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  1. Toronto: Dol-Fin (the rubber one) Free to a good home
  2. (Not available.) Selling My Melissa Tail - Mike Van Daal
  3. Seeking Help from Merfamily!
  4. Mermaid Silverlilly - Help to get my dream tail!
  5. Rising Flames Creation - Etsy store now up!
  6. Mermaid Name Art InkandIllumination Etsy
  7. Rogue Siren's Precious Mermaid Goodies
  8. Non mer related help
  9. Latex realistic Fluke for sale
  10. (Sold!) Green Neoprene tail for sale and monofin bag (US Only)
  11. Help me be a mermaid?
  12. Lumotivation - Custom Circlets
  13. Needing a dorsal fin - Commision
  14. The Visionary Store - My Etsy store - Original Art and Jewelry
  15. (Sold!) coral headdress for the special day or everyday.
  16. (Sold!) Selling my Silicone Flip Tail :(
  17. Selling size 5-7 AU Merfin by Oceanika
  18. (Sold!) Silicone tail on Ebay for discounted rate
  19. Anyone know anyone selling a used tail that may not be on here??
  20. Bellina Creations- Jewelry for Mermen and Merwomen
  21. (Sold!) Latex Merbellas Scale Top for Sale
  22. (Sold!) Abalone Top for Sale
  23. Anyone have a used silicone or partial silicone tail they're thinking of selling?:)
  24. anyone selling scale sheets?
  25. Classifieds Rules - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!
  26. Mermaid Sanctuary Designs is now open storenvy!
  27. (Sold!) Mertailor tail for saile
  28. Kaitey's Custom Jewelry on Etsy
  29. 1+ Gallon of Smooth-On Shell Shock Slow for sale!
