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  1. We now have a permanent page for tailmaking tutorials!
  2. Painted Spandex Tail
  3. Tail Designs
  4. new tail in the works!
  5. My Dragon Skin Tail In the Works
  6. My Green/Blue Gold Halo Tail
  7. Neoprene HELP!!!!!!
  8. Starting my first tail!
  9. New tail in the works!
  10. Rusty Spandex Tail
  11. Vinyl for use in tailmaking?
  12. Ariel Tail Construction Begins!!!
  13. Silicone Experimenting
  14. Little Orca's New Tail
  15. Found: Neoprene at JoAnn Fabrics
  16. PUL Fabric Tails
  17. Seperate Scales
  18. My first tail-painted spandex
  19. What paints work on lycra?
  20. First tail! (Green spandex)
  21. Testing out a new tail
  22. Making the monofin in an Alex tail removable?
  23. Desert Mermaid is about to get a tail!
  24. Starting My First Tail! Advice?
  25. Inking/Painting Neoprene?
  26. How would I make a tail?
  27. Making my first tail skin
  28. Confussed about fabric
  29. Kanti's tail in progress
  30. Full Silicone Tail?
  31. Fin making please respond!
  32. Makeing my first tail
  33. Paint For Latex Tails?
  34. Andrew's Tail Making Journey
  35. First tail - I think I'm in over my head! (No pun intended)
  36. New Tail: help and ideas please!
  37. Fabric Tail on a Budget
  38. Tail Repairs to a Latex Tail?
  39. Mermaid Sheila- Tail finished!
  40. Hannah Fraser's Tails
  41. Opinion on a new tail
  42. Sewing your tail at the side seams and dorsal, side fins
  43. Help needed on tail makeing
  44. Painting on fabric tails?
  45. My Taill Process!!
  46. Fabric confusion
  47. Mermaid Jewel - Tail Design
  48. Paint to use on sillicone?
  49. Free Tail Designs! 4 spots left!
  50. Using Alex PLus
  51. ***Starting a Sequin Tail***
  52. How much liquid latex?
  53. Silicone like Flip Tails?
  54. Archive: "Using ALEX for Tails"
  55. My test tail!
  56. Archive: "Sewing Neoprene"
  57. Archive: "What kind of paint to use?"
  58. Archive: "Scale Painting Video and Quick Tail Preview"
  59. Laamberry's ALEX tail
  60. Star's First Tailmaking Experience
  61. Merman Tail Design
  62. So many tail designs!
  63. How many Createx paint?
  64. Createx Paint
  65. Aquatails resto-mod, Frankenbra
  66. Epically failed at making my first tail...
  67. Water channelling or "how to avoid ballooning"?
  68. Has anyone tried this?
  69. Swimming in the tail I made
  70. How Mermaid Syrenia Earned Her Tail
  71. Shell Tail Labs - Success!!
  72. Smooth On Products
  73. What is your leg measurments?
  74. Fabrics?
  75. Working on my first *final* Neoprene tail
  76. NEW Painted scales!!!! I'm LOVING it!!!! :D
  77. Help us update MerNetwork's list of tailmaking how-to guides
  78. Repainting a Mertailor Latex Tail
  79. spoon flower custom fabric printing
  80. ~Turquoise Tail~
  81. Little Pink Mermaid Tail <3
  82. Original Tail Designs
  83. Safety Considerations for working with tails made from Alex Plus
  84. 100% Natural Latex
  85. Starting my first neoprene dolphin tail :D
  86. Really Cool Design Idea
  87. Head Start on my two-week Neoprene Tail Construction.
  88. Everything's (almost) ready
  89. Hiding a Zipper with a dorsal fin?
  90. Silicone!!!!
  91. My very first Neoprene tail...
  92. First Possible Alex Tail Design
  93. Lorelei's First Silicone Tail Attempt!
  94. Crazy tail idea? I really need some criticism.
  95. Making a neoprene tail to sell
  96. Starting a new tail -- first timer!
  97. Planning on a Fabric "Abstract" Tail
  98. On Stranger Tides Mermaid Tail
  99. Zebra Print Tail?
  100. Neoprin or Neoprene?
  101. Making Tails for my Friends!
  102. What to use as fringe?
  103. My Dream Tail...
  104. Painted fabric tail - Taz's first tail
  105. Stand up Dorsal fin?
  106. Seriously thinking on making a tail...
  107. On Stranger Tides Tail Sketches.
  108. So annoyed!!
  109. Gold Tail
  110. It's too big!
  111. New Neoprene tail for my friend *video*
  112. Lunocent monofin idea...
  113. It begins...
  114. Jewel's New Purple Tail has begun!
  115. Sewing Trouble
  116. Sewing Sequin Scales On My Tail
  117. Why are hobbies so expensive?!
  118. MagicTail Question - Should I Glue or Sew sequins?
  119. Starting a sequin tail!
  120. Time consuming tail
  121. tinting silicone
  122. sewing lycra and other swim fabrics
  123. Ondine's First Fabric Tail!
  124. having some issues
  125. Silicone & Fabric fins - Progress pictures
  126. quick help?
