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Founded in 2010, Fin Fun Mermaid Tails sells affordable fabic tails with polycarbinate monofins.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    While looking around to get myself my first mermaid tail, I didn’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money and/or have it shipped from another country and have to eat shipping costs. This company is located in Idaho, USA; my orders have shipped out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. I originally only ordered their “Ariel Green” and their monofin made specifically for these tails. I ordered a women’s’ small, my total price was around $121 (USD) and that included the shipping as well.

    The monofin is a piece or Lexan, with a thin neoprene (the good kind, not neoprin). It’s a one size fits most type of monofin, there’s no specific foot pockets. It’s opened on the end and the Lexan is removable (not easy though), so your feet do touch and because it’s neoprene, it’s very comfy. There isn't a ton of propulsion, but I can get to one end of the pool to the other in one breath. Something like a Finis Wave or Competitor will give you more propulsion. The FinFun is made to look like a mermaid tail and be fun, it's not meant for swimming incredibly fast. Because the monofin is made with neoprene, it isn't as simple as drying off with a towel and throwing into your trunk to go home. It takes time to dry. I don't mind, I usually let it sit and drip for a bit, wrap it in a towel to go home. I will let it sit bathtub to drip as upright as possible. Once it's no longer dripping I let it dry fully by hanging it with a fan underneath.

    The fabric is sewn together so perfectly. There is no elastic, it stays up just fine, but if you do want it added, they will add it for an extra fee. They also have a basic sizing system, which is nice because they have them pre-made so that you don’t have to send in measurements, then have it made, then shipped. As soon as you order (as long as it’s at a time they can still ship it), it generally gets shipped the day you order. If you don’t see a size that may fit, you can custom order at an extra cost.

    There is a slight difference in a couple of their fabrics, they are all swim material, but the scaled prints are on a thicker spandex material. The durability is the same, as the sewing is so fantastic, but the orange one can show through and you may see the black monofin.

    I was so happy with my original tail that I decided to buy another tail and matching swimwear. I now own Ariel Green tail, matching bottoms, a purple sparkle bikini top, and Caribbean Sunset (orange) with matching bottoms and bikini top. They do make Tankini’s for those that would like a bit of cover and the modesty panel that is sewn onto the tops helps keep the girls (boobs) in.

    Swimming in this for the first time was very easy for me (please note, I’m an excellent swimmer, as I've been swimming since I was about 4 years old). The tails look so gorgeous in the water and kids (I swim at a YMCA) are usually very interested. I had several parents ask where I got the tail and at times feel like a spokesperson for FinFun! The scale printed does lose its color over time. The actual scale prints don’t totally fall off, but they've gone from a very bright green to more of a silvery faded green. My Caribbean Sunset has yet to lose any color, but I do tend to use my green tail more. I also want to point out that it’s been used at a beach once and chlorinated pools at least 50 times for about 2-4 hours each time. I expected the colors to fade a little. This doesn't bother me too much as I know I can always buy a new “skin” to replace an old faded one and that the cost isn’t a ton. I’m willing to pay that price for the fading.

    Their customer service is excellent, never had to contact them for an issue, got confirmation e-mails immediately, and tracking numbers ASAP. Most items will be at your house within a week. (USA orders) I always chose the cheapest shipping, and my things came within 3 days of ordering.


    Trying on! Pretty Colors!

    Second Order: Matching Swimsuits and Caribbean Sunset (Orange) Tail


    Beach Use Note: the ends are totally opened, if you pull the layers back you can see toes, this is why I don't recommend (after making this mistake myself) using on the beach wet, unless you plan to swim and not wade in the water... the corners that are sewn up on both the monofin and the fabric tail were FILLED with sand. It was a pain in the butt to remove, I had to remove the Lexan, turn the monofin inside out to rinse out all the sand. The Lexan is easier to get back in wet than dry, so getting it back in was a pain because I let the cover dry. I also had to wash my fabric tail, basic rinsing wasn't doing it to get the sand out. Thank goodness my washer has a "hand wash" cycle! It's not recommended that you wash in this fashion, but after the beach it was necessary.

    Other folks Swimming in my tails!
    Adorable Anita

    I even made a tail and it happened to fit my niece wonderfully!

    Even got my Brother's best friend (who is practically my brother) into it as well!

    Please note that the over-use from that family reunion, the Laxan was bent. That is by no means FinFun's fault, it was my niece bending it the wrong way while playing with it in the pool. There is an easy and relatively cheap fix though - FinFun knows this is bound to happen with kids, and they offer a replacement for only $20. I had a coupon code for $5 off so it was only $15 to replace! It will be here tomorrow! (I'll post pictures of the damage, and how to take out & put back the Lexan replacement piece. It is a bit difficult.)

