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Mermaid Kat's Shop, based in Geramany, offers realistic printed fabric tails and custom neoprene tails.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mermaid Kat Shop

    Colour - Turquoise/Pink
    Size - L
    Contains - Tail with freedive monifin sewn in.
    Bikini top
    Transparent PVC mesh bag
    Materials - Monofin: Polypropylene with soft rubber footpieces.
    Swimwear fabric of 80% Polyester & 20% Spandex.

    Price - €196,- (included shipping costs of €17,- towards the Netherlands)

    Ordered on - June 10th, 2014
    Delivered on - June 17th, 2014

    I just received my Mermaid Kat’s Tail, and I am more then satisfied so far!
    The fabric feels a little thicker then my previous tai land alot more durable, the monofin is HUGE in compare to my previous tail, and the colours are absolutely stunning!

    Ordering was a piece of cake. You’re well guided through each step followed by a confirmation email at the end. The contact and service is wonderful. Whenever I emailed them I had a responce the same day. After this it’s a matter of being patient untill your tail arrives. You get a Track & Trace code to follow your tail.

    The tail was well packed in a huge box, when opened you get your first glance upon your new tail which is packed in it’s own transparent bag, waiting for you to carry it to the water ;) The paperwork, a business card and a picture of Mermaid Kat is included.

    The monofin was easy to put on using the straps on the side to adjust them to your size. The fabric fit like a second skin arround my own. The scales on the fabric look lifelike with little spots here and there. The turquoise blends in very smoothly with the (more fuchsia like) pink.

    The only downside is that the bikini top is too small. I have this alot. I’m not too busty, but anything german always seems to small on the top parts.
    But I will create my own top with this. Untill then I use a "bathingsuit dress" in almost the same colour pinkas the tail.

    Taking it for a swim tomorrow, and will edit this post to add the experience.

    First of all my apologies for taking so long in writing the promised experience.
    Now to the point:

    Swimming in it is absolutely awesome. The monofin can be strapped on to fit easily, and even after swimming in it for a full 2 hours it does not hurt my feet one bit. It propels me quite fast through the water, way faster then my previous tail. The kids absolutely LOVE it, and so did the swimmingpool! (I'm now officially their "pool-mer") In the light underwater it seems the blue glows up and I frequently hear: You got a glowy tail!
    In emergency situations it's easy to get out of the tail fast.

    I had contacted Mermaid Kat by mail once more to ask for a custom to fit the "job" I have to play at the pool, and within two weeks I had a custom made top at my doorstep which fits perfectly on me and my tail.

    Would definitely reccomend a tail from Mermaid Kat <3
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