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  1. Cutting a Rapid Monofin
  2. Ways to Prevent Finis Blisters?
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  6. ideal lexan thickness?
  7. Making my Own Monofin
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  9. Swimming with a monofin - Panic issues?
  10. To cut or not to cut?
  11. Monofin Retail
  12. does anyone know what this is made from?
  14. Monofin foot pocket reshaping? (Mertailor tail issue)
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  16. Dol-fin monofin: First Swim and any tips?
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  18. Oceanika
  19. So, what's the deal with Wyland Monfins? Are they owned by Finis?
  20. Oceankia
  21. Tear in the monofin? HELP!
  22. Leaderfins
  23. Monofin question
  24. Sweam Monofins
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  26. My Oceanika MerFin review
  27. Cutting Monofins
  28. Monofin Mod - Seeking a Mermaidenly Shape
  29. Getting a new mono from SpecialFins
  30. How do you cut a Finis Wave??
  31. Making a Fiberglass Monofin
  32. Ahhh...if only!!!! Nice design though!
  33. Best Beginer Monofin
  34. has anyone ever used SpecialFins monofins?
  35. Making a monofin from unexpected materials
  36. Finis Foil is Too Small?
  37. Competitor Monofin
  38. Finis Competitor dimensions?
  39. Plastic sheeting for making monofins?
  40. Making my own monofin?
  41. Tabatafish Custom Monofiin
  42. Should i put a monofin in a latex or silicone tail?
  43. Oceanika merfin or churchill i have a choice but dont know which to go with??? help
  44. Monofin foot cramps?
  45. Monofin Foot Pockets!
  46. Monofin Footpocket PAIN
  47. Fin for sale
  48. Monofin straps or backings?
  49. Monofin Mystery
  50. Is a Finis Foil Monofin a good first monofin to get?
  51. Finis Foil vs. Finis Wave?
  52. Monofin with translucent fluke
  53. Where can I get a monofin?
  54. Great find for monofin wearers that suffer from blisters!
  55. Good monofin for a first time
  56. Finis Rapid or Sommap Hydra?
  57. Very best custom MF on earth, ever, for life..
  58. What's the difference
  59. Competitor Monofin?
  60. Monofin shoe size help?
  61. Wave Monofin + Old Plastic Binder + Duct Tape =
  62. Making Flippers more Mermaidy
  63. Finis Foil Monofin is too tight! Help!
  64. Monofin Manufacturers (from Finswimming Magazine)
  65. Monofin.
  66. Oceanika Fin in Lake Superior!!
  67. HELP!!! I need to make a monofin!
  68. Stretching ankle straps?
  69. How to cut a monofin
  70. Cracked monofin! Help!
  71. VERY IMPORTANT: How NOT to cut a monofin, shape
  72. Finnis Foil or Rapid?
  73. Rusting!
  74. What Monofin do you use? or do you make your own?
  75. Just ordered!
  76. Swimoutlet.com A great online shop for monofins and swimming supplies
  77. There I go drawing attention to myself again....
  78. Hydra
  79. Finis Tempo Monofin ankle straps
  80. Monofin foot sizing, wave or rapid?
  81. question about silicone tail and monofin
  82. Check out this cool new monofin!
  84. Waterproof glue? Help!
  85. First Monofin
  86. kariel's tail monofin?
  87. competitor monofin
  88. Dol-Fin Monofin Reviews?
  89. Oceanika Merfin
  90. Dol-fin monofin review
  91. Aquatails Cut Monofins!
  92. Building a Polycarbonate Monofin :3
  93. How can I get my monofin inside my fabric tail?
  94. oceanika merfin stretching
  95. Taking the first step...er, swim?
  96. Finis Wave Vs Oceanika Merfin??
  97. Torn Foot Pocket on Finis Rapid
  98. Which monofin/fin shape has the best propulsion?
  99. fundraiser monofin!
  100. Finis wave straps keep falling down
  101. buying a rapid and the postage trap
  102. Need competitor fin ASAP please help!
  103. The Best Competitor Monofin Brand?
  104. HOW I MADE A RUBBER MONOFIN at home :)
  105. Water Way Fins
  106. Making Monofins Tutorial
  107. the measure of your fluke (monofin include)
  108. Problem with Finis Rapid slipping off, any tricks?
  109. Poll: Finis Rapid or Finis Wave
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  111. Stay with separate fins or Monofin?
  112. Best way to mail a Competitor Monofin?
  113. Competitor Foot Sizing
  114. Single flippers?
  115. I'm new here :) Would this monofin suit my design? Dol-fin Monofin
  116. I'm new here :) Would this monofin suit my design? Dol-fin Monofin
  117. Wow, that's monofin swimming!
  118. new monofin making video!