    TL;DR: Excellent prices, timely shipping, fantastic customer service. Scale printed tails will fade with use. You do have to buy their monofin; however it’s made of soft neoprene and a Lexan insert. Monofin is made well, but is neoprene, so it takes time to dry. Lighter colors, like the orange, can be see-through, but not too horribly when wet.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    My tail is a Crystal blue fin fun tail. The shipping was really fast. Arrived 2 days early. Customer support was fast and helpful, answer all of my question really fast. The tail feels really nice, and the monofin is BIG and great, both useful with a tail skin or just the monofin alone. The monofin is tight, and can get a little difficult to get on, but is not impossible. Overall, this one is Newcomers and cheap pockets tail of choice.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    I decided on a finfun as my first tail, they're affordable enough that if I decided that I didn't like being a mer (ha! not likely) that I wasn't out more than $200. I'm a bigger mer so I got a custom tail, which is a little pricier than a tail you can just toss into your cart. Customer service was amazing, I asked for them to use darker cuts of the Caribbean Blue fabric if at all possible because I'm in love with the dark blue/darker blue swirls rather than the almost white swirls, and they totally did it!
    When I got it I was dubious about the monofin at first, thought to myself, no way I can fit my feet into those tiny holes, but after some practice (and falling off the couch, which my boys thought was hilarious) it's easy to slip in and out of it. Monofin isn't fast but it's a great fin to learn with

    Word of caution when buying a custom tail, when you take your waist measurement make sure to take a few inches off. They cut exactly, which would be fine with a silicone or neoprene tail but the elastic waist band sat gently on my waist and a little bit of wiggling at my boys shouting "I can see your underwear!". I took it in four inches (2 on each side) before my first swim and it still started slipping when I managed to get up to speed so I'm making a new waistband with a much smaller elastic so it'll stay up.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    I bought the lovely green color called Aussie Green. Its a very beautiful tail for a fabric one.
    Aussie Green Tail
    Aussie Green tankini top and pants
    Fin Fun Monofin Pro


    When I swam in it, I wore the matching tankini and pants set, everyone thought I was real! All the kids were amazed and stared open mouthed!
    The colors pop underwater. Its shimmery and beautiful.

    There was a bit of scuffing from where I stood on the fluke as the Wave pool has a rough surface to stop people slipping. It is not noticeable unless one holds it close to see. The colors didn't rub off, it just looks a tiny bit furry!

    The monofin is beautiful and soft despite it looking stiff on land. There is barely any propulsion if you're an adult, but that can be easily fixed, as I did mine, by gluing a pair of swim fins to the monofin and adding a replacement monofin as well, so there are two monofins inside. Its not as fast as a professional fin, but at least now I do get some movement out of it.

    Overall, beautiful tails that are affordable and well made.

    I'd like to add that since then, I've bought 2 sets of tankinis and 1 bikini set on separate occasions. The bikini set was sent with two tops and when I mentioned it, the customer service person was great. They sent out the pants free of charge and I got to keep the extra top.
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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    Bought from: FinFunMermaid.com
    Object purchased: Tail skin size M (no monofin)
    Color: Barracuda Black
    Cost: $67.95 plus shipping ($10). Total= $77.95
    Rating: Five stars.

    I became interested in FinFun tail skins as soon as I saw they had new models that were not made with foil fabric. I like my tails to have scale printing, but it was obvious that the foil fabric would lose shine with time, more so when in contact with chlorinated water. When the Mermaidens collection came out, I took a good look, but their ocean colors were just a tad different from the ones Magictail had, so I waited. When the new colors (red, Celtic green, black and rainbow) came out, I thought it was the time to give it a go. The fact that they were so reasonably priced was a big push. I had the hope they would fit my Magictail monofin, but I was ready to buy one of their monofins at a later date if that did not work.

    I did not have any problems while on the website. There is available a size chart to check on the measurements for the tail. When you choose your size, the system recommends the optimal monofin for you, but you can choose "None", and be ready to check out. I like the fact that you don't need to open an account and can do the checking out as a guest. Payment options include PayPal and credit cards. I received a confirmation email with my order number and was told a new mail would be sent when the package was shipped. It took less than 24 hours for the order to be shipped, and I received the e-mail once it was out. Once shipped, it took ten days in full December season to receive the package at my place; I live in Europe, and I chose the cheapest shipping option. That was fast indeed!

    The tail arrived packaged in a strong cardboard box, neatly folded inside a cute blue mesh bag, with an instruction sheet on how to use it and how to take care of it and a FinFun sticker.

