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  1. WANTED: A Silicone Tail or Neoprene/Silicone tail
  2. Ok, I'm gonna do it this time!!
  3. Seashell Accessories for sale!
  4. Selling my first tail!
  5. WTB: A Silicone Tail
  6. A Mermaids Charms
  7. Mermaid earrings and other things
  8. Attention Ren Faire aficionados!
  9. Anyone selling used plus-sized tails?
  10. Need Help Drawing Your Mer-tail Concept?
  11. Just opened my Etsy shop!!
  12. Customizable Mermaid Tail Pendants
  13. Fishy Business on Sale 25% off July 3rd-5th
  15. BPixiePerfect
  16. Sequined top for a busty mer for sale
  17. 7/20 Mermaid/Merman wanted for Televised event New Hampshire
  18. Mermaid Prince Calypso "Considering selling my fishbutts tail"
  19. (Sold!) Aquatails FRINGE TAIL for sale, used once.
  20. Wanted: Very Basic Fabric Tail
  21. SapphireSeaSiren- Mermaid Odds and Ends from Deep beneath the Sea Goddess's Gown
  22. Silicone tail on ebay :)
  23. Used Fabric Skins for Sale, $20-75
  24. taking one order
  25. Merself drawings and logos!
  26. Aquatails painted neoprene tails!
  27. Anyone want to sell Merbella top?
  28. WANTED! sequin tail OR Silicone tail. preferably used
  29. The Little Mermaid full length animated feature script for sale
  30. considering selling my neoprene tail
  31. (SOLD!) FOR SALE: Mertailor Full Silicone Tail, used once.
  32. For Sale: a really cool neoprene tail
  33. Mermaid Fund
  34. cartwright sequin transshipper?
