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The 2 Tails, home of the 3 Tails YouTube series, offers fabric tails made of lycra for both children and adults

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Thread: The 2 Tails

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    4 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    So I just got my tail a few days ago and it fits like a glove, which is awesome. I love the look of it, the fabric, the color, everything. It feels comfortable in and out of the water, and it was able to handle a small beating out in the ocean on a windy day. My ONLY issue is with the monofin. The fluke itself seems very durable, but the foot straps are lose, (and it isn't necessarily a size issue). It's like my feet rely on pressing against the fabric to move the fin, as opposed to being inside an actual fin - if that makes sense.

    I can live with it, however. It is my first tail and I love it regardless. I also realize that it was inexpensive, (roughly $100.00), and I appreciate the quality of it given the price. I essentially got what I paid for. When I was at the beach today, I was recommending the company to all the parents who were asking about my tail and where they could get one for their kids. In my opinion, it's a very good starter tail.
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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I bought my tail not long ago I've swam in it maybe 4 times been very careful putting it on and the "ankle things" on the monofin are tearin off there's a rip on the bottom and where my feet go in also you can see completely though the tail. The waist is rigged like the used the end of the fabric roll.

    I loved the tail when I first got it put it on it was beautiful for well then I swam in it and saw the problems.
    Overall it got here fast looked great then deplenished.

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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I was thrilled with the print on this fabric tail. It even had an iridescent scale pattern that was shiny like a real fish. I was very disappointing when after the first wear the shine coating was totally gone. After the third wear most of the color was gone and I was left with a very faded pink tail with some light brown lines on it where the purple had been. I know how to take care of a tail and I had washed it within an hour of each use with detergent. Obviously this fabric will in no way hold up to chlorine so I would keep it out of a pool all together and when you are landlocked like me, that really limits your options. I since bought a fabric tail from another brand and have had no problems with fading after countless wears.

    The monofin stretches with wear quite a bit and once this happens you feet will easily slip out. There is a strap for over your toes you can tighten when this happens but soon I had it as tight as it would go and the monofin was still slipping off my feet. Also, the monofin began to warp and curl up on the ends. It also pilled quite a bit from hitting the bottom of the pool. My other fabric tail didn't pill nearly that much.

    On a plus side, the fabric is very stretchy so I can let any of my friends borrow it without worrying about it getting ripped or stretching out too much.

    All in all, I would look else where for your next fabric tail. I bought the purple one and the green one and they have both faded away and the monofin is falling apart. I gave the purple on to a friend so she could take it apart for the monofin for a dry land only tail she is making.


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