    The tail itself:
    The tail is made from swimsuit-like fabric, printed with a scale pattern. It has no distinctive front and back. It is very soft, and stretches slightly. I chose a size M, but a size S would have probably fit me better.
    The good thing is that the FinFun tail skin CAN accomodate inside the Magictail monofin. The fabric covers it just fine, except for one side that the monofin is slightly visible. I do not think that it will be visible while into the water and swimming.

    Use in water:
    As with any fabric tail.

    Also, here is a video of the tail skin.



    Tail skin



    Comparison with the Magictail

    Fluke with the Magictail monofin inside

    It fits!

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    Sorry! It won't let me add the photos that I finally found for my review...

    I've mainly been buying the swimwear (tankini) from Fin Fun as I like the style, it covers more and is not showy if you're conservative like me. I can do tricks in them and not be afraid water pressure is going to take them off when I least expect it!

    I wear AU size 12 and the Adult S fits just nice but the chest area is a bit tight. The Adult M also fits but feels fairly big, 2 sizes too big. It just depends if you want your top to be tight fitting or loose. But I've never worn a tankini till these swimsuits, so I don't know any better if its meant to be tight or loose.

    The fish pants (bikini bottom) is a nice fit too. Not too high cut, or like an old lady swim pants.

    The customer service is great. There was one time, I was sent my order but received two Fuschia (they don't have fuschia anymore) bikinis instead. When I asked what happened to my fish pants, they said it was a system error and told me to keep the extra top and they sent out the pants free of charge.

    Overall good quality swimwear, and swimwear fabric.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    My daughter is wearing her Aussie green tail, and I'm in a homemade tail. We're both wearing Fin Fun monofins. I have to say that for the total mermaid newbs we were last summer, Fin Fun was a fantastic way to jump into the world of mermaiding. Their fins are durable and affordable, and the newer tails have a very high-quality print on them that has lasted well through a summer of sun and chlorine. They look simply gorgeous underwater and kids were flocking around her. My daughter was on the large side of their fitting chart, but custom orders are available and they delivered very quickly (within three weeks of our custom order, if I recall correctly). The spandex is pretty durable. Also, their customer service is great-- very quick responses to questions.That said, these tails will not last forever. After a few months of heavy use, my daughter's managed to snap one monofin and wear holes through the fluke in the high-stress-points on the end. But Fin Fun sells replacement polycarb inserts now, and they're thicker now. They also sell vinyl protective coverings on for the fluke tips, to help preserve the ends of the neoprene cover and fabric. We just got them, and we'll see how well they hold up. (I sewed patches onto her tail, with streamers. She loves it even more for the Authentic Battle Damage.)The monofins themselves, as people have noted here, are made of polycarbonate and are very floppy. But now that we've compared them to some Finis fins, I have to say that I really love the design of simply having anklets holding the fin to your feet instead of the foot pockets. Some people might not like the way that it emphasizes your heels, but we don't mind a bit. I've been practicing with the Finis Rapid and it's really a weird feeling when going back to the flippy-floppy fluke again. If I could combine the rigidity of the Finis with the Fin Fun style anklets, I totally would. :) They're also easy to take off in a pinch, but will not fall off your heels the way Finis heel straps do.I'm embarking on my silicone journey, but we'll always love our first fabric tails. :)

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    4 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    I bought my trail from finfun in 2014 and its been a great first tail! I made a review video on it after being inspired to add some input to the youtube mermaid community!

    Finfun mermaid tail review- cosmetics, durability, customer service, comfort and performance. My honest opinion and the pros and cons of this tail.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    It was about midsummer of last year (2015) that I decided to venture off into the waters and become a mermaid. Originally, I was going to jump straight to a silicone tail, as I really was drawn to how beautiful and realistic they were. However, after reading the forums here on MerNetwork, I decided that I should probably start with a fabric mermaid tail first... and thus, I bought my FinFun Asian Magenta Fabric Mermaid Tail.

    Honestly, when I bought this, I was prepared to be let down, as I had already seen how stunning the silicone tails were, and thought that a fabric one would look so sad in comparison. But let me tell you... there was not a hint of disappointment when I received and unboxed my fabric tail! (You can see for yourself HERE, by watching my FinFun Unboxing Video).

    I paid around $120.00 for this tail (I bought the tail skin with the monofin), and received it in the mail within a week or two. When I went for my first swim, I found it very easy to put the tail on, and was able to master the "Dolphin Kick" movement within a mere matter of minutes. Since ordering my tail, I have swam in it a total of about 7 hours in chlorinated water, and about 6 hours in Lake Michigan, and it still looks super beautiful!

