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The 2 Tails, home of the 3 Tails YouTube series, offers fabric tails made of lycra for both children and adults

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Thread: The 2 Tails

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    4 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    So I just got my tail a few days ago and it fits like a glove, which is awesome. I love the look of it, the fabric, the color, everything. It feels comfortable in and out of the water, and it was able to handle a small beating out in the ocean on a windy day. My ONLY issue is with the monofin. The fluke itself seems very durable, but the foot straps are lose, (and it isn't necessarily a size issue). It's like my feet rely on pressing against the fabric to move the fin, as opposed to being inside an actual fin - if that makes sense.

    I can live with it, however. It is my first tail and I love it regardless. I also realize that it was inexpensive, (roughly $100.00), and I appreciate the quality of it given the price. I essentially got what I paid for. When I was at the beach today, I was recommending the company to all the parents who were asking about my tail and where they could get one for their kids. In my opinion, it's a very good starter tail.
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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I bought my tail not long ago I've swam in it maybe 4 times been very careful putting it on and the "ankle things" on the monofin are tearin off there's a rip on the bottom and where my feet go in also you can see completely though the tail. The waist is rigged like the used the end of the fabric roll.

    I loved the tail when I first got it put it on it was beautiful for well then I swam in it and saw the problems.
    Overall it got here fast looked great then deplenished.

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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I was thrilled with the print on this fabric tail. It even had an iridescent scale pattern that was shiny like a real fish. I was very disappointing when after the first wear the shine coating was totally gone. After the third wear most of the color was gone and I was left with a very faded pink tail with some light brown lines on it where the purple had been. I know how to take care of a tail and I had washed it within an hour of each use with detergent. Obviously this fabric will in no way hold up to chlorine so I would keep it out of a pool all together and when you are landlocked like me, that really limits your options. I since bought a fabric tail from another brand and have had no problems with fading after countless wears.

    The monofin stretches with wear quite a bit and once this happens you feet will easily slip out. There is a strap for over your toes you can tighten when this happens but soon I had it as tight as it would go and the monofin was still slipping off my feet. Also, the monofin began to warp and curl up on the ends. It also pilled quite a bit from hitting the bottom of the pool. My other fabric tail didn't pill nearly that much.

    On a plus side, the fabric is very stretchy so I can let any of my friends borrow it without worrying about it getting ripped or stretching out too much.

    All in all, I would look else where for your next fabric tail. I bought the purple one and the green one and they have both faded away and the monofin is falling apart. I gave the purple on to a friend so she could take it apart for the monofin for a dry land only tail she is making.

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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I purchased my tail a little over a year ago. At first I was really impressed with the customer service as I called and spoke to the owner on the phone. She was polite and helped me choose my tail colour. Right off the bat I was a little disappointed because I was told they were no longer going to be using the Finis mono fins and instead would be using their own design. I went ahead with the purchase anyway having purchased other fabric tails with custom fins I was satisfied with. I liked how the tail arrived however the first time I put my foot in the foot pocket of the monofin it ripped. I emailed and then called to complain. I was told they would send me another foot pocket for the fin and it never arrived. I continued to wear the tail about 4 times before the material would no longer hold my foot to the monofin. I was also disappointed in the fact that the yellow of the foot pocket is super visible under the fabric in the water. Over all I was very unsatisfied.

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    5 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    The tail is AMAZING quality! I have the Catalina Island Blue tail, and my sister has a blue sparkle tail (not sure the exact color name). They are very realistic and super easy to swim in! We have had our tails for 2 months now, and swim in them every week in a chlorine pool. We have only washed them twice, because we did not know you were supposed to wash them every week, and they still look like new. They are a little difficult to put on, since there is not an opening for the monofin. We have, however, taken the monofin out by pulling down the skin. The tail has not faded or ripped. All in all, this is one of the best fabric tails on the market.

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    4 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I have had my tail for five years and I have put it to very good use. Despite following care guidelines, my tail still faded quickly and the fabric began to crack after about a year of use. It could be just due to extended time in the sun, though. Also, after a few months prior to receiving my tail, my monofin began to tear. The fabric around the plastic part and the straps is in extreme disrepair. I know that my friend also has this problem. I emailed the company, and they responded quickly. I was offered a new monofin for $5. I don't know if that is the current price on replacement monofins or not. I did not take them up on a new monofin, however, so I cannot speak for a replacement.

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    2 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    I got my tail during the summer a couple years ago and had never owned a tail previously.
    It was the solid purple sparkly tail in an Adult Medium (I think).

    My personal experience with the tail seems to be the same as everyone else's.

    1. Makes for a great starter tail, easy to use and put on.
    2. Relatively inexpensive if you're not picky on a mermaid scale/intricate design.
    3. Comes with a little mermaid backpack which is nice.
    4. I've owned the tail for 3+ years and it doesn't have a million holes in it, take care of your tails!

    1. Thin fabric that faded easily despite care. And when I purchased they didn't have the curvy mermaid line so in the butt area my tail is slightly stretched and see through while swimming.
    2. The monofin is extremely difficult to get out, so much so that I thought I was about to break it in half..
    3. I have the previous monofin design which is just holes in the monofin fabric and a strap that slides off while swimming. It's like the monofin is being tugged downwards as you're swimming so you have to consciously try to keep your feet inside of the straps. Or stop swimming to adjust.

    I think it'd be a great tail for merlings and any kids who want to "test drive" a tail!

