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  14. Photographer refuses to show or release images
  15. World Of Swimming Mermaid School. Mermaid HELLO
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  17. Singer from Carnegie Hall sings for Mermaids ( unique)
  18. World Of Swimming Mermaids in Soho, New York
  19. Mermaid Birthday Party by World of Swimming
  20. First try at a video
  21. Should I post a video on YT of me doing leg lifts in my tail in the bathtub?
  22. Photoshoot Results
  23. Animation about Life as a Professional Mermaid!
  24. Second swim and a Tail flip!
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  26. Photo Shop question.
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  29. The iBubble camera
  30. My channel youtube and my first interview
  31. My tank channel
  32. My Youtube!
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  34. Detroit underwater theater and show. Mermaid Kristina
  35. Waist-mounted holder for action cameras
  36. Long Time No Video
  37. Life is Fintastic - A Mini Mermaid Documentary
  38. Felicia's youtube!
  39. Anyone talented with video editing?
  40. Clichés
  41. Taking Busselton Mermaids to a new level
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  43. (Video) Wigs in Water!
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  46. Mermaid Moongazer Youtube Channel!
  47. Free video editing software?
  48. Photoshoot and Video Bloopers
  49. Some photoshoots from the last 2 years
  50. A Mermaid's first Swim! (Video!)
  51. Looking for Model
  52. Free editing services for videos. Just ask.
  53. Show and Tell: Mermaids on YouTube
  54. 10/16/16: Brenda Stumpf Underwater Photography Workshop in Los Angeles
  55. Posing help for couples!!!
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  58. casting call - film
  59. My First Post
  60. Underwater Drones
  61. A Mermaid Story (web series)
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  63. Photoshoot
  64. Action/Underwater Cameras
  65. Wearing a WIG for Photo Shoot?
  66. Anyone willing to share their Mermaid photos for my blog?
  67. Real Underwater Pro Modeling Photoshoots
  68. Dive Bar - Youtube Series
  69. 2017 Los Angeles Underwater Workshops with Brenda Stumpf!
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  72. Caribbean Photo Shoot Seeking Mermaid Models
  73. video quality help?
  74. Anyone tried this Waterproof Phone Bag before?
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  79. GoPro filming anyone else?
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  81. Shooting tails
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  83. My FINIS Luna Monofin Review Video
  84. Shooting stills, and photos solo
  85. how to position camera in pool?
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  88. Inexperienced and Ready to Learn
  89. LG G6 This Shell Phone Takes Underwater Video?!?! & Affordable shellphones?/on going
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  91. Thanks for 10,000 YT Subs!
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  93. Underwater voice speaker system
  94. Masterclass results! (had some amazing photoshoots)
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  96. Having a hard time
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  100. Underwater Photographer from San Jose, CA.
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  103. play with your toys...
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