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Thread: ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

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    Post ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

    ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

    In this thread we're going to go over all the best ways to get not just waterproof, but mermaid proof makeup! Most makeup that is branded and marketed as "waterproof" is not REALLY waterproof. When brands use that term they're referring to long lasting/all day wear, crying, rain, or splashes. Not being fully submerged in a body of water or chlorinated pool for long periods of time (2-4 hours). Therefore, getting makeup not just water proof, but MER proof can be a challenge!

    Underwater makeup can be a hard thing to nail down because everyone's skin and hairs are different, and take and hold product differently. This means what works very well on some may not work at all on others. For this reason, we'll be listing the products that have the best reported staying power! You don't have to try these products of course, just keep in mind the types of makeup to look for, and the general tips (below) while shopping for and putting on your makeup!
    Just keep in mind that underwater makeup can be hit and miss by nature. For that reason I've listed common stores at the bottom that allow returns of open and used cosmetics, and places to find reviews. It's impossible to list them all, so check out the Waterproof Makeup thread for what has worked for different individuals, and post what works bets for you in that thread!

    Types of makeup to look for

    There are types of makeup that will do better in water. These are wax, cream, grease, silicone, and alcohol based cosmetics. Be careful using alcohol based/activated cosmetics around the eyes. Grease and cream cosmetics are both oil based.

    Grease paints are a type of of face and body paint made of oil or cream with pigment and zinc oxide. Oil is only soluble with a detergent to lower its surface tension, so it should not wash off. Most can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. They reportedly have amazing color payoff, plus you can blend the colors together to create your own shades. Kryolan, Aquacolor and Supercolour. are popular choices.

    Most cosmetics have an ingredient called dimethicone, which is a silicone-based oil. Dimethicone helps keep skin soft and helps products go on smooth. Waterproof cosmetic products contain a different form of dimethicone called, "dimethicone copolyol". This is a waterproof version of the same oil, formulated to adhere better to skin and hair. So when looking for silicone based products, look for this ingredient.

    Rubber Mask Grease Paint (or RMGP) are a different type than grease paints- RMGP is a special formula of cream makeup for use with rubber prosthetics, but can also be used on the skin. Usually the base is caster oil which is safe or foam latex. It's typically not advised to use as a stand alone, but is so that you'll only need one type of makeup to cover both your skin and whatever latex appliances you're using (and not worry about matching and blending). The type of oil used in it will help the appliance absorb the pigments in a way more like our skin does, instead of just sitting on the surface. But some use it as a stand alone for just skin anyhow. It does need to be settled with powder. FX Warehouse Inc has an excellent selection of RMGPs:

    Alcohol activated products are the most waterproof products you can use- they're classified as completely waterproof. They are readily dissolved in 99% alcohol, but not at all in water. They can stay put for days on end if need be. You can reblend by redissolving already applied makeup with more alcohol. 99% alcohol must be used- even 93% is not enough. Telesis Iso-Gel ( is a less-drippy and it's odor is significantly reduced compared to alcohol. Sponges are not recommend for application as too much of the product gets wasted in the sponge- instead use a application brush. You can also completely dissolve it and apply it via a makeup-safe airbrush. Ideal for body coverage, such as covering up tattoos. Avoid using it around the eyes. Pros stress that it can be irritating on skin, and tricky to work with- practice before you use it for a shoot. Can be removed with alcohol, specialty removers, or baby oil.

    Keep in mind that some products, like alcohol activated or silicone based cosmetics, require special makeup removers to take off. Others can be taken off with regular makeup remover (even cheap generic Target brand works well) or oil (such as olive oil and grape seed oil).

    General Tips

    Good primers and sealers are key to getting some products to stay put. Some products can be a primer and a sealer both! More on that later.

    Layering powder over a product (such as eyeliner) while it's still wet/creamy will also help it stick. Black eyeshadow over black eyeliner, powder blush over cream blush, ect.

