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  1. I will soon be a Fin Fun Mermaid!
  2. excited
  3. A word about customer service ...
  4. Anyone know anything about these tails?
  5. Mermaid Magic Tails
  6. Making a Splash
  7. Pondering
  8. Stunning Italian Mermaid Tails
  9. New tail Makers in germany
  10. new fabric tail maker
  11. New tail shop (possibility?)
  12. MVD tail... Shipping price?
  13. The Pirate Trading Co Mermaid Tails
  14. Emily Angelfish Latex Tails... Anyone got one?
  15. The2Tails Mermaid Tails
  16. Painting questions!!!
  17. mermagica
  18. magictails.de / magictais.eu
  19. Mermaids Are Us
  20. Mermaid Tails on Etsy
  21. Mermaid Suit by Animal Creations
  22. The Price Of A Tail
  23. merfolk tail directory
  24. subwing!
  25. Mermaid Mimi's tail
  26. Price change
  27. Fin and Color problem...
  28. Mermaid Raven or Mermaid Parties
  29. mermaids magazine by Gwynn Oak Studios
  30. Just a question
  31. Sneak Peek on My Mermaid Parties Tail Design
  32. Crazy Cool Hawaiian Mer Tails!
  33. Silicone Mer Tails
  34. Look at her go!
  35. What is a reasonable price for a fully sequined neoprene (swimmable) tail?
  36. Don't buy from stretchhouse.com! They ripped me off AGAIN!
  37. Barbara Bennett's Mermaids
  38. To paypal people, or not to paypal people, that is the question!
  39. Shimmerbaby Tails??
  40. Custom tail...? (wasn't sure if this is the right area to post this. ) D:
  41. to get a tail or not...?
  42. Weeki Wachee raffling off a silicone tail
  43. The 2 Tails: Which color?
  44. New Mer Shop Coming Soon!
  45. On Tail
  46. Tail Maker (Latex,Realistic) EUROPE
  47. About the waists of silicone tails
  48. filling the inside of the tail where the monofin doesnt reach?? help please
  49. Merberry Tails-Anyone swam in?
  50. A thought about annoying discount requests for tailmakers
  51. Fudraising For Tail
  52. French tail maker
  53. New Tail Designer
  54. yetANOTHER scammer tail maker
  55. Shadow Fancy ~Mermaid Tail Creations~
  56. Introductory to latex?
  57. Interesting new ebay tail maker
  58. To good to be true?
  59. Custom sequin tails, commissions now open!
  60. Mermaid Kiara is selling tails
  61. ShimmerBabyMermaids selling MagicTails???
  62. No replies from e-mails regarding mermaid tails
  63. Introducing...MerNation!
  64. Help me decide on a Tailmaker
  65. New Silicone Tailmaker! Please help spread the word about Finfolk Productions!
  66. is mermaid tales a legit site?
  67. New fabric tails!
  68. Found ANOTHER realistic tail maker
  69. Shadow Fancy Order Slots
  70. What to expect with your first tail
  71. Large sequin tails...$450?
  72. Anyone know them?
  73. Hey Hey! Its TAX SEASON who's getting a new tail with their refund!?!?!
  74. IT's ALMOST HERE! (pic!)
  75. Shadow Fancy News
  76. I'm new! Any suggestions for a first tail?
  77. Hi! I'm new to Mernetwork! Does anyone have have suggestions for starting out?
  78. Anyone with drawing skills and spare time
  79. Does the Mertailor still make his original fluke shapes?
  80. Experiences with Costumebase tails?
  81. First tail suggestions...what can $1000 buy me?
  82. Who has a neoprene tail?
  83. Fishbutts - Anyone got a Refund yet?
  84. Emily Angelfish - Does anyone have a tail made by her?
  85. How often do you replace a tail?
  86. I have a tail, but I kind of need some help...
  87. Anyone with an otterbay mermaid wetsuit?
  88. Tail and Bodysuit?
  89. Would investing in a Mertailor tail be a good idea?
  90. RuPaul
  91. Digital Artist Needed
  92. Latex and silicone -- the stickiness factor
  93. Black Ocellaris Clown Silicone Tail
  94. About pimping a Magictail
  95. Mayberry Tail?
  96. new here
  97. Finfolk Productions
  98. Make me Tail
  99. My tail design?
  100. My Tail Design & Questions
  101. Finding the rite tail.
  102. Researching tailors for a tail to be shipped to Australia
  103. Where to buy Mermaid Tails
  104. Fabric Tails on eBay
  105. Help getting my mername out!!!! Help!!plz
  106. The official HOW TO PUT ON YOUR MERMAID TAIL thread
  107. tail for a newbie and her baby newbies
  108. What do you want in a tail maker?
  109. Merberry tails??
  110. Is it worth it?
  111. Any desire for REAL LATEX and Neoprene tails (not alex and neoprin, etc) ?
  112. What would be a good tail to do birthday parties/public events in?
  113. Help please! Anyone traveled with their tails before ?
  114. What is a good first tail?(realistic/silicone)
  115. Holiday Discount from MerNation
  116. Design me a tail?
  117. Torn between tailmakers... Help?
  118. Which tail i should get Silicone or Neoprene?
  119. Just ordered a TAIL!
  120. thoughts on silicone tails for recreational mers?