  119. The biggest monofin ever?
  120. monofin bags
  121. Having Trouble with Swimming ):
  122. Fast Question....
  123. Monofin Foot Pocket Problem
  124. I just bought a Dol-phin monofin today
  125. Mermaid Parties Monofin Upgrade!
  126. Hanger, or means of storing monofins
  127. A Rapid or an Oceanika?
  128. Special Fins fiberglass mono
  129. Mono-fin size question
  130. Safest and easiest way to attach foot pockets to lexan?
  131. Buying my first monofin - Possibly going with Leaderfins. Thoughts?
  132. Help please, Advice on cutting a Competitor monofin?
  133. Monofin Advice Pretty Please
  134. Monofin?
  135. Cutting footpockets
  136. Extending a Monofin?
  137. Dimensions of a Oceanika Merfin?
  138. I got my monofin!!
  139. What is a good price a rapid monofin?
  140. Advice on cutting Wave monofin
  141. Do we really need those ridges?
  142. Would you use this?
  143. Your dream mermaid monofin!
  144. Oceanika is now "Mahina Merfins"?
  145. Oceanika Video Review!
  146. How to Modify (Extend) a Finis Rapid Monofin
  147. This Mer Has So Much Excite!
  148. Magictail Monofin
  149. Lexan?
  150. Mahina/Oceanika merfins in the US?
  151. Sweammer Monofins (review)
  152. Places to purchase a monofin? Without ordering?
  153. Purchasing a monofin while in Europe?
  154. Does anyone make custom monofins?
  155. First Monofin
  156. First monofin. Also--grrrr!
  157. Rapid Vs. Competitor
  158. New kind of high-tech monofin
  159. Will a women's 8 to 8.5 shoe size fit the rapid??
  160. !!! Just ordered my rapid !!!
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  162. Monofin Insight Needed
  163. Wave monofin modification
  164. Advice for making a lexan fin
  165. Best place to buy Monofins
  166. Fin Fun mermaids
  167. Does anyone know how to make a see-through monofin
  168. What do you think is a good first monofin?
  169. sticky white substance on monofin
  170. Any advice on tightening monofin straps?
  171. Competitor broke (first use) :P
  172. Help. Monofin questions! Coast Guard questions!
  173. ISO first Monofin...ever! EEEEk
  174. Waterway MonoFins (pics)
  175. corrugated plastic board as monofin?
  176. How do you size a Monofin to fit skinny feet?
  177. Monofin extentions?
  178. Finis Shooter modification
  179. WaterWay model 1 monofin
  180. finis foil vs tail
  181. SHE'S DONE IT!! Victoria's Custom Fins!!!!!!
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  183. Cardboard?
  184. Monofin booties?
  185. Monofin confusion >.< Any help?
  186. Making a Monofin
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  188. want to make a new mono fin
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  194. Wave/Rapid Ridges
  195. A good starter monofin?
  196. New Monofin!
  197. Is the Foil a good starter monofin?
  198. Monofin for training?
  199. Monofintastrophy - Stress Crack or Shipping Damage?
  200. Cutting a Finis Foil?
  201. How do you like the Hydra ?
  203. Questions about Competitor alternatives.
  204. Clear Monofin
  205. My Next Monofin?
  206. Finis Competitor Monofin Question
  207. Help On Making A Lexan Monofin?
  208. Fins4u
  209. walmart
  210. Monofin help?
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  212. Painting Finis Wave?
  213. Lunocet 2014 monofin on Sale!!
  214. Moving up the monofin ladder
  215. My New Monofin
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  217. Does anyone have experience with Leaderfins?
  218. Journal: My Journey into Making my First Monofin
  219. wave broke.
  220. my custom monofin story
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  222. painting the Competitor
  223. Best shape for propulsion?
  224. Fastest monofin in the world
  225. SpecialFins - My new Monofin!
  226. Rapid problem
  227. cutting a finis Trainer 1 monofin
  228. Dol-Fin/Hyperfin/Lunocet
  229. Need a middle man for monofin postage
  230. what are mono-fins for an extended tail made of?
  231. Plexiglass
  232. Waterway monofin VS Finis Competitor?
  233. I just ordered a Waterway monofin
  234. Who already has a Size Large Merfin & can tell us about the sizing?
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  239. is it swimmable?
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  244. Finis Foil
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  246. Help! Monofin crack :(
  247. Adult size Mahina MerFins are out!! Urban Outfitters website!
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