    If you're doing anything more complicated than 1-2 colors (eyeshadow looks, face paint ect), keep things well defined. The makeup needs to be strong, with bold and well defined colors. (Like stage makeup!) Do minimal blending, or everything can seem to run together under the water. Contrasts stand out more underwater if left a bit unblended, whether your doing eyeshadow or contouring and highlighting.

    Sometimes your face can look flat in underwater shoots, depending on the lighting. Basic highlighting and contouring can help! Use a cream foundation or pan sticks (2 shades darker for contouring)- shade the jawline, temples, and under the cheekbones; highlight the actual cheekbone, on the cupid's bow, down the nose. Makeup artists advise in this case to blend highlighting more than the contouring. If you'd like to know more in depth about highlighting and contouring, there are tons of videos on YouTube!

    Generally, products that are marketed as extra long lasting can last a while in the water, even if they aren't marketed as "waterproof". For example, phrases like X-hour (15-hour, 17-hour, 18-hour, ect) 24/7, ect.

    Apply your makeup on the heavy side. No matter how well you apply, some makeup will come off and fade within the first few minutes in the water, so that will tone down whatever you have put on. Also, keep in mind if you're doing video or photo shoots, that there is generally less light penetration underwater, and also that it sucks the color red (more so the deeper you go). So if you're doing a shoot you may want to apply reds heavier (such as lipstick and blush) and/or pick a more vibrant red than you would normally wear.

    Don't touch your face! No matter the makeup, it will smear/fade/come off if you rub it. So make it a habit to not rub your eyes, and not touch your face!

    Keep in mind that testing makeup on the back of your hand or in the shower/rain can be a poor indicator for waterproof makeup, to test if it will stay on for an hour or more in a chlorinated pool. The skin is different on the back of your hand than your face, and may hold pigments differently. Also, showering or standing in the rain is not the same as being fully submerged (and going above and below the surface) in a chlorinated pool.The only way to know if something will REALLY work is to swim in it! Thus why we recommend to buy from places which you can return the cosmetics to, even if they've been used.

    ALWAYS USE COSMETIC GRADE GLITTER. Even if you're using it on your body, use cosmetic grade! Craft glitter is dangerous for your eyes. If it gets in your eye, it can scratch and damage the inside of your eyelid, as well as your cornea. This can lead to infections, or even damage and/or loss of eye sight. And if you're swimming, and you have glitter on your body and it comes off in the water, it could get in yours or someone else's eyes! Craft glitter made out of metal, which is why it's so dangerous for your eyes. Cosmetic glitter is made of a cosmetic-grade acrylic polymer and is safe for use around your eyes.

    Stores with used cosmetics returns policy

    This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these stores are the most common and therefore easily accessible. At other stores, when in doubt, ask about their return policy on opened and used cosmetics.

    -Sephora has an excellent return policy- you can use the makeup, and if you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. The offical store policy ( is that you can return it within 90 days of purchase. However I have heard of many people returning it much later than that for a store credit or exchange (just be aware that this may vary store to store).

    -Mac Cosmetics also has a great policy- you can return used products. The return policy on the website ( doesn't state the day limit, so be sure to ask the sales associate or look on the back of your recipient.

    Sephora and Mac both will usually give you samples of products if you ask for them. Keep in mind there are some things they're unable to give samples of- like sprays, eyeliner pencils, ect.

    For drug store makeup, the following stores have Beauty Money Back Garuntees:
    -Rite Aid return used product for a full refund (ask for details on day limit)
    -CVS return used product for a refund with receipt with 60 days (