    So, now about the details of the tail. The colors on the tail skin are very vibrant, and the scale pattern is actually pretty realistic looking. They certainly look real from afar, and are still quite convincing up close. However, at the end of the tail, there is an opening where the "Monofin" slips in, and that is a bit unsightly. Buuuut... the monofin needs to be inserted somehow, and that's the easiest way for it to go in, so, whateveeeer! All in all, the looks and fits wonderfully!

    The same goes for the monofin (The thing your feet slip into). While the monofin is a bit floppier than I would like personally (though that does give you more of a majestic, flow-y look), it is surprisingly comfortable. I'll have you know that when I said that I swam in a chlorinated pool for 7 hours earlier, that that was all done in a matter of two consecutive days, and even with that prolonged wear, I felt no discomfort from wearing the monofin! :D (Oooohh... those were two great days.... *Sigh* Time travel, please!?!?) It's also quite simple to get on, and to take off, though you will not notice your feet sliding out of it while you swim... don't worry!

    So, in conclusion, both the tail and the monofin look great and fit comfortably. And the price really isn't bad at all for such a neat product! I would most certainly recommend a FinFun Mermaid Tail to any first time Merfolk out there. Ugh!! The hardest part really is picking what color you want... Ahh! The struggle is REAL!

    Well, thank you for reading my review! Whether you chose FinFun, or another tail maker for your tail, I wish you the best of fun on your adventures. I know you're off to magical things!!

    -Mermaid Phantom MagicCrafter of Mallet Island

    (P.S. I don't really have picture proof to post here, as mine are either blurry, or heavily edited, but I hope the video is proof enough! :O )

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    5 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    I chose the Arctic Blue mermaid tail by fin fun, and it is exactly what I got. It fits like a glove, and it swims really well. Customer service was amazing, and the tail arrived five days after I ordered it. The one thing that is disappointing that the color isn't as vibrant as it was in the picture. Other than that it came in a really good condition and arrived very quickly. I give Fin fun a five out of five.

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    4 out of 5 rating for Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

    Today I thought I would review the Fin Fun fabric Mermaid tail and monofin. This was the first Mermaid tail that I purchased and one of the most popular Mermaid tail brands in the market. So far I own a "Crystal Arctic Blue" Mermaidens tail and the "Ariel Green" Sparkle tail, both of which I love but it also comes in several other colours including some new "limited edition" tail skins such as the Dory/Nemo tails.

    Firstly, one of the best things about the Fin Fun fabric tail and monofin is the price. This makes it perfect for the beginner just looking to get into Mermaiding. Being a production line fabric tail it is much cheaper than the higher end neoprene and silicone tails that are sold by professional tail makers like the Mertailor, Fin Folk or Merbella, and is also slightly cheaper than some other fabric tail brands. It comes in a range of different sizes from kids size 6 to adults size 16 and they also will make a tail to custom measurements for an extra price. In terms of fit, I find the adult sizes are about one size bigger than you would expect for a similar item of clothing, ie Adult Medium is actually equivalent to about US Size 14, so I recommend going with one size smaller than what you are used to. I ordered the adult medium tail but I now realise that I am adult small according to their size charts. As a result the tail was slightly too big for me around the hips and kept falling down, though I was able to fix this by adding some extra elastic. I find the fit of the rest of the tail is great. It's definitely body hugging which is a weird feeling if you're not used to having your legs glued together but now that I am used to it I find it comforting and even look forward to it.

    The next best thing about this tail is the interchangeability. The monofin that goes inside the Fin Fun tails can easily be removed so that if you own several different tail skins as I do, you can easily change over the skin whilst still using the same monofin, as well as remove the monofin and cover when cleaning after a swim. It also means you can easily order other skins/colours from Fin Fun without needing to purchase another monofin (which also helps greatly on the shipping costs too). The fact that the bottom of the tail skins are not closed in also means reduced or no drag as any water that gets inside the tail can flow straight out.

    Because of the popularity of the Fin Fun monofin shape (which several other fabric tail manufacturers have copied) this also means that the Fin Fun monofin works more or less inside some other tail brands such as MagicTail, Delfina or SunTails. This again means you can opt to purchase only the tail skin from these manufacturers rather than purchasing the skin and tail which costs about twice as much and adds extra to the postage. That said the fit with other brands is not 100% the same, so if you do want to ensure perfect fit you should always purchase a tail brand's matching monofin.

    The fluke of the tail skin is still one of my favourites out of all the tails I own and other comparable brands that are available. As you can see from the photos, it has a somewhat "3D" look to the ribbing within the fluke, and has a continuous print that blends seamlessly with the scales on the upper section of the tail. The scales have random occurrences of scales of a slightly different colour and are smaller towards the fluke than further up the waist.