  35. Looking for a silicone or silicone/neoprene realistic tail FAST
  36. Anyone interested in buying store-worthy mermaid merchandise?
  37. Dreaming of Being A Mermaid
  38. Ulla's Treasures - My new etsy!
  39. Selling my Competitor Monofin already shaped.
  40. (Sold) Full Silicone Mertailor Mermaid Tail For Sale
  41. Wanted! Any tail, budget 180$
  42. Custom Made Partial Silicon Tails
  43. Possibly selling my purple tail! :)
  44. Mer-necklaces For Sale!
  45. Aspiring Mermaid!!!! TAIL?
  46. ****AUCTION!!!!!*****
  47. WANTED: Tail dryer
  49. WANTED: Silicone Shells
  50. Mer Definition Totes, Tees, and Tanks!
  51. MVD Latex Tail for sale (again)
  52. Wanting to Sell Partial Silicone Tails for an Affordable Price
  53. FREE FULL SILICONE TAIL from Merdivas Studios
  54. Mermaid Creations, LLC Tail on Ebay
  55. Tails/Tops for sale & My new Mermaid Photo-shoot Business !
  56. Selling Monofin and Neoprene
  57. One top for sale
  58. I have an Etsy shop.
  59. Pink tail!
  60. Anyone Interested? Like New Fabric Tail & Monofin for $100. :)
  61. 50"x3.5 yds Neoprin
  62. acid doll mermaid/merman tail
  63. New tail fund - Moulin Rouge costumes, memorabelia, medieval gowns & more for sale!
  64. Halifax Mermaids Calendar
  65. Mermaid Gear for sale: Tops, bracers,
  66. Is anyone selling a Rapid monofin on here?
  67. Become a mermaid: Shimmery beautiful MERMAID PORTRAITS!
  68. Silicone Shell Top by Mike and Silicone Bracers by Merbellas for sale
  69. MVD tail wanted!
  70. Mertailor tail for sale, from instagram
  71. One of a Kind Sleeping Baby Mermaids Collectable figurines
  72. photographer needed
  73. Horrible at coloring a tail design :(
  74. Selling MagicTail
  75. My loss is your gain!
  76. Shark Teeth!
  77. (Sold!) Selling Merberry Tail
  78. For sale! Blue and Pink Parrotfish Neoprene Mermaid Tail
  79. For Sale - Two Neoprene Tails!
  80. Shiny, sparkly, gorgeous, one of a kind Mermaid Art!
  81. Blue shell top- never worn
  82. Dragonskin Silicone Mermaid Tails, up to 3 custom colors, in time for Xmas!
  83. Wanted- Any realistic tail, budget around 600
  84. painted lions paws for sale
  85. Shell Hair Clips!
  86. Mermaid Christmas Stocking
  87. Gotta sell stuff QUICK!!!! (merfest fire sale)
  88. For Sale! Red Tail, Gold Fluke!
  90. Re homed Tails for Busselton Mermaids
  91. Custom Latex/neoprene (real latex tail) open to taking another order now.
  92. Kickstarter tail fund? Hmmm???
  93. (Sold!) Tails for Sale! One silicone, one latex. Other mermaid items for sale too
  94. Can you make me a logo?
  95. Mertailor tail for sale from Merman Jesse
  96. Looking for a starter tail
  97. Morticia's silicone tail fundraiser
  98. Monofin for sale
  99. I need a tail! Help!
  100. Anyone interested in my Merberrytail?
  101. WANTED: A nice starters tail
  102. Taking one top and/or tail commission
  103. Two Sequined Tails for Sale
  104. Mahina Merfin?
  105. Crocheted baby mermaid tail and top
  106. Looking for a model... contest will get you a tail!
  108. (Sold) Possibly Selling a "Classic" Fish Butts Tail
  109. Children's Tails For Sale
  110. Yet another fundraiser... Lots of perks available! (For a good cause)
  111. Trying to Fund my Silicone Tail Creation
  112. Tail For Sale! Also MerBella silicone seaweed top!
  113. Kariel selling old tops
  114. Anyone Selling A Monofin?
  115. Free Tail Skin (monofin not included)
  116. Selling Splash Style Merbellas Scaled Top 70$+SH
  117. Merbella tail on ebay!
  118. Possibly selling MermaidsRus tail+top
  119. Custom Fabric tails or costumes
  120. Silicone Mertailor Tail on Ebay
  121. Will make a tail and top just pay for supplies
  122. Selling FishButts tail
  123. Selling accessories dresses and mertop for tail fund
  124. Looking for hairpiece
  125. looking for a rapid mono fin! (Miss Big foot)
  127. Selling a tail
  128. Competitor (modified) Monofin for sale
  129. custom silicone tails from The Mertailor on Ebay
  130. Selling SM-Med Green Neoprene & sequin tail with rapid monofin on Etsy
  131. Looking for (ballpark) quotes on a custom neoprene tail!
  132. Looking for latex or silicone starter tail
  133. custom and/or merself amigurumi plushies
  134. DRY tail for sale [ for dry events, modelling etc]
  135. WTB: Starter Tail or Monofin
  136. Used Tops & Accessories for sale
  137. (Sold!) Pink Busty Mer Top
  138. Merbella Studios scale bracers for sale!
  139. Ariel's silicone tail fundraising
  140. Help me :)
  141. Hand made mermaid hair clips for sale
  142. Handmade hair clips for sale
  143. Moon Mermaid's book kickstarter
  144. New Etsy Shop!
  145. Mermaid Trade Market?
  146. (Sold!) $400 Dragon Skin Tail
  147. funds for my latex tail
  148. Any Interest? Tail + Accessories
  149. (Sold!) FOR SALE: Finfolk Productions Tail styled after a "Man O War" ($2500)
  151. mertail needed
  152. Interest check: shell bra tshirts
  153. (Sold!) For Sale: Full Silicone Merbellas Tail
  154. Two mermaid tail necklaces for sale
  155. Help me winning a contest!
  156. (Sold!) ***TAIL FOR SALE!***
  157. No water wear (mass photo warning)
  158. Ocean Themed Ring, Hand Made, for sale
  159. Mermaid Starter Kits
  160. Etsy: SeaShore Siren by Mermaid Iona
  161. Mermaid Harmony Giveaway on fb page
  162. Leftover Neoprin or Neoprene?
  163. Tank & Trailer For Sale
  164. Siren's Calling Limited Edition Tees
  165. Esty: Whispers of the Sea
  166. Am I wrong or I have seen this before?
  167. Mermaid Treasure Chest
  168. Etsy: Sinthetic Siren by Mermaids Aldri & Sirena
  169. Opening an esty shop?
  170. Mermaid Hannah 2011
  171. My Kickstarter! :D All hep appreciated plus rewards! :D
  172. Neoprene for trade
  173. Fabric tails and scale fabric
  174. Etsy: KellyMermaid
  175. (Sold!) Feeler Post: Selling my Full Silicone Blue Mermaid Creations Tail
  176. Wetsuits
  177. Looking for a Rapid that will fit a size 6 ladies
  178. Looking for a quote for 2 logo designs
  179. Sequin Tail Fund!
  180. Aquarius Monofins on Sale!
  181. Sequined Tail for Sale
  182. MERMAID DOWN Film Wants You!
  183. Selling my first tail (craigslist)
  184. (Sold!) Shell headdress/ top for sale!