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    1 out of 5 rating for The 2 Tails

    For several years I have been a loyal customer of The 2 Tails. Those who have given them poor ratings I could not understand where they were coming from; my tails have never faded after short usage, only continued usage for years. The fabric quality has always been superb and in comparison to brands like FinFun and Swimtails, The 2 Tails has always been a staple in my mermaiding career. Quality, affordable, excellent communication.

    Only, the latter is what has made this a low-rating. And while it breaks my heart to have to write and post this review, I believe in honesty and integrity and I feel like I have an obligation to my fellow merfolk to publicize this.

    Nevermind the good experiences I’ve had with them over the years - too many to count, however recent experiences have led me to lose complete trust and faith in this company, hence why this is a purely negative review.

    Incident #1 - Liquid Sun Curvy Tail
    I live in Washington state but was on a road trip in California with some friends. We were staying in Fresno and I wanted to go to Los Angeles. Turns out, The 2 Tails headquarters in Burbank was on the way. My friends decided to stay in Fresno while I went exploring.

    I called the store, said who I was (as I’ve said, I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for years) and asked since I’d be in the area if I could stop by. They were very welcoming and let me explore the shop, where all the materials for the tails were made, and I got to meet the team. Ely, the CEO, gave me the tour and even offered to custom make a tail to my measurements. She also gave me a free friendship necklace. I did end up buying a tail, the Liquid Sun Curvy tail, and was told that it could be finished by the following Friday (September 1st, 2017) and shipped out to me then.

    After I left and explored LA and met with some other mers in the area, I expected to receive an update on the tail’s tracking information. I did not. On September 5th, 2017, I sent an email to Ely about the update on the tail. Ely sent a message back on that same date saying that she does not remember when or how I purchased the tail, and asked for her receptionist, Vanessa, to look into it. I responded with a reminder that I bought it when I visited her store. Vanessa replied on September 7th, 2017, that it should be ready by that next week (September 14th, 2017). She said that she would send me an email before it is shipped. On September 20th, 2017, I had still not received an update so I sent an email requesting one. On September 21st, 2017, Vanessa said she’d check the status of my order. Having not heard back since, I sent another email requesting an update on September 25th, 2017. I said that if I didn’t receive a solid update that I’d be forced to dispute the charge on my credit card. Ely emailed back on September 26th, 2017, that the tail was delivered to my mail locker.

    To make a long chunk of text short: It took nearly a month to receive a tail that should have been shipped out in 2 days. Communication was severely awful and uninformative. I was promised information on shipment and never received it. Having just applied to be an ambassador for their company, I felt worried that I’d lose the ambassadorship because I was standing my ground and defending myself and my order.

    Incident #2 - Coin Purse
    On September 30th, 2017 I bought 2 coin purses with my new ambassador discount for a total of $16.80. These were for presents for some visiting family. I received only one purse from them on October 5th, 2017; and when I found out that I had only received one, I contacted Vanessa via the website form and informed her of this. She had sent a response back apologizing, saying she’ll send out this missing purse immediately. I have not heard back from her whatsoever, have not received any tracking information, and even after requesting another update she still has not responded. It is now October 20th, 2017 and I have heard no update from the company whatsoever.

    Incident #3 - Fire Coral Red Curvy Tail
    My very first tail from them years ago was the Fire Coral Red curvy tail. I paid $155 for it at the time. Imagine my sheer happiness when years later, I find it being sold for $65 on the outlet page of their site, way after I used my first one to death! Excited, I bought the tail - on October 3rd, 2017. I couldn’t wait to use it at my next pod meetup! Plus, with my new ambassador discount, I got it for $55.25. Score, right? Well, that’d be the case if they actually sent me the tail.

    I received a tracking number through USPS on October 4th, 2017. Happy with this bout of information, I check back on the tracking number a few days after. To my dismay, the package was still listed as a “pre-shipment”. For those of you who don’t know, USPS has this mail service where companies and individuals can pay for the shipping and receive tracking information before they even drop off the package. So a “pre-shipment” status means that the company is still in possession of the item.

    I sent another email requesting an update about the tail. No response. Frustrated and unsure of what to do, I posted in my professional mermaids Facebook group seeking some advice. The responses varied, but key ones I received were things like “I’d definitely quit being an ambassador, communication is key to my trust”; “If they treat an ambassador like this how do you think they treat a normal customer”; and “I’d ask yourself if you really want your name tied to a company that has these issues” (I don’t, which is why I’m posting this review). One of the owners of the leading tail making brands suggested I contact the company before filing a dispute, try to reach out to them one last time. So I did that. On Ocotober 18th, 2017, with the subject title of “Purchase Dispute” to grab their attention, I requested an update by the end of October 19th, 2017, or I would file a dispute for the charges with my credit card company. Having not heard a peep, I did that the morning of October 20th, 2017, and sent an email stating my resignation from being an ambassador. I told them I cannot represent a company that has lost my trust and respect.

    I sincerely wish this was not the review that I’d be posting for The 2 Tails. I wish it was a 5 star review saying how awesome they were. But that’s the key word, - ‘were’ - they have lost my trust, respect, and I am extremely disappointed in the company. As someone who’s never been a fan of the other fabric tail brands (to be fair, I want to like FinFun but they don’t do curvy sizes), I feel like a lost guppy trying to find a new home. I’ve been mermaiding for 8 years and have had terrible experiences with several tail makers, but I have never been more disappointed in any brand than I am in The 2 Tails. I strongly do not recommend buying from them - they can’t be trusted.

    They say, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times… well, The 2 Tails has fooled me 3 times. They have just lost a lifelong customer.


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