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  1. Educational Videos
  2. Underwater Videos
  3. The Go Pro Camera
  4. Merman Ryan Photoshoot at Pony Pasture - Round II
  5. Renold's Pier Wrecks
  6. Merlissa at the Park!
  7. Florida Photographer!
  8. Midwest and Great Lakes Merpeople
  9. Looking for a new cool logo
  10. Underwater photography (some NSFW)
  11. Wave-scape
  12. Ye Olde Time Mermaid
  13. Merlissa Videos (One quite silly!)
  14. Sleepy sleepy
  15. Big Ohio Studio Underwater Photographer
  16. Purty tail pics!
  17. Star's Videos
  18. Anyone here try a GoPro before?
  19. Lilypad Lagoon
  20. Any advice or ideas for point and shoots underwater?
  21. Waterproof Camera Case Help
  22. Copyright... a reminder
  23. Free Video Edititor??
  24. Underwater Photographers Listing
  25. Tail Time - Courtney Mermaid and Mermaid Kim at our local pool!
  26. Mermaid in the winter
  27. Q n A and Reflections of 2011 Videos!
  28. Bella Blue's First Mermaiding Video <3
  29. photo editing for tails
  30. The Chicken Dance
  31. Sony HandyCam Trouble
  32. I made the city paper!
  33. New Facebook Shoot: Glamour (Mer)Girl
  34. Mermaid Photography Workshop
  35. Flying Betta Fish tail - Mermaid Moonflower
  36. Soundtrack to Mermaid videos
  37. Mini Mergirl Photoshoot
  38. Swimming in your tail!
  39. Camera sugestions?
  40. Just a warning about "waterproof" bags from ebay....
  41. group video project
  42. Funny out-takes and Behind the scenes
  43. let's all waka waka for one goal!
  44. Underwater videos
  45. Mermaid Props
  46. Getting Ready!
  47. So Excited
  48. Mertailor Latex tail photoshoot?
  49. vote for my video plz!
  50. whats your dream shoot?
  51. working with an underwater photog FINALLY
  52. The "I just had a photo shoot!"/sharing photoshoots thread!
  53. When You just NEED a break... lol
  54. Is It Worth It?
  55. Neat photo from a party
  56. New video- "Mermaid Dreams in Costa Rica"
  57. Underwater stills....any tips ??
  58. Mafalda Mermaid at Beach! :)
  59. Swimming Underwater for the First Time!
  60. Part of Me: A magical music video :)
  61. Yay first photoshoot!
  62. So you don't want seams?
  63. professional quality photoshoots at home!
  64. Have another photoshoot today!
  65. Just posted two albums!
  66. New Video of myself and Mermaid Fawkes
  67. yeaaaa save the dolphins!
  68. Swimming!
  69. mermaid short film
  70. Merpalooza Video Footage!
  71. BTS- underwater photoshoot with one of our own
  72. unedited first preview ;)
  73. my little mermaid with her new tail
  74. seashell goddess
  75. What cameras are out there?
  76. My first little video!
  77. Pirates..no, Mermaid Of The Caribbean
  78. Just for fun Mermaid Video :) First one
  79. there's a merfolk in the pool!
  80. Today at Redgranite Quarry
  81. New Videos
  82. Underwater Photography... in a Studio!
  83. Underwater Mermaid Filming.
  84. Octopus Dress Shoot
  85. Be a part of an awesome mermaid movie
  86. HERO GoPro3
  87. My Amazing Cousin
  88. Mermaid TV Show OUT SUNDAY 16th
  89. Mansion photoshoot
  90. The search for a special fx editor
  91. Giant Squid Video
  92. Mystic Waters (Youtube Series) Sneek Peak
  93. How to Protect Your Photos Online
  94. Mermaid Music video
  95. Underwater photo camera -any ideas?
  96. First Put Together Mermaid Video!
  97. Vancouver Mermaids Meet Up
  98. Swim with a Mermaid
  99. Mermaid Swimming Thread
  100. Mermaid Blooper Reel
  101. Good Cameras? Need advice!
  102. Cool video of dolphin pod
  103. LiveStreaming the WIP of my new tail!
  104. Underwater Dancing (Fully dressed)
  105. GoProCamera
  106. Shadow Fancy Youtube
  107. Mermaid Iona's YouTube Channel
  108. The Making of: Mantas Last Dance
  109. Finally getting my Mer look together!! *LOTS OF PICS*
  110. video editing....
  111. New mermaid shoot! Gold-leaf!!!
  112. Phx Mermaid's Youtube Channel
  113. Underwater filming for amateurs...Camera??
  114. Zombie Mermaid
  115. Shoot from Sunday
  116. Check out me swimming in my new tail on YouTube!
  117. Mermaid Movie Idea
  118. Mermaid Miracles
  119. Camera help?
  120. Best Professional Underwater Camera?
  121. My little sunset Mermaids
  122. Mermaid inspired beach shoot
  123. Little Mermaid pics
  124. Mermaid Rave video premieres in July!
  125. HD underwater cameras?!
  126. Short film about a young girl who meets a mermaid
  127. Any Australian Mers know about Mako Mermaids?
  128. Merlesque mermaids training video!
  129. How to take mer-photos?
  130. Video of my underwater world!!
  131. An original Mernetwork production
  132. Camera Questions- Shooting Underwater!
  133. Underwater Eyes: The magic of facial expressions.
  134. Syrena's first night swim! (aka what I do when my underwater cam is spazzing out)
  135. Tiffany Kuan Photography
  136. looking for an waterproof camera
  137. Seadance Photography
  138. Taking Inspiration from others
  139. My first photo shoot! :)
  140. My first *happy* mermaid video! (Song: Train's "Mermaid")
  141. Day and Night Mermaid
  142. Mermaid Birthdays
  143. best real life mermaid photobomb ever!!!