  185. Wanted: Size Large Competitor--will also trade you my Rapid
  186. Question for the classified section
  187. (Sold!) ON EBAY Silicone tail by FlipTails by Mike Van Daal! (Mermaid Melissa's Tail
  188. Crowd Funding! Help wanted and appreciated!
  189. (Sold!) Possibly Selling My Handmade Silicone Tail
  190. Free shipping!
  191. Emergency Mermaid needed 7/26 Rockaway Queen, NY
  192. Selling Mermaid Beanies, Bras and Accessories here!
  193. Nereid's Grotto opening sale!
  194. (Sold!) Finfolk Productions Betta Mermaid Tail for Sale by Marie-Josie Cayer
  195. Mermaid Crystal's grotto - Etsy Shop
  196. (No longer available) Sell silicone mermaid tail
  197. KicKstarter to upgrade product lines to include Silicone tails.
  198. Mermaid Jewelry at The Old Curiosity Shop (Maqazeh Atiqeh Forushi)
  199. Facebook sharing
  200. Darkfin Gloves for Sale (webbed gloves)
  201. (Sold!) Selling my neoprene/fabric tail
  202. Wanted Plus Szie Fabric Tail
  203. Scale Shapes ASAP
  204. Silicone Tail Kickstarter project - HELP!
  205. Tidepool Treasure- Etsy
  206. SinicallyTwisted Etsy Shop
  207. Lorelei's New Tail Fund
  208. MerLee's TAIL FUND for Dreams
  209. Fund for my first latex tail
  210. (Sold!) Tail for Sale!
  211. Raffle for $25 Spa&Wellness Gift Cards
  212. (Sold!) Silicone Tail $1000 including shipping
  213. Handmade mermaid top for sale by cosplayer Dahlia Thomas!
  214. Tessa's Tail Help Fund!
  215. Selling Resin cast shell top
  216. In need of new model. Ending at 0000 EST 10/18
  217. (Sold!) Selling Silicone Tail
  218. (Sold!) Silicone tail on Ebay
  219. Digital Art Sale
  220. Land Accessories
  221. (No longer available.) Thinking about selling my tail...
  222. Silicone tail for sale
  223. Silicone tail for sale
  224. Mermaid Galene's Grotto
  225. Hippocampus Creations
  226. (Sold!) Finfolk Productions Gold/Black Full Silicone Tail
  227. Looping for a tail! Very skinny and short and on a budget!
  228. (Sold!) Molded Latex Tail for Sale
  229. MERMAID SHOES! Etsy: www.forthehalibut.etsy.com
  230. My Etsy Shop!! oceanmiracles
  232. Anyone selling these items?
  233. Fundraiser Sale!
  234. Selling Pre-Loved MerFin Adult S
  235. Reaching out to all my Mer friends
  236. Would anyone be interested in a rainbow tail?
  237. (Sold!) Three small silicone starfish!
  238. (Sold!) PAX Mermaid Silicone tail on eBay
  239. (Sold!) Golden, purple and black silicone tail on eBay!
  240. (Sold!)MerFest Tickets OR Package!!! Admission, Dinner/Ball, Breath Hold Class, Hotel
  241. (Sold!) Kariel selling 4 sequin tails $1200/e
  242. (Sold!) Mertailor tail for sell.
  243. Strange eBay seller...
  244. Nova's Tail Fund
  245. (Sold!) Revamped MermaidsRus Tail for sale
  246. (Sold!) Sequins in black orchid and metallic turquoise blue
  247. Mertailor tail??
  248. (Sold!) Selling my Merbella Studios tail
  249. (Sold!) Selling my Individual scale FF tail
  250. (Sold!) Monofin So Dive Triton Coral EU 36-38