    Looking at reviews can give you a better shot at picking a product that will work for you! Even though different products work differently for different people, looking through reviews can give you a better idea of what you can expect, and you can even learn some helpful hints on how to use/apply the product better, or leads on better products. -- When looking on Amazon, be sure to search for the product name and not just look at one listing. More times than not there are multiple listings, and reviews on more than one listing. Also, keep in mind that sadly people are paid by companies to write fake positive reviews on products to get them to sell. Amazon will make a note that it's a "Amazon Verified Purchase" below the review title- this lets you know that it's confirmed with their account that they actually ordered it from amazon. Which can help! When in doubt, look at the reviewer's profile. If they only have reviewed that 1 product, chances are their review is a fake. -- Sephora allows reviews for everything listed on their website. This is very helpful, and the filters that you can use to search through the reviews are very useful! -- Where self proclaimed makeup snobs go to review products! This site is very handy, and the reviews very useful as they tend to give tips on how to use the product and where to find other great products. You do need an account to look past the 1st page of reviews, but it's free and easy to sign up for. I'd recommend signing up so you can look through everything. -- They list a wide variety of drugstore cosmetics, and reviews are allowed for everything listed.

    General Brands

    Some general brands that are spoken of as dependable and long lasting

    Ben Nye
    MakeUp ForEver (MUFE) Aqua Line
    Urban Decay
    Mac Cosmetics
    Skin Illustrator
    Yaby Cosmetics
    Mermaid Minerals

    Eyelashes are the hardest thing to waterproof makeup wise. The surface area of the product coating every lash makes it extremely vulnerable. Also, everyone's hairs/lashes hold product differently- some swear by one mascara and says it stays on for hours, others say that mascara was terrible and came off in minutes. There are myriads of waterproof mascaras, the best you can do is read reviews and try some out for yourself (buying from a store with a good return policy). While there are some mascaras that can hold up, if possible it can be better to skip mascara and look to alternatives. Here are some alternatives:

    Eyelash stain- it stains your eyelashes and eventually washes out/fades, but obviously does not make your lashes any thicker or longer. You can buy temporary stains that you apply similar to a mascara, or "permeant" lash tinting kits that stain your lashes for a month or so.

    Fake eyelashes- fake eyelashes can be hit and miss. Some have success with Duo waterproof eyelash glue, but the best way to get them to stay put is to use adhesive for individual eyelashes. You can typically find it in stores with the false eyelashes. It comes in clear and black- keep in mind that the clear may turn white after a while in the water, so black is probably the safer bet. Also plastic lashes wont loose their shape, real hair lashes will.

    Regular Duo works well for gems for short swims can work. However, it does not stay on very well/very long. In actuality, Duo is not waterproof. It is liquid latex and liquid latex is hydrophile, meaning that it will absorb water and peel off. The waterproof version works much better.

    Eyelash extensions- This professional semi-permanent technique involves attaching a single synthetic fiber to a natural eyelash using a bonding agent. Every eyelash gets one single lash extension In other words, one single extension is bonded on each one of your individual natural eyelashes. This isn't cost effective on a regular basis, but for a busy period or for a special photoshoot/gig it can be a great alternative. If you opt for these extensions, BE SURE to get them from a clean and reputable establishment, or risk infections and/or chemical reactions!

    Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

    MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash

    Hard Candy Lash Ink 4-Day Lash Stain

    28 Day Mascara Permanent Eyelash Tint Kit

    The best way to get powdered eyeshadow to stay put is with a good primer and/or a good sealer. Otherwise, use one of the types of makeup that stays on well in water (see "Types of makeup to look for"). A good combination is to layer powder pigments on top of cream shadows, you can buy a "nude" or white cream shadow to generally use as a base, or have fun layering the colors. Otherwise, Aqua Seal from MUFE and Urban Decay Primer Potion are the the two most popular primers with mermaids to use with powder shadows (see "Primers").

    The more pigmented a powder is, the longer it will last/show in the water- for this reason it's advisable to spend a little more and get a high pigmented shadow rather than buying cheaper lower pigmented ones. This is why a lot of people opt for Mac shadows- because they have excellent pigmentation, a great reputation, and are readily available (most Macy's have a Mac counter). If you don't want to get into buying primers and sealers, waterproof gel or cream based eyeliners can double as eyeshadow!

