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  1. My Mer-chandise
  2. Costumes, Rhinestones & more! (Fundraising for tail or will trade!)
  3. So very close..and i need help
  4. Rocky Horror Schwag =D
  5. pink mermaid tail for sale
  6. Custom costume raffle to raise tail funds!
  7. mermaid animal suit
  8. Neoprene Tail for Sale
  9. Starting my Etsy
  10. Swimmable Shell Tops
  11. Convention Pass and Mermaid Pool Party Ticket for sale!!
  12. items I have for sale...
  13. selling my practice tail
  14. Formal Gown for Sale
  15. MVD Silicone tails for sale
  16. BOOK!!
  17. Koitail for sale!
  18. beautiful Starfish hair clips for sale
  20. Ding dong, Avon calling!
  21. Kickstarter Fundraiser for a tank swimming tail!! Get cool mermaidy prizes!! (:
  22. Etsy Shop of Beautiful Things
  23. Beautiful AQUAMARINE MVD mermaid tail for sale!!
  24. Dol-fin Monofin for sale
  25. Ariel- Little Mermaid Couture :)
  26. Looking to buy
  27. Swimable (monofin included) Green Glitter Spandex Tail for Sale
  28. Anyone Up For a Trade?
  29. MVD Latex Tail for Sale
  30. Bette Midler Mermaid Dress for Sale
  31. used tail for sale- looks like mertailor? 250$
  32. Magictail For Sale!!
  33. Aquatails new "Fringe Tail" <3
  34. mermaid books for sale
  35. Beautiful stone and bead necklace ~ Bubble gum reef
  36. MVD latex tail on ebay!
  38. My Etsy Shop :)
  39. X-mas Tree Contest
  41. Holiday Starfish Line on Etsy!!
  42. Mermaid yard sale today
  44. WANTED: The Sims 3 PC Game!
  45. Wanted: Womens swim fins
  47. wanted:tail ;)
  48. Pewter mermaids for sale
  49. Selling a Sailormoon Cosplay
  50. (Sold!) Selling Canon DSLR EOS Xs 10.1 megapixel
  51. AquaTails NEW fish scale swimsuits and tails coming soon!
  53. My Etsy shop
  54. Custom one of a kind mermaid themed jewellery
  55. Mermaid Tail Anyone?
  56. Tail for sale
  57. Silicone MVD Shell Top for sale
  58. Silicone MVD Shell Top for sale
  59. (Sold!) Blue Mermaid's MVD Latex Tail For Sale
  60. Children's Sized Mermaid Creations Mermaid Tail For Sale
  61. mermaid fountain for sale
  62. New Etsy, LOTS of goodies
  63. Wanted: Used Silicone Tail
  64. How To Promote Your Etsy Shop
  66. Searching for Finis Competitor
  67. MVD Tail for sale on ebay
  68. Hand-made mermaid tail on ebay
  69. Mermaid Bubble's Tail Fund
  70. 25' Black Satin Underbust Corset for sale!
  71. Mermaid Outfitters Etsy
  72. New Hair Accessories Each Day For the Rest of this Week!
  73. Teal mermaid style prom/formal Gown for sale
  74. Mermaid Parties Tails for SALE!!! REALISTIC LATEX TAILS FULLY SWIMMABLE!!!
  75. Well.. Thats just TERRIBLE- Etsy
  76. pack of mermaid stuff for sale
  77. How to get an Etsy Tab on your facebook page?
  78. "Support Mermaids" Ribbon Magnet
  79. Wanted: Used Monofin!
  80. Premade Ariel inspired and custom latex tails for sale!
  81. mermaid necklaces and pendants for sale!