  31. Selling neoprene tail skin with partial sequining and painting
  32. Sell your merfolk stuff in a New Nautical Marketplace!
  33. FaerieMermaidGalene on Etsy
  34. Mermaid Pyrography
  35. Silicone Mermaid Scale Necklaces-Only $5.00 each, including shipping!!!
  36. Merbella's Octopus Top Blue/Purple/Pink Size 34B - $275, Also Seashell Top - $70
  37. Selling my Finis Rapid--Swam in Three Times, Like New--for $55
  38. Blue Oceanika/Mahina MerFin for sale -- US 7-9, EUR 40-41, AUS 5-7
  39. Mermaid Sanctuary Designs raffle idea!!!
  40. Adorable silicone sea creatures on Etsy!
  41. Puget Sound Mermaid Giveaway! Details inside!
  42. Brand New Siren Allure Top for Sale! <3
  43. ISO Gold Partial Silicone Mertailor Tail
  44. Woven bracelets and GoPro Hero2 (merfundraiser)
  45. Mermaid Swim School
  46. 2 FinFun Tails Only
  47. Hand Painted Multicolor Neoprene Mermaid Tail with Carrying Case for Sale
  48. Aquarium-like Set Pieces (Nashville, TN)
  49. Looking for a tail :3
  50. Help Mermaid Margo Get New Fins!
  51. Mermaid's Dream, unique 1 of a kind dreamcatcher pendant/charm
  52. (No longer available.) Selling beautiful Mertailor's partial silicone tail
  53. (Sold!) Merbella's Octopus Top (Possibly) For Sale
  54. Whispers Of A Mermaid Tiara
  55. The Dark Mermaid Crown
  56. FOR SALE: W's Sm FinFun Ariel Green Tail
  57. Miniature Mermaid Book
  58. Puget Sound Mermaid Co Special Sale!
  59. She Sells Seashells mermaid headband for sale!
  60. Selling Dragon Scale pendants - $5.00
  61. Etsy Trading Post
  62. (SOLD!) For Sale - Full silicone MerNation Tail
  63. (Sold!) Merbella Lot for Sale
  64. (No longer available.) $1,700 Silicone Tail
  65. (Sold!) Gorgeous Green Mertailor for Sale
  66. Selling Blue Custom Neoprene and Silicone Tail
  67. Mermaid Course from FreediveUK in Gozo
  68. Tails Wanted
  69. FOR SALE: Smooth-On silicone thinner
  70. The Local Mermaid, BLOWOUT FLASH SALE!!!
  71. Character Performer Handbook now on sale!
  72. Merman T-Shirts
  73. Tester needed (Free Clam Bra!)
  74. Scale Sheets?
  75. (Sold!) Full Silicone Tail/Top
  76. Tank rental..
  77. (Sold!) For sale: Used Shell Top
  78. Hair clips for sale
  79. MerWonders Selling Shell Tops!
  80. Photo Editing Services!
  81. Mike Van Daal Latex Tail for Sale
  82. One Sheet of White Neoprene/Nylon Fabric
  83. SOLD - Rare opportunity : Finfolk Merman tail on sale
  84. (Sold!) For Sale: Brand New Full Silicone Mertailor Tail
  85. When you're a dude and people ask if you're a real Mermaid...
  86. Bronze Mermaid sculpture for sale
  87. (Sold!) Selling my mertailor tail
  88. Wanted: Child's Mermaid Tail Blanket
  89. Silicone Mermaid Tail by Adam Martin on Ebay
  90. (Sold!) Tigg's Scale Top
  91. Fluke Shaped Seascapes
  92. Crab Necklace for sale
  93. Mermaid Lockets With Real Pearls on etsy!
  94. (No longer available.) Tail4Sale(plus stuff)4-500$
  95. (Sold!) Merbella Tail + Top for Sale (Tail is sold, top available.)
  96. (Seller Unavailable.) Full Silicone Mermaid Tail made by Sirenalia - Used Once - $800
  97. Scale maille accessories!
  98. Selling a high performance sequin tail!
  99. Brand New Full Silicone Tail
  100. Tail Designs for sale
  101. Silicone Scale Top- Gills and Baroque Inspired Accents
  102. Recycled Mermaid Tail
  103. Brand New Little Mermaid Costume!! (Day Dress)
  104. Art at commission/request
  105. Fabric mer tailor tail for sale
  106. Mermaid headpiece accessories
  107. Covenant Cove
  108. (Sold!) Merbella Silicone Tail for Sale
  109. (Sold!) For Sale - Griza Tail
  110. Selling second hand Mernation tail UK
  111. (Sold!) Merbella seaweed top for sale
  112. (Sold!) Pichi Pichi Pitch: Mermaid Melody (Complete Set v1-7) Manga
  113. The Iron Merman needs your help!
  114. [North Charlotte] Giant Kraken/tentacles Craigslist find $150
  115. Scale bra and Merbella bracers for sale.
  116. (Sold!) Merbella Lot for Sale
  117. (Sold!) Mertailor Silicone Tail For Sale
  118. Top makers
  119. I may be selling my mertailor tail..
  120. Rogue Siren's Polar Plunge
  121. Selling some molds!
  122. Custom Silicone Tail designing
  123. For sale silicone shell top
  124. New Etsy Shop
  125. (Sold!) Finfolk Silicone Tail for Sale! Layaway Accepted -- Black/Silver/Purple
  126. (Sold!) First Silicone Tail for Sale
  127. (Sold!) Merbellas tail on ebay
  128. Hair Piece for sale
  129. Custom Mermaid/Merman Tail Designs for $30 each
  130. Mermaid Morganna's Cove $1 Samples
  131. Handmade Sequin tail
  132. Qualitative monofin from the two-fold world champion in swimming fins
  133. (Sold!) $20 FINIS FOIL FOR SALE!
  134. (Sold!) Unique mermaid tail for sale!
  135. Silicone Tops Must Go!
  136. Samsung Galaxy S4 ACTIVE case
  137. My tank..
  138. I want to sell my Mermagica tail
  139. Shipwreck Couture - Mermaid Lorelei's Revamped Etsy!
  140. ****Silicone tail for sale ******
  141. (No longer available.) Red Fabric Tail for Sale!
  142. ISO Tail
  143. (Sold!) Beautiful tail for sale! Asking $600
  144. FOUND ON EBAY: Handmade Ceramic Mermaid/ Merman Tail Making Mold Plaster
  145. Mer Tops: Dry and Wet wear
  146. Custom jewellery commissions and Octopus necklace for sale.
  147. Paid Gig at my coffee stand (Washington State mers)
  148. Mertailor basic silicone tail for sale
  149. Siren Discoveries - Marmaid Saoirse's Etsy
  150. ISO: cheap monofins
  151. Finis Wave for sale... second hand but in great condition and clean.
  152. Wanted: USed silicone mermaid tail
  153. Beautiful Handmade Mermaid Hairclips!
  154. Hydrating mermaid face masks
  155. Selling Merbella Top
  156. For sale or trade Mermaid two silicone mermaid tails
  157. New Competitor Monofin Medium only $247
  158. Cute hand made hair accessories coming to etsy soon!
  159. Selling Shell Shaped Sequins and Other Materials.
  160. Selling my monofins
  161. selling a Finis Competitor (Germany)
  162. Wanted; red mangrove pods
  163. Mahina Mer fin Orange Adult medium for sale
  164. Facebook/social media experiment from my day job
  165. 15% OFF My Mermaid Goods for Mernetwork Mers :)
  166. (Sold!) Selling my first Silicone/Neoprene tail
  167. (No longer available.) I don't *need* 2 tails, so Im only going to keep 1 lol
  168. I'll make a run to the fabric store for you!
  169. MerBella seaweed top for sale
  170. Free Mermaid App Game
  171. (Sold!) Ariel tail + top set by Merbella Studios on Etsy
  172. Mermaid Jewelry on etsy!
  173. (No longer available.) Selling My SyrenStudios Tail!