    Kryolan Aquacolors

    MUFE Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof

    MUFE Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Color

    Yaby Cosmetics Pearl Paint

    Temptu Pro Dura Palette, alcohol activated

    Eyebrows can also be tricky because of all the small hairs. For light filling, use a waterproof eyeliner as a brow pencil. For heavier filling, some are pleased with Mac Paint Pots, but be aware that they come off after about an hour; MUFE is Aqua Brow tends to be hit and miss; the favorite option seems to be either grease paints or mixing high-pigment brow powder with a mixing medium like AquaSeal. You could try the paint pot and aqua brow with a primer and/or sealer for better results.

    Tip on heavier filled eyebrows: To make them look more natural and pop at the same time, use a brow bone highlighter (light nude color eyeshadow) just under the brow bone. Some people opt to use concealer in a lighter skin tone rather than eyeshadow, and that works well. Also, you can use a nude colored (or white if you have very fair skin) pencil, draw around the perimeter of the brow once it's filled in, and then blend it out with a stiff brush.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

    MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot

    MUFE Aqua Brow

    Lip Stains, and "long last" lipsticks are recommended. Some recommend using a heavy clear silicone based gloss on top of regular lipstick to help it stay put. Glitz Fix (see sealers) has been reported to work as a regular lipstick sealer (may not be approved for lips- use at own risk).

    Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

    MAC Pro Long Wear

    Superstay 24 Color

    Cheek and lip creams and check and lip stains are best. Layering powder blush on top of cream blush while it's still wet/creamy will help it stick.

    Stila Convertible Color (cream)

    Mac Creamblend Blush

    Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint


    Cream foundation and Pan Sticks are recommended. MUFE and Krylon make highly recommended pan sticks and cream foundations. Alcohol based and alcohol activated will last the longest. See sealers and primers for products to prime and seal for foundation.

    No matter the sunblock, it will always have a greasy/oily finish. But that can be fixed! Apply the sunblock (before any makeup) and let it dry for several minutes. Then take blot paper (you can buy them pretty much anywhere in the cosmetics sections, from Walmart to CVS to Sephora) and blot off all the oil. Then apply makeup! Blotting the sunblock will not take away from it's protection. To reduce any further oily-ness, you can use blot powder (Mac carries a blot powder) that will help eliminate and prevent any oily shine.

    MUFE Pan Stick Foundation

    Krylon TV Paint Stick (Pan Stick)'

    Dermacolor Camoflage Cream Foundation

    Cinema Secrets Foundation

    Skin Illustrator (alcohol activated)

    Matthew Mungle's Stacolor Full Palette (alcohol activated)

    Cream based concealers are the best way to go. For undereye concealing, creams may crease into lines. In that case, the best thing you can do is to use a good quality concealer (not drugstore) and a good primer meant specifically for undereyes. For stubborn blemishes, apply with a concealer brush- it can get into the tiny crevices much better than your fingers or a sponge could- blend, set with powder, and apply sealer overtop. You can also mix AquaSeal with the cream while it's wet, apply it wish a brush, blend and wait for it to dry then set with powder- this will set it really well, even for stubborn blemishes.

    Tip: You can use redness reducing eyedrops to reduce the redness of your pimples. Just apply it directly to the blemish, or put some on a paper towel/ toilet paper or q-tip and hold it on as compression for a few minutes. The ingredients in redness reducing drops constrict the blood vessels, which makes them less red, and it will do this for your blemish as well. You can put the drops in the fridge or freezer (shorter amount of ti time for the freezer of course) before hand to also help with any inflammation.

    MUFE HD Invisible Cover Concealer (undereye)

    Dermablend -- coverage for tattoos, birth marks, ect.

    CG Smoothers Concealer

    Lancôme EFFACERNES - Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer

    For some eyeliner is a breeze to have stay put, for others it's a nightmare. The recommended products for this are grease paints/pencils, heavily wax based, and reputable long lasting liners (MAC's liquidlast has quite a reputation above and under water). For regular pencil liners, I recommend using AquaSeal- just do NOT get it into your eye! Be sparing with the amount on the brush when applying, and if need be, lean your head backwards until it starts to get tacky. If eyeliner hates staying on your eyes, see my video below for how I get mine to stay on with layering the aquaseal and liner. Otherwise, some have suggested applying the liner, then coating it in waterproof clear eyelash glue.