    All of this makes it look a little more realistic than if it were all one colour/one size of scales all the way along. The design looks great in water especially, though is a little dated now that specialty tail designs and shimmery fabrics with more realistic looking scales are available from Fin Fun and some other similar brands. However most people who've never even seen a Mer person before are still always impressed when they see me wearing my Fin Fun tail! Durability wise I would say the fabric is about medium. It is thick enough that it is not see through when wet (which the Magictail fabric is) and has stood up pretty well to my often rough handling and whilst it has developed some small holes I was able to stitch them up and keep on using the tail. No matter what tail brand you buy I think ending up with wear/small holes in your tail from swimming is inevitable. Fin Fun even sell "fin tip protectors" separately which can be placed over the edges of each fin tip to protect from wear, since these areas typically experience the most wear. With my blue tail I have not used the fin tips and so far the wear on the tips has not been too bad (it helps now that I know how to turn properly in my tail!)

    Now onto the monofin. The monofin comes in two different sizes, one for kids (Monofin Jr) and one for adults (Monofin pro). The monofin consists of a polycarbonate (plastic) fin which gives the tail its power, and a neoprene cover. Fin Fun used to include an acrylic material for the fin however customers were finding that it would occasionally snap and could cause injuries. The polycarbonate fin is much more sturdy and many customers have reported that it is much more durable as well. To date I have been swimming with my tail/monofin about 30 times, and I have had no problems at all with the fin.

    Because of the design of the neoprene cover there is no need to worry about feet size as it will accommodate most feet sizes. The feet are inserted into the foot pockets of the cover, and then are held against the fin by tightness of the cover. This does make for an incredibly comfortable fit since unlike some other monofins such as the Finis Aquarius used in other tail brands there are no ankle straps, and the neoprene cover anklets are made from an extremely soft and comfortable lycra fabric. I have worn my tail for hours on end and still felt extremely comfortable wearing it. It is also not going to slip off your ankles when swimming like I have heard the Finis Aquaruis monofin/tails do, and this means it is going to be a much more enjoyable experience. Some users of the Fin Fun reported ankle rubbing discomfort since the ankle bones are so close together when you put both feet in the cover however I have never experienced this problem myself.
    The only disadvantage with this design is the feet are not directly connected to the monofin, and occasionally, especially if swimming with the monofin only (no tail) the feet will lose momentary contact with the fin when swimming which means loss of power transfer and therefore making it feel harder to swim than it need be. I also noticed with my monofin that the loss of contact problem began getting more pronounced as my neoprene cover got more worn from successive swims.

    After investigating I found that it was caused by the neoprene getting overstretched at the back of the cover from the fin continually pressing into it which made the whole monofin fit looser against my feet. The overstretching was so bad that runs had begun to form in the neoprene, which would soon turn to tears/holes. I checked with some other Mermaid and Merman friends of mine and they have not reported the same problem with their monofins so perhaps it was just that I was being too rough with mine. I was eventually able to fix this problem by sewing some stiff fabric strips over the part of the neoprene that had been overstretched and now the monofin is back to normal in terms of contact and therefore performance. I also find that with the fabric tail over the monofin greatly helps to make a tighter overall fit on the feet and therefore much better contact/power when swimming.

    Lastly to performance. Issues with loss of connectivity with the fin aside (as mentioned above), I find this is a great starter monofin. Being a reasonably floppy monofin and a smaller monofin it does require more effort to swim with than a bigger monofin or stiffer monofin but once you get the hang of it and learn to dolphin kick correctly it is actually quite reasonable both in terms of speed and manoeuvrability.

    With a calm relaxed Dolphin kick I find I can consistently swim underwater from one end of my local 25m pool to the other in around 20 seconds, or less if I swim hard. This is about equivalent to the speed of the "Medium" swim lane swimmers, which is certainly faster than I would be able to swim without my fin! Another part of the tail I really enjoy is being able to easily do small turns, flips and twists in my tail. As well as lap swimming I often can be found in the large open wave pool of my local pool just practicing and enjoying tricks, which is as much about Mermaiding as just straight swimming is, and the Fin Fun tail makes this very easy and enjoyable.

    Although I'd still only recommend this tail for pool/lake swimming it is still a decent tail for the price. Whilst I haven't been able to compare other beginner tail brands to Fin Fun as yet, I do really enjoy swimming in my tail because it just looks great and I always feel like I have worked hard by the end of a swimming session when wearing it. Overall I give the Fin Fun tail and monofin 8.5/10.


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