  121. New Mermagica tail
  122. Neoprene Aquatail
  123. Looking to commission a Tail
  124. Magic tail questions?
  125. Advice for Beginner Mermaids
  126. The Process of Buying a Tail AND Getting What You Pay For
  127. Preventing, and killing, mold in a silicone tail
  128. Getting my first silicone tail!
  129. I need some major help designing a tail!
  130. Tail color scheme opinions?
  131. Non-symetrical tail designs
  132. What is the next step?
  133. Fluke options
  134. Has anyone made a tail stand out of pipes before? Or other tail stand advice?
  135. M and b tails
  136. Your Undersea Journey
  137. Latex or silicone Tail?
  138. Purple Rainbow Tails
  139. New Aussie Tail Maker
  140. Who Does Custom Painted Neoprene Tails?
  141. Merbella prices
  142. First Tail EVER!
  143. Kanti's raffle/ silicone tails
  144. finfunmermaid tail question
  145. My tail came in -- Needing a complete overhaul!
  146. We just got a tail from Mermaid Bonnie and it is STUNNING
  147. Can anyone recommend someone who will rent a mermaid tail to UK?
  148. Unknown Tailmaker
  149. The new finfun designs?
  150. New mermaid
  151. Fun Fin Mermaid Tails
  152. a hole in my tail after first swim?!?!
  153. stress from waiting for first custom tail
  154. Getting my tail started!!!
  155. How to travel with tail between gigs?
  156. What scales would real mers have?
  157. Which tail to get first?
  158. Considering Buying My First Silicone Tail / Need Input & Suggestions :)
  159. Question about finfun monofin
  160. How long would a NeoprIN and Silicone tail hold up?
  161. How to Save for a Tail: A Method to the Madness
  162. Ordered my tail!
  163. Got my tail from Sirenalia!!!!
  164. Am I being too picky??
  165. New tailmaker on etsy
  166. *pictures* Silicone tail is going to be here Monday *picture*
  167. Who is the tail maker?
  168. Full Tail Mould!
  169. Rapidash Love.
  170. Blue Sea Dragon Tail
  171. how to get out of the silicone tail?
  172. A question on tails with blended waists~
  173. tails in europe? and do you know this site ??
  174. Confusion over The 2 Tails website
  175. going crazy over the fact my order is LATE
  176. Short girl and Finfun tail.
  177. Anyone Have This Problem With Silicone Tails? / Fabric Tail Maker Recommendations?
  178. Add on fins. Any complications?
  179. mermaid tops?
  181. Online programs for designing a tail
  182. New Mernation addition to help gaping!!!
  183. Mermaid Creations?
  184. Guess Who Just Ordered a Tail From Morticia Mermaid??
  185. Help!
  186. Who made Your Tail?
  187. Fin Fun sizing information
  188. Need Help Fixing My Foot Pockets
  189. Tigg's Tails (No longer making tails.)
  190. Yikes Mertailor bad review!
  191. Scales on this tail
  192. Tail Reviews if you bought your tail second (or third) hand?
  193. New Russian Tail Maker?
  194. Clair Brauer Tails?
  195. mermaids at parties
  196. M and b tails
  197. Looking to commission a Tail
  198. Safe to sit on a dorsal fin?
  199. My tail from Aurore la sirène
  200. Basic Silicone VS Partical Silicone????
  201. Magictail Contest
  202. My tail arrived today!!
  203. Siren's Calling is Giving BACK!
  204. Help with my partial silicone mertailor tail!
  205. Tail..?
  206. How much is considered alot for a fabric mermaid tail?
  207. FINSPO mermaidtails
  208. A retrospective of my tails!
  209. Coral Seas Mermaid Tails
  210. Latex vs silicone
  212. Tail maker on the rise and concept photos
  213. At Cost SILICONE Tails!
  214. What do you recommend?
  215. Mertailor, Finfun, or Magictails fabric tails for a friend?
  216. Good Photo Shoppers?
  217. The Unofficial Silicone Tail-Maker Price Chart
  218. Measuring for your tail
  219. Who owns this tail?
  220. where to buy Neoprene tails
  221. Getting Replies from Tailmakers
  222. Another Aussie Tail Maker - Splash Tails
  223. Russian Tail Maker Etsy
  224. Tail insurance
  225. Help with my tail?
  226. Can anyone give me hints or tips for my Mermaid Facebook Page??
  227. Old but cleverly designed fabric tails
  228. Mermaid for a Day - Photography and Cancer Patient Company
  229. My Under the Sea Mermaid Co. Tail
  230. Milotic: Pokemon Inspired Silicone Tail for $600
  231. Miami Beach Mermaids tails?
  232. How long will I have my silicone tail
  233. Feeler for Silicone Tail I'm Currently Working On
  234. AVOID Création Sirène/ Fabrication Mermaid tail AKA AURORA
  235. FlipTails's first contro - MER - sy ?
  237. Getting new tail, have to decide on tail colors!
  238. ⚠ Tailmaker BLACKLIST ⚠
  239. Buying my first tail tomorrow!!
  241. Has anyone ever gotten a silicone h20 weeki wachee tail before?
  242. Richard Van Loot tails?
  243. Best first tail?
  244. FinFun Mermaid Tails?
  245. Repaint/resizing a used tail?
  246. At Cost Silicone Tails - Yet Another Starter-Upper
  247. Getting a tail from Mermaid Morticia!!!
  248. Seeking advise on finding the right tail
  249. Dangers Of A Shiny Tail?
  250. the new Fin Fun insert