  83. (No longer in business.) Merberry Custom Latex Tails
  84. My 2012 summer collection coming soon
  85. Mermaids & Mythology Magazines
  86. Mermaid Magictail For Sale!
  87. looking for latex or silicone tail
  88. Neoprene tail for sale
  89. Found a tail on Ebay
  91. Selling my New GoPro HD Hero 2
  92. Realistic Latex Mermaid Tail on Ebay!!!
  93. Selling merch to raise funds!
  95. Looking for a top to match my tail!
  96. Custom Mermaid/merman Monofins For Sale!
  97. Mike Van Daal, Mermaid Melissa used, silicone tail for sale!
  98. Mono fin for sale
  99. "At Cost" sale
  100. Garage Sale! - Please help~
  101. looking to buy a finis monofin
  102. Slightly used Latex Mermaid tail for sale
  103. Fabrics, Latex and Silicone mermaid tails !
  104. Looking to trade
  105. Looking for a neoprene tail
  106. Mertailor selling some used rental tails.
  107. Mermaid Parties now sells Scaled Tops!!! Check it out!
  108. Etsy
  109. Any Mers with stretched ears...
  110. What would you mers like to see?
  111. My little shop
  112. 20 Gallon Tank Wanted
  113. Small sea for sale
  114. Check out my Etsy store!
  115. Mermaid Parties' Scaled Tops! On Sale til the end of July!!!!
  116. SHARK TAIL monofin for sale
  117. Custom Mermaid Jewelery
  118. Sequin Tail on ebay
  119. Mermaid Star and Siren Fabric Tails for Sale!
  120. Nautical Jewelry Benefiting Sea Shepherd
  121. Finis Rapid Mono Fin For Sale (Used - Good Condition)
  122. Mermaid and ocean inspired products!!
  123. (Sold!) Mertailor Latex Tail For Sale
  124. Custom Tail Wanted-Design
  125. Finis Mermaid Monofin for sale.
  126. Selling some stuff
  127. Mermaid Weighted dive belts
  128. Hand-painted Neoprene tail for sale
  129. (Sold!) Mertailor tail for sale by Mermaid Bonnie
  130. WANTED: Magic Tail
  131. Latex tail
  132. Rubber latex realistic tail for sale
  133. Mermaid Saphira's Tail Fund
  134. considering selling my fiberglass specail fin
  135. Wedding Tails Fund
  136. Tail Fund.....?
  137. Silicone Mike Van Daal tail on eBay! (Purple Beta)
  138. Merbellas Studios (Raven) performance tail for sale
  139. Wanting to buy Ariel shells!
  140. Mermaid Raayvhen's Tail Fund!
  141. Stuff for Sale
  142. (Sold!) Another Latex Tail For Sale
  143. For Sale
  144. Fish Butts Officially sells full silicone tails! Dragon Skin Platinum Cure Silicone!!
  145. Does anyone have Issue #1 of Mermaids & Mythology Magazine?! I'll buy it!
  146. 25% off prints at deviantART.com
  147. Ariel Style Shells
  148. WANTED: Latex tail for sale.....pink hopefully
  149. Merman Neck Ties!
  150. Leftover Lumiere?
  151. Light Coral sequins???
  152. Brand New Unworn Tail up for auction on Ebay
  153. Pink poodle skirt for sale
  154. Formal Dress?
  155. Looking for something not mer related.....
  156. Need help for Halloween
  157. FREE tutorials
  159. Mermaid headdresses for sale
  160. Shorty wetsuit for sale or trade
  161. Selling my Latex tail
  162. Nerine's Shops
  163. Wanted Tail skin
  164. MAGIC - Mermaid wanted
  165. Home made monofinfor sale
  166. WANTED: Nook Color
  168. Christmas is comming
  169. Shadow Fancy~ Additional Sale
  170. The2Tails mermaid bikini top for sale
  171. Mer-chandise Thread?
  172. [November 13th, 2012] Mike Van Daal Realistic SPFX Silicone Mermaid Tail & Top
  173. Melaleuca- heard of it?
  174. In it to Win it- or maybe not... (critique of ebay Monofin)
  175. Pre-cut Finis Wave on Ebay
  176. Mermaid Melissa Selling her POC Tail on Ebay...NO RESERVE
  177. The ACTUAL Splash tail for sale??? (one of em)
  178. Half-Price on Mike Van Daal silicone mermaid tail
  179. Mermaid for sale
  180. Handmade Ocean Themed Felt Ornaments
  181. MVD Splash tail for sale!
  182. Shark arm warmers
  183. Neoprene Tails
  184. Looking to hire a Seamtress
  185. Anyone have a tail they would like to sell for under $200?
  186. Mer-chandise Review Merson
  187. Scale print holographic fabric
  188. Stevi Selling Leopard Partial Silicone Tail for $350
  189. FB Page make over and new pics!
  190. Mermaid Creations Tail
  191. $24 million dollar swimming hole?
  192. Dark Mauve Shell Sequins
  193. Shadow Fancy RAFFLING PREMIUM TAIL!!!
  194. professional h2o type silicone tail on EBAY
  195. Partial Latex tail on Ebay
  196. Pattern testers needed- Free Crochet patterns!
  197. looking to buy tail under 450
  198. Mike VanDaal silicone top for sale
  199. Underwater waitress job in LA
  200. Renting A Tail
  201. Hair Piece & Necklace Giveaway!
  202. Free eco-friendly glass straws!
  203. Mermaid Jewelry/Accessories
  204. Fellow mers!!! Help me find my accessories (:
  205. Artists helping artists
  206. Mermaid Etsy Up and Running!
  207. mermaid extras needed!
  208. opening commissions to pay tuiton for a medical forum!
  209. Need a little help
  210. (Sold!) Oceanika Merfin selling on Ebay!!
  211. Anyone have unwanted/leftover sculpey or other brand polymer clay?
  212. Raffle - Custom Full Dragonskin Silicone Tail - $1,500
  213. Attention jewlery makers...
  214. Used sea shell bras and a handmade shell and netting dress.
  215. Trading? Does anyone do it?
  216. Newbie needs some help
  217. Mertailor tail for sale on Ebay
  218. New Blue/Purple Silicone Tail by Mermaid Creations for Sale
  219. Used Blue Mermaid Creations Tail For Sale
  220. Rapid monofin on Ebay
  221. Finfolk Productions' Kickstarter~ We need your help!
  222. Help a mer out?
  223. Auctioning off my first tail for charity
  224. Mirror, Mirror, in my hand....
  225. Selling Gold MerTailor Tail on eBay
  226. Selling Finis Foil Small
  227. New etsy shop owner!
  228. considering selling these....
  229. Used Latex Mertailor Tail on Ebay
  230. would you buy sheets of shell-shaped latex?
  231. Big Mermaidy Stage Piece
  232. Monofin Glide on ebay
  233. Would anyone be interested in...
  234. DragonSkin Tail $900 obo
  235. Mermaid Adella's Accessories
  236. Selling full colored mermaid portraits for cheap!
  237. mermaids r us mermaid kylees tail for sale on ebay!
  238. Need extra Mergirl for a NY Party May 28th
  239. Brand new turquoise, pearl, gemstone top $30 + shipping
  240. Wanted: I search a used Silicone or Latex Tail
  241. I'm looking to buy a top that I can wear next month on a cruise! Anyone have any?
  242. Baby realistic mermaid tail for sale
  243. Scale mold.
  244. Custom painted neoprene tail skins!
  245. Mermaidsrus silicone tail for sale by me
  246. selling it all
  247. New Mexico mers 4 gigs
  248. Little baby black koitail for sale.
  249. Back up for sale . Mermaidsrus silicone tail
  250. WANTED: New or Used Latex/and or Neoprene Tail