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  1. Copyright Claims against tails
  2. Announcement
  3. serious business
  4. "Dry" tails
  5. Latex Allergies and Tails
  6. Monofin imprint????
  7. Tail Color?
  8. Archive: "You know you're obssessed with merfolk when..."
  9. Question about a material tail!! HELP!
  10. scale bra?
  11. two tails
  12. Silicone(is it heavy)
  13. Crazy or not? New tail idea
  14. Belated Mermaid Christmas
  15. Reef Tail Project
  16. Realistic vs fabric for starter tail
  17. New Development, Need Advice
  18. SHoW Us YoUR TaiLS THReAd!!!
  19. Any examples of REALISTIC dry tails?
  20. Tail Envy
  21. This May Be Personal, But What's The Most You Mers Would Consider Spending On A Tail?
  22. Fabric Tail Appreciation Thread
  23. Holographic Spandex & Spandex with Metallic Foil or Paint
  24. Tail Drying
  25. HELLLPPPPP!!!!!!
  26. A Mature, Drama-free Discussion on Intellectual Property
  27. How did you decide what you wanted your tail to look like?
  28. Inspiration Pictures?
  29. Something about this....
  30. Fundraising ideas
  31. Okay what's the secret?
  32. Whale/Dolphin Tail?
  33. Making my first tail.
  34. Help please!!!
  35. Steampunk Tail
  36. Show me your "heels!"
  37. Black mermaid tails?
  38. About getting a tail....
  39. falling down
  40. I want to make my tail
  41. I need help deciding what tail design to choose!
  43. How do you measure yourself for a tail
  44. Please help me decide on a tail color!
  46. Colour inspiration!
  47. SecondLife Tails
  48. My new tail.
  49. Help with my family/confidence
  50. Which name to choose
  51. Fluke Ideas
  52. Mermagica.com (Jose Daliva) - "F" Rating with the BBB
  53. ShoW us YOur DesiGns
  54. Neoprene and Latex "Elasticity" (for lack of a better word)
  55. Where Tail?
  56. Pockets?
  57. Help?
  58. Swimming in a poofy tail?
  59. Artist Portfoilios for cheap!
  60. first tail
  61. Stealing photos?
  62. New Mermaid-er looking for tips/ideas
  63. My sketch
  64. How did you first get interested in mermaids?
  65. My First Tail!
  66. Need your opinion about options for tops
  67. ☆ Tail Care and Maintenance, The Official Thread ☆
  68. ⚑ The Reference Thread ⚑
  69. First tail jitters.
  70. justification
  71. Evil Mermaid tail?
  72. Someone with art skills and some spare time?
  73. Help! Latex tail storage in a teeny apartment?
  74. mers with art skills? Which fish?
  75. Tail Designs - public tail base & weekly designs by Koral -
  76. Show us your tail designs!
  77. Making tails fade into your skin!
  78. Can someone draw me an h2o inspired tail and top?
  79. Non-Fish Maids?
  80. This is interesting
  81. The Most Amazing Tails
  82. Help!What competitorn monofin should I use for my tail?
  83. Amazing spandex fabric!
  84. Amazing spandex fabric!
  85. Fashion Sketching 101
  86. Wanting A Realistic Tail?
  87. World culture mermaid designs
  88. Save.
  89. What colors look best underwater?
  90. Just what is it about tails...?
  91. How to properly store a tail?
  92. Swimming pool issues and Silicone tails?
  93. Can't get my tail on?
  94. Tips on Measuring for a Tail
  95. Any good digital artists around here?
  96. What do you think?
  97. Tail Designs and Ideas From Everyone.
  98. My Tail Designs/Color Schemes
  99. Help with shipping and...thiniking about changing my name..some advices?
  100. Does my tail need a paint job?
  101. Split tail?
  102. Pregnant disguising tails?
  103. Hey guys look at this cool mermaid one piece I got. (:
  104. First tail for a new mer! Suggestions?
  105. First tail for a new mer! Suggestions?
  106. How do you chose your tail color?
  107. Playing around with tail designs. What do you guys think?
  108. Does anyone have a good tail to sale?
  109. purchasing a 2nd tail (fabric)...need your help and reviews!