    You eyes can look small underwater, especially with the sting of chlorine. A great thing to do, is to use either white or nude colored eyeliner on your waterline to brighten up your eyes and make them look wider. Surprisingly Wet & Wild white pencils stay put well on the waterline, and are cheap! If you want a nude color, but it's not as bright as you want it, put on white liner first as a base, then put on the nude liner. There is no sealer you can use for this as the waterline is too close to the eye and too delicate to use primers or sealers. Just go over it with the pencil a few times (having it freshly sharpened helps too) to get a good solid layer on there.

    MAC Liquidlast Liner

    MUFE Aqua Eyes

    Pixi Eye Brightener in Nude

    Tarte Inner Rim Brightener


    For eyeshadow primers, if you have oily lids, steer away from very-creamy primers (like UDPP), as it can lessen the primer's ability to hold the pigments as well as with non-oily lids.

    Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) (eyeshadow)

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer (eyeshadow)

    BENEFIT COSMETICS Stay Flawless 15 - Hour Primer (foundation/face)

    Cover FX Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer (undereye primer)

    Sephora Collection Instant Wrinkle Filler (for undereye and face)

    MUFE Aqua Seal

    Notes about Aqua Seal:
    Aqua Seal is can be both used as a primer, sealer, and mixing medium. The best for all 3 methods is to drop a drop or two into the lid of the container and work with that. This way you can use it sparingly and it applying is less of a mess.

    For use as a primer you can do it one of two ways- apply it and either wait until it is dry and apply product over it, or wait until it starts to get tacky and apply. I recommend the latter as it seems to hold better. Also, the second method you have some blending time- but you have to be quick. Blend before it dries, or you just won't blend it. Used as a mixing medium it holds product very well this way. You can blend it with everything from brow powder, to concealer (not under eyes though), to eyeshadow, to eyeliner (in a pot). I don't recommend it for foundation- use a foundation primer and a face sealer instead. You can blend it in the container that you're getting the product out of, or you can blend it on another surface or the back of your hand. Again, just be sure to finish working with it before it dries, or you'll have to use makeup remover to touch up or remove and try again. You can use it as a sealer, but this is the less popular option because it is OILY and will smear already applied products if you're not careful. If you do this, use a light and steady hand, and tapping rather than dragging the brush is a better way to apply it for that.

    DO NOT use your good brushes with Aqua Seal! It can and will ruin your brushes! Use cheap brushes for application that you can dedicate to using Aqua Seal application for, and always wipe and/or rinse (usually a good wiping is enough) after, or the brush will harden and you won't be able to use it again.


    These are film forming sprays that help provide more durability for makeup that needs to be long lasting, and they provide makeup protection under moisture conditions. A tip from makeup artists is to use these as a primer- If you have a dry event that's outside or in a more humid or hot climate, you can even use these sprays before the makeup to act as an anti-sweat.

    Makeup sealant sprays come in three basic formulas: water/acrylic based, alcohol/water/acrylic based, and alcohol/water based. Some are more rub and moisture proof than others, and that depends entirely on the percentage of alcohol or acrylic that is blended in the formula. Water/acrylic formulations are the best to use for sensitive skin types, but the alcohol/acrylic based sealers are the strongest and most waterproof sealers you can use, and they need little or no reapplication through long events. For extra strong hold, apply the alcohol/acrylic based sealers in really thin layers and build the coverage of them as much as you need. Be careful doing so, because it will look obvious if it's overdone. If you have one available, lots of makeup artists recommend putting the sealers through a (makeup safe) airbrush for thorough application. ALWAYS MIST WITH EYES AND MOUTH CLOSED! Some recommend spraying it onto a barely damp makeup blending sponge and tapping it over the makeup for more concentrated coverage without an airbrush.

