend less strength what is very important for finswimming.

    Monofin weight about 1,9 kg.

    Recommend for: freediving , finswimming, underwater orienteering and long-distance swimming.

    Original monofin blade colour is BLACK. Monofin with WHITE and YELLOW blade - price not change

    I think these are better than the rapid and about the same as the base fiberglass finis mono fin but would like to hear what you guys know about the two.
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    They definitely look interesting. I've seen them once before, but I've never really researched them.
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    The foot pockets are placed at an angle to help with swimming - so if you don't mind the extra spacing between legs in the tail shape, you're fine.
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    I did some
    research about the angle and emailed them about it.

    It is 10 dgr. Up
    and down not turning out or in the foot.

    So unless the
    foot pockets are set wider the angle will not make a difference for space
    between the legs.

    They also have
    some for the same price without the angle as well.

    I wish I could
    look at them both side by side in real lives. lol

    Here a link for
    all the monofins the have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spindrift View Post
    The foot pockets are placed at an angle to help with swimming - so if you don't mind the extra spacing between legs in the tail shape, you're fine.
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    The angle-space is noticeable. I had one just to try it out. The fiberglass is a little scratched up now, but it's still works. Doesn't look as nice as the Finis Competitor but if it's in a tail no one will notice. Also, Leaderfins only accepts bank wire transfers as payment as they are located in Estonia. Possible to buy it through third party suppliers though.
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    kk thanks for the heads up, some one is selling them on ebay. Is it worth the 125ish differnce to get the finis comp?
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    Depends what you think $125 is worth. I think the Competitor looks more "flowy" while the Lederfins ones are meant to be more stiff, and the Competitor is probably easier to use overall (no complaints of foot cramps, shoddy construction, etc - things I have heard from Leaderfins). Finis is the company with the best reputation for merring in North America, but Leaderfins makes each by hand and therefore may accommodate special requests (probably not from the ebay seller though). In addition, shipping might be cheaper from Finis than from Estonia.
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