  110. Tail Care at Ren Faire?
  111. I decided a thing!
  112. New Tail Ordered
  113. Need opinion please
  114. Lacy Mermaid Goddess
  115. Pocket/purse
  116. Help me measure my bended legs!
  117. Can this be made more merish?
  118. Lotion for Silicone Tail Lubricant
  119. omg check ths out
  120. Tails and Dry Ice?
  121. Suggestions for purchasing an Airbrush?
  122. Merman Tail Design (Free to use!)
  123. Opinion on my tail design?
  124. Any Ideas? constructive criticism? My Tail I'm working on now.
  125. Drying my tail
  126. I got the job!
  127. Need help picking tail colors!
  128. Future Tail Concepts
  129. Tail with a zipper?
  130. Florida bans mermaids.
  131. First tail help
  132. Mertailor made a tail for 3 Tails the movie
  133. Mertailor did a FRENCH video too !
  134. Types of tails
  135. Shipping Tais
  136. Help finding fabric!
  137. The very unsure mer.
  138. Looking for a fabric.
  139. "Does this silicone make me look fat?" - A Legit Question
  140. Tails and fish!
  141. Soul's tail designs! [Pic heavy!]
  142. Tail Colors & Attracting Sharks?
  143. Pros & Cons of Neoprene + Other Questions (Before Purchasing My First Tail)
  144. How is Neoprene effected by salt water, and chlorine?
  145. Colour Schemes!
  146. Not just a tail.. Something new?
  147. FINALLY! I bought my tail! :D
  148. Kickstarter advice, tips, and info
  149. Your First Mer DIY Project?
  150. Movers Ripped My Tail!!!
  151. Designing my very first tail! Opinions?! :D
  152. Realistic Ariel?
  153. Silicone fluke layer peeling
  154. Do Buyers (vs. makers) Get Ripped Off On Price?
  155. Question: Extreme Chlorine Issue...
  156. marine grade fabric?
  157. Favorite Sea Food
  158. Why we don't advise full silicone tails for your first tail.
  159. I have a question for you guys ^__^
  160. Plane travel with monofin or tail?
  161. Tieri's Tail Designs - Advice Please?
  162. Romy's Tail Designs [thoughts?]
  163. Tail Designs by Kailani
  164. My new tail design
  165. I was chilling on the beach...
  166. To bring my tail or not to....???
  167. Using hot glue - yay or nay?
  168. First tail!! Help me pls!!😁🙈
  169. Finis Competitor Mermaid Tail fluke closing design, ideas needed!!
  170. Dragon Mermaids/Mermen
  171. Planning for my silicone tail
  172. Marlin's Tail Rack
  173. Finfolk tail about to go into production but cannot commit to colours! Please help!
  174. Scarves for Underwater
  175. First Fabric Tail and Fur Tails
  176. Merman Christian makes Merman Ryan a Free tail
  177. Pros and Cons of silicone higher vs lower waistline
  178. I'm thinking about starting an online mermaid tail business
  179. I need some tail advice merfolk!
  180. Calling all Creative Mers Tail Talent Needed
  181. Brand New Aspiring Mermaid Seeking Advice!
  182. Tail Designs for Sale!
  183. Simple fix?
  184. Sharing my first tail! (Hong Kong)
  185. Show off your first tail!
  186. Mermaid hair colors
  187. Concealing Your Heel?
  188. H2o tail?
  189. Goblin's Tail Designs - Free Lineart and More!
  190. Tail Carrying Bags - What makes a good one?
  191. Mertailor Tails
  192. Mermaid Tail "Library"
  193. Neoprene Tail Help
  194. Questions about first tail
  195. Mirazyme for neoprene tails?
  196. New Fabric Tail... For Me This Time!
  197. The fit of a fabric tail
  198. Adding Flair to a Fabric Tail?
  199. Just got my first tail from Bonnie!
  200. got my very first fin! but question about mahina merfin now
  201. Dragonscale Tank Top n Skirt
  202. First tail
  203. My observations as a new mermaid
  204. ♦ How to Save for a Mermaid Tail ♦
  205. A New Appreciation For Fabric Tails
  206. To swim in your own aquarium...
  207. Lysol Wipes for the insides of tails
  208. Another steampunk ariel!
  209. Choosing Tail Color(s)
  210. Tail Design Challenge: Tails All Year Round!
  211. Another post about fabric tails...
  212. First tail ever - almost finished
  213. What's in a name.....Lookin for some more feedback/thoughts?
  214. I need a Tail Doctor
  215. Tail Decision Advice please :D
  216. Beginner tails
  217. Mermaid Tail Fundraising?
  218. I just paid for my first TAIL!!!!!!!
  219. need help ASAP with a fin
  220. What COLOR(s) is your tail?
  221. Looking for a fin
  222. My first tail is in the mail!
  223. need help buying a tail
  224. Walking Tail or Mermaid Legs
  225. Pvc tail stand
  226. Custom tail designer
  227. Blue Chiclid Fabric Tail
  228. Sequins?
  229. Tail Appreciation Thread!
  230. My First Fabric Tail Swim
  232. I GOT MY NEW TAIL!!!!!
  233. I finally ordered my first swimming tail
  234. Magictail Actual Colors
  235. Saving for a new tail! Ideas, anyone?
  236. FinFun Etsy?
  237. Tops and Naiad Feet
  238. Saran wrapping legs?
  239. Mermaid Tail Colors?
  240. Using Someone's Design
  241. Mer-ssesories by Pearlie Mae - Questions and Suggestions
  242. Sharing my excitement with you all.... Proud owner of a Mermaid Kariel tail!!!
  243. Dutch Mermaid Body Suit for Sale
  244. Name that Tail!
  245. How do you store a tail?
  246. Fabric vs Silicone
  247. Large Silicone Shells Wanted
  248. I have a question about a Mertailor tail??????
  249. First Tail?
  250. Better for a Begginer???