  174. WANTED: adult lg Merfin (usa only plz)
  175. ISO inexpensive used tail
  176. Blue, green and teal bra and belt set, custom made. Gems, jewels and coins.
  177. WANTED: Partial Silicone/Hybrid tail or Full Silicone tail USED
  178. Visit my NEW etsy page Fins & Whims
  179. mertailor tail
  180. (Sold!) wonderfull tail
  181. WANTED - A used silicone tail for $600 or under, please!
  182. In Search of a Silicone/Neoprene Tail
  183. Fancy Fish Fashions: silicone flukes/fins for tails and fancy beaded swim tops
  184. Anyone selling a Dol-fin Monofin?
  185. (Sold!) Mertailor Tail for sale!
  186. (Sold!) Merbellas Ariel Tail for sale on Depop
  187. (Sold!) Magic Tail Monofin for sale $20
  188. Neoprene sequin "Ariel" tail
  190. terminallyCosplay's mermaid menagerie and things~ Etsy Shop Listings
  191. Searching for USED (or unwanted) silicone tail for under $900
  192. ISO used monofin
  193. The Autistic Mermaid Project needs tail!!!!
  195. ISO red mermaid tail
  196. Geek Emporium - Our Etsy shop!
  197. Monofin for sale - UK
  198. (Sold!) Mike Van Daal tail on eBay
  199. EBay Fabric Tails w/unique monofins
  200. (Sold!) Ashton Designs Koi Silicone Top 38D
  201. In the market for a used tail!
  202. How a Whisper can make Waves: Fundraising for a neoprene tail!
  203. Non swimmable fabric latex Mermaid Tail by Angeldis
  204. ISO two mahina mermaid monofin
  205. ISO a secondhand starter silicone tail for a petite female
  206. Selling my unused shell bra
  207. Finned Tropical Mernation Top
  208. (Sold!) Some Like It Blue- Silicone Tail
  209. HELP FELLOW MERS!!!!! In market for silicone tail for a big gig
  210. ISO Fabric Tail for a 10 year old
  211. Searching a pink and blue silicone mermaid tail for 800$
  212. (No longer available.) Beautiful Mernation silicone tail for sale in ebay
  213. Will selling my latex tail
  214. ISO Merbella Tail
  215. Considering Selling Two Part Sequin Tail And Sleeves
  216. wanted: used adult finfun/adult fabric tails with fins
  217. ISO teal or blue tone tail
  218. Clam Shell Prop
  219. Silicone Hybrid Mermaid Monofin for Sale
  220. (No longer for sale.) Unique copper/pink/teal individual scale tail for sale
  221. Under the Sea Props for sale include mermaid clam shell
  222. Selling Unique Danceable Swimmable Two Piece Sequin Tail
  223. under the sea props for sale continued photos
  224. octopus tentacle props for sale (float or on ground)
  225. WTB: Custom SILICONE Mermaid Top
  226. (Sold!) Glitter and Pigments for silicone tail making (or crafty mers!)
  227. (Sold!) Silicone Scale top for sale - Custom top resale!
  228. Creation Sirene Tail For sale
  229. (Sold!) DDD scale top
  230. (Sold!) Selling My 1st Tail - Purple Latex Mertailor
  231. Fairytails second silicone tail for sale
  232. FOR SALE! Original Divine Mermaid Silicone Performance Tail - FlipTails by MVD
  233. Selling My Popular Mer Photography Biz in Hawaii !
  234. Sequin Tail FOR SALE
  235. Looking for Fabric Tail
  236. Merrowfins tail for sale
  237. (Sold!) Beautiful Syren Studios Rainbow Mermaid Tail for Sale
  238. (No longer available.) Silicone Siren Allure Gold "Belle" Top (to match my tail!)
  239. (No longer available.) Corset Style Siren Allure Silicone Shell Top
  240. Custom - Fabric & Silicone Hybrid Tail
  241. Scale Bra - For sale
  242. Beautiful Pastel Rainbow Silicone Tail- Starting bid $2,000
  243. (No longer available.) Sunset, Full Dragon Skin Silicone Tail FOR SALE
  244. For Sale: Clear sided pool
  245. Limited Edition Mermaid enamel pins
  246. PrismaTails Etsy Shop
  247. ISO tail reparing :(
  248. A Splash of Magic, European shop on Etsy
  249. Pre-Made Silicone Tops for Sale
  250. Merrowfins tail for sale