  127. The Parrot Fish Project
  128. Ello Everyone!!
  129. Can decide what design I want to do?
  130. Latex/Spandex?
  131. Kajinker!!!
  132. Scale fabric?
  133. Feedback on my tail ideas?
  134. Collage Tail
  135. The Titania Monofin
  136. Poly/Spandex for a mermaid tail? Has anyone ever been sucessful with it?
  137. Stretch Sequins and other spandex!
  138. So I was working in my lab, late last night....
  139. Where do you buy silicone? + other questions
  140. OMG it worked !!!!! Now what?
  141. Fantasea FX's first casted latex tail!
  142. need help picking out my next color scheme!
  143. Merberry- Making a Urethane Tail
  144. Making a fabric tail
  145. LED Tail
  146. Making my very first Tail
  147. Sharing Information- ups and downs
  148. FAQ Latex and Silicone Tails
  149. Does anyone know approximately how many 20mm sequins you need for a full tail???
  150. Help needed on a new tail
  151. free tail template!♥
  152. tinting latex for tails
  153. Custom Monofin and Performance Tail
  154. Silicone tail directions?
  155. New tail in the works :D
  156. Delectable (jk) Trout tail idea
  157. Personalized MagicTail - (Sequins, Paint Job)
  158. My first tail - a work in progress
  159. Magictail Mods.. :)
  160. my first tail.
  161. A Tale of Two Tails
  162. I'll get around to making this eventually...
  163. Yep, it's another "making my first tail" thread
  164. Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl
  165. Hi new girl here, my first tail too!
  166. Hannah Inspired Scales
  167. Easy duct tape mannequin for mermaid tail
  168. Silicone Tail Tutorial
  169. Full Silicone Tail Tutorial - In the works
  170. Tail making for kids?
  171. Butterfly Koi Tail
  172. Flesh colored tail?
  173. Dragon Skin tails
  174. Super Hydrophobic spray
  175. Tailmaking from old wetsuits?
  176. Starting my 3rd Tail!!!
  177. Inspiration?
  178. Advice
  179. Createx Paint Stores
  180. My first tail
  181. My new tail
  182. New neoprene tail in progress!
  183. Starting a Sequin Tail
  184. Sequin tails
  185. Making My First Latex tail.... Serious preparation questions
  186. I finally have some progress pictures!
  187. Hmmm...
  188. Making my first swimable tail
  189. Colour scheme help
  190. Help needed! Change of Plans
  191. blending of sequins
  192. Neoprene to latex GO!
  193. Has anyone used spraypaint on ALEX for a tail?
  194. Betta Tail
  195. First tail design
  196. Latex tail tutorial
  197. White sequin/latex/spandex tail
  198. Wetsuit dilemmas
  199. Finally making my first (adult) tail...just fabric but with pretty paint on it
  200. Another "How I made my neoprene tail" thread
  201. alex or alex plus? did i make a big mistake?
  202. Painting on Alex Plus
  203. Summer's first tail
  204. First time tailmaking--Jade's attempt
  205. Yay Courage!
  206. A Snake Tail - Help needed from USA
  207. Tailmaking product reviews
  208. Possibly.... Starting a sequin tail!
  209. ☆⚠TAILMAKING REFERENCE INDEX⚠☆ -Look here BEFORE you post any questions!-
  210. Patchwork Tail*
  211. Full silicon tail in the works.
  212. making a mixed media tail?
  213. leggings as a tail?
  214. Neoprene/Silicone scales....
  215. Free scallop bag pattern - Would make an Awesome fabric tail.
  216. Found the Vinyl Matting!
  217. Painting on neoprene
  218. Tail Design...
  219. A Person who Never Finishes Anything Starts a Tail
  220. Which latex do I use?
  221. Help a Curvy Mermaid?
  222. My first tail!
  223. Walking Tail
  224. My new neoprene tail
  225. Duct Tape Tails?
  226. i need your help for a zipper!
  227. Who has used Dragon Skin? I have a really stupid question. Please help!!!
  228. If Not Alex then what.... ?
  229. Large Seashell Sequins for Sequin Tails!!!
  230. Airbrushing & Spray Paint
  231. silicone and paint
  232. Here I Go Again...
  233. Help! for tailmaking
  234. HUGE THANK YOU! I was able to make "Beta Fish" with your help :)
  235. How do I fix this?!
  236. Help a Merbie (new mermaid) out.
  237. Mermaidtail Selling
  238. Choices Choices
  239. Colour options
  240. im looking for sequins!!!
  241. Starting my FIRST tail (and its a sequin one o.0)
  242. My Tail in Process
  243. Yet another place to buy vinyl shelf liner
  244. A Friendly Competition
  245. Sculpting Tails! And advice most needed~
  246. Back Fin
  247. Dragon Skin on Neoprene?
  248. JACQUARD Paints--- Creators of "Lumiere"
  249. How to punch craft foam
  250. Started my first silicone tail