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  1. World could run out of helium :(
  2. New species named after Spongebob Squarepants!
  3. Sh*t gets real: swimming underwater naked in the arctic while frolicking with whales
  4. Our Universe may be a Giant Hologram
  5. Farewell Tracey Halliwell
  6. Shark swimming in the streets after Hurricane
  7. Daryl Hannah Arrested at Keystone Pipeline Protest
  8. The "soul mate" project
  9. This week in crazy youtube videos...
  10. Whitney Houston Dead at 48
  12. A VERY Important Day
  13. CISPA Passed?!!
  14. All You Mers In Florida Better Pack Up And Leave While There's Still Time...
  15. Tail Flip 2 is PUBLISHED
  16. If You're Planning on Going to Disney World as Ariel
  17. leaving this sunday
  18. 42 curiosities seen at the mermaid parade
  19. Horse Abuse In NYC
  20. Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday (7/9/12)
  21. Ernest Borgnine died at 95
  22. my television interview!
  23. Colorado Movie Theater Shooting
  24. Shark flips for fishermen
  25. What do you think?
  26. Tiny real life dragon found
  27. Ren Faire Armed Robery!
  28. Wisconsin Temple Shooting
  29. Scientists invent particles that will let you live without breathing
  30. Forced to leave his tropical home of nineteen years.
  31. RIP Neil Armstrong, August 5 1930 - August 25 2012
  32. Restoration Fail
  33. Michael Phelps Retirement Party
  34. Halloween Horror Nights! SILENT HILL THEME!!!!
  36. Why I love Canadian Politics....
  38. Facebook bait n switch
  39. Hurricane Sandy
  40. Armenian finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan is secretly a superhero in his spare time
  41. Met ZZ Top!
  42. For all US Mers, a friendly reminder...
  43. The Ariel Effect.
  44. Great act of kindness
  45. Eyeless, Scaleless species of fish!
  46. Shark tank breaks
  47. Get adobe photoshop cs2 LEGALLY AND FOR FREE
  48. Silver Springs To Become Florida State Park
  49. Facebook selling your pics?
  50. Suicide Girls
  51. Super FISH Bowl!!
  52. Racist Gamestop Add
  53. My deepest condolences to Boston
  54. Happy Birthday Mermaid Iona
  55. In Canadian news... Aliens exist
  56. Fibromyalgia - Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels
  57. US Supreme Court strikes down DOMA!!!!!
  58. It's a good day for marriage equality.
  59. 50 shades of little mermaid o_O
  60. Ohio, my proud state. *cough*
  61. girl impresses dolphin
  62. Dolphins have names!
  63. Bullied little girl gets super accurate stormtrooper suit
  64. Amazing metal mermaid sculpture in Scotland!
  65. Christmas mermaids
  67. Not mer at all, but VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  68. Nation Bans Commercial Fishing!
  69. Kickstarter Site Hacked!
  70. Boys back pack banned from school
  71. Blood Moon rising
  72. Navy And killing whales
  73. Robin Williams dead at 63
  74. Conspiracy theories
  75. Great Aricle on the History of Mermaids
  76. 2016 Disney film "Moana"
  77. Moving
  78. Underwater atlantis city?
  79. I finally have my Merman page
  80. Congratulations Jazz!!
  81. Inspiration to have a big juicy creative life
  82. Little girl struggles: viral video
  83. 2016 Republican Debate on Fox News
  84. Love for Millie
  85. Pepe A 4 Year Old Manatee Found Dead In P.R.
  86. Happy International Women's Day!!
  87. Mermaid Commemorative Coins
  88. It has been so long....
  89. Supermoon coming up!
  90. How a Pacific Coast Surfer Survived a Shark Attack
  91. Complete Solar Eclipse in USA, Aug.21, 2017
  92. Neat science articles about adaptations and evolution in sea-faring populations
  93. Give the Great Barrier Reef some of your time...
  94. Your chance for heroism with Science!
  95. I helped contribute to the environment