    Powdering over a sealer finish seems to make them even more rub and waterproof! You can remove them with warm soap and water, but if you've built a heavy application you may need makeup remover for complete removal. Keep in mind that some sealers can leave a sheen or texture (created by the ingredients that make the stay put) that can show up in photos.

    Ben Nye Final Seal
    (Keep in mind that this DOES have a mint scent, and can sting on sensitive skin when it's drying.)

    Sephora All Nigher Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

    Atelier Transforming Gel

    Krylon Fixing Spray

    •Embellishments and Adhesives
    A great way to add a touch of fantasy to your mermaid look is to add some embellishments! Some great embellishments to add a touch of magic are acrylic gems (found in nearly any craft section), half pearls (found in scrapbooking sections), sequins, scale patches, and other prosthetics. But you want them to stay put through sweat and swimming! Here are some products that can do that for you.

    Spirit Gum -- Spirit gum is a resin used for adhering lightweight items to the skin. For better lasting application on the body, you can clean the area first with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. For delicate or heavier applications, use spirit gum remover to remove (spirit gum and remover are often sold in kits together). Many costume or Halloween stores stock spirit gum. The quality manufacturers include-

    Ben Nye

    Pros-Aide -- An acrylic based, very strong medical adhesive. Keep in ind that Pros-Aide Adhesive hardens when frozen, making it useless. So be careful when ordering in winter months!

    Telesis 7 Silicone Adhesive -- A pressure sensitive, silicone based, rapid bonding adhesive.

    Glitz Fix -- a gel that will fix lose glitter for an extra magical touch
    Note: ALWAYS use cosmetic-grade glitter when applying around your eyes or on your face. Craft-grade glitter will damage your eyes if it gets in them!

    Eyelash Glue -- Eyelash glue (such as Duo) works well for gems for short swims can work. However, it does not stay on very well/very long. In actuality, Duo is not waterproof. It is liquid latex and liquid latex is hydrophile, meaning that it will absorb water and peel off. The waterproof version if of course better, but it still does not hold up very well in the water for more than a few minutes.


    This isn't an exhaustive list by any means, but the things that I found most useful for helping everyone get that mermaiding proof combination that works right for them!
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    Haha thanks for including my video fantastic post

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    Thanks! I literally spent weeks on and off with this thread. Hours and hours and hours scouring google! Hope it's useful to others

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    ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

    This is perfect!

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    Mahalo for all the MerTips Mermaid Iona!!!
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    Just a little reminder to make sure you do take all your make up off at the end of the day

    Waterproof make up can be tricky to remove sometimes. I know using baby oil really helps with it coming off. For me, I personally love to exfoliate heavy make up off. Just adding a little sugar to your normal face wash can make it a great scrub! Leaving waterproof make up on (even in the slightest) can really irritate your skin over night and puts you a a major risk for breaking out like crazy!

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    I did cover removers but I did forget to say how important it is to take it off! Not only can it cause break outs and irritation, but can cause premature aging and other skin damage over time. Even regular makeup I will be falling over and always take my makeup off before bed. If you have a bad habit of it, get remover wipes so you can just grab one and wipe while you do whatever else, or just to have it on the go

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    What's a good remover for taking off the Covergirl Outlast lippys? That stuff is stubborn! I've tried makeup cleanser but it doesn't all of it off in one go, need many tries to get my lips completely clean.

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    I use Covergirl Outlast lipcolor and the generic makeup remover from Target (it's in a clear bottle with a purple lid) gets it off easy.

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    Alright thnx. I was using some branded one.

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    You can buy makeup remover pads for waterproof and long last makeup its great

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    ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

    Funny thing, I actually found that the generic works a lot better than the brands. The brands are like water compared to what generic is. I don't know what it is :P The only thing that was on par with that was some specialty remover from one of the makeup counters at Macy's, and the only reason I know that is because my grandmother gave me one of the free samples they give out in promotion kits sometimes.

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    Thank you i personally appreciate all your hard work and research in posting this thread, i wish i had know these great products and advises when i went to NCMERFEST last Jan, Though the makeup said waterproof and stay on , it still came off soon after i was in the pool . So thank you

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    You're very welcome Cookie! Now you can be prepared for next year!

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    Oh yeah! thank you Winged Mermaid
    i so appreciate it

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone has tried the temporary tatto eyeliner things. I saw them on ebay and fell in love <3
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    ♦ The Official Underwater Makeup Thread ♦

    Ooh that looks like a great idea!! I might have to try that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    Hi I was wondering if anyone has tried the temporary tatto eyeliner things. I saw them on ebay and fell in love <3
    These are interesting little things. I saw a review on YouTube a while back and they looked awful. The girl advised people not to waste their money. I think if you're willing to work with it some it might be pretty good. However, they probably will not hold up in water.

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    Awwww BUMMER :/ Thanks for the heads up
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    Hello Everyone, I am new to the Forum, but I wanted to give my insight on this subject. Aside from singing and acting, I have worked as a make up artist for several shows, so I know what I am talking about. In my experience, it is always best to go with make up that is specifically designed for theatrical work. Ben-nye, Krylon, Mac, Inglot, Sugar pill, etc-etc. The reason I say this is because unlike alot of drug store brands, these higher end make up lines harbor much more pigment into their products. This means that there is more color in the product, so while it is more expensive, when applied properly, you don't have to use much. Also, these make up brands are specifically design for stage lighting, so with our faces submerged underwater, the make up will last longer. In regards to eyeshadow, I feel that Mac, Ben-nye and Sugar pill sell excellent product with alot of pigment, so you will get alot of color with a little amount of product. For foundations, I recommend Krylon, Smashbox, and Ben-nye. Ben-nye and Krylon are two make up brands that are specifically used for stage work, so you're going to get excellent pay off. I would highly recommend products that is either based on silicone or wax. Never forget to set any cream or liquid foundation with powder; it sucks up excess moisture and sets the product into place. Also, silicone based primers are excellent to help keep products in place. I know this sounds redundant, but make sure you use water proof based mascara. Water based mascara has much more wax in it than a regular formula, and they hold a curl much better. And to make sure it stays, try adding a little black eyeshadow to the lashes when you are done. We tend to forget this, but Mascara is a creamy consistency, so to help set it, we need to set it with some powder. Silicones and Primers are essential for Mermaids.

    In my humble opinion, I believe that a mermaid's make up should be less about lipstick and eyeshadow, and more about the skin itself. On land, I'm a heavy believer in matt finishes, but when it comes to underwater make up, I'm the exact opposite. I feel a mermaid looks her best with dewy skin and a healthy complexion. I suggest focusing on dewy highlights and illuminating bronzers to really help illuminate the skin and make it glow. In the fourth POTO movie, lead make up artist, Kenny Myers and Sharon Myers drew inspiration from the pearl. They took that inspiration and created the make up for the mermaids. They focused mainly on their skin and complexion, and I honestly thought it brought out the actresses' true beauty, which I think is the goal for all of us.

    Also, here is a pearl of wisdom for you, invest in make up brushes. Foundation sponges are fine, but don't use those cheap wands that come in generic eyeshadow palettes. Invest in professional brushes. You can buy them in sets, and I can give you some great suggestions to buy quality brushes. Make up brushes are essential. Treat them with care and wash them after every use. They will last you a super long time, and they will help you achieve the look you are going for.

    One last thing, I honestly think it's best for all Mers to come up with make up that is specifically designed for them. We all have different features, and what may look good on one person may not look good on someone else. And like Michelle Phan said, when it comes to underwater make up, less is more. I truly believe that for Mermaid make up.

    If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Message me anything. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions one on one.

    And I'd like to end this with a little gift; A picture of me in make up. A LONG TIME AGO. And for those of you wondering, that is my real hair, lol.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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