  144. Mermaid Lorelei on Youtube!
  145. giant squid photo bomb I like this one almost as much
  146. Merlesque's first underwater photoshoot!
  147. First Public Mermaiding Experience!
  148. Hands free underwater camera!
  149. iMovie freezes! >:-(
  150. New video - mermaid at the beach!
  151. Need a kickass photo shoot location
  152. Share your photoshoot DREAM locations!
  153. Stupid Youtube comments... part 2!!!
  154. Even Vin Diesel knows the dolphin kick
  155. Mermaid in the Caribbean!
  156. Mermad Practice Video
  157. Color correcting help?
  158. Mermaids by Moonlight!
  159. Sirenalia mermaid Video
  160. Zombie Mermaid
  161. How can you find someone who does a convention videography in Las Vegas?
  162. Fashion Photography in the Red Sea.
  163. GoPro Software Dilemnas--Help!
  164. How do you video tape yourself underwater?
  165. Underwater Filming Behind the Scenes with Sheroes Entertainment
  166. First video and youtube!
  167. Mermaid Video
  168. apps for video editing
  169. Sharing an inspiring Mermaid Video :D
  170. New Mermaid Video - Water Is my friend for life
  171. Photographer in CT searching for mermaids from January to May!
  172. Finding Photographers... Model Mayhem?
  173. Christmas Mermaid video!
  174. Cheap Underwater Camera
  175. Inside of a wave?
  176. Anyone here have the Olympus TG-630?
  177. Video : Fujifilm Finepix XP60 VS.Nikon Coolpix AW110
  178. Famous Nightclub Mermaids
  179. Two New Videosss
  180. Mermaid practice videoclip
  181. Offering my services (free of charge)
  182. MerFun in the Hawaiian Sun
  183. Underwater Dancing - Disney's Frozen
  184. Happy World Ocean's Day!!
  185. Adelaide Mermaid Meet 2014 video
  186. Underwater Filming - Mermaid Petronella and Mermaid Narina
  187. Mermaid Students
  188. Mermaid swim at Phi Phi Islands
  189. Mermaid Shortfilm
  190. Deviant art owns rights to all your stuff!
  191. Lantern Tail Swim
  192. Alabama Gulf Coast - Easy Underwater Shoot Locations?
  193. Using the GoPro Hero3 in Protune mode
  194. Watermarks
  195. FL Mers There's a Photographer in Your Area!
  196. helpful tips for wanting to become a professional mermaid/ mermaid model?
  197. Hawaii Mermaids on Brazilian TV
  198. What Camera do you use? Any Suggestions?
  199. excellent photo tips
  200. Costco score!
  201. Self-Portraits
  202. Mermaid Transformations by Flashpool!!!
  203. Busselton Mermaids - swim
  204. Happy MerMonday!!!!
  205. Mermaid Introduction Video
  206. Underwater Fashion Modeling & Mermaid Workshop in the Red Sea!
  207. When Mermaids have legs
  208. Very silly mermaid cabaret video... up a tree!
  209. Mermaid Margo
  210. " Mermaid Down" A wonderful indie film that needs to be made
  211. DIY photoshoot any tips?
  212. GoPro Hero3 Warning
  213. Underwater Photoshoot - Backstage video of the Merlesque mermaids!
  214. How to start modeling in general?
  215. Tips for taking photos indoors
  216. Online Workshop: Into to Photos/Videos above/below for mermaids + editing
  217. photographer needed
  218. Mermaid "Vogueing" Competition
  219. Great news for music in youtube
  220. Photo Prints and Posters?
  221. Mermaid Nessie's New Vlog Series
  222. Ideas for underwater moves?
  223. Questionable Production Company
  224. Gracie's Tail - 5 Year Old Mermaid!
  225. Best Tails for Photoshoots?
  226. Waterproof phone cases or pouches?
  227. Educating others to stop stealing mermaid photos
  228. I bought a GoPro! Anyone have any tips?
  229. Recommended Underwater Camera and Video with good quality
  230. Looking for good underwater photographer in Canada
  231. Brilliant Idea for a Worldwide Videography Collaboration
  232. A note on using the GoPro cameras undwerwater.
  233. Best Underwater Compact Cameras for 2015 By Backscatter Staff
  234. Photo Slideshow Retrospect. Post Your Own!
  235. Not perfect... But Cheap!
  236. Best first underwater camera?
  237. Need Mermaid Chair for Aquarium Photo Shoot
  238. Some images from my documentary.
  239. First swim in my tail!
  240. Anette Kellermann: First person filmed underwater?
  241. Kelda's YouTube!
  242. Wands and Wishes Mermaids swims in our first finfolk tail!
  243. photo shooting with my first silicone tail
  244. 2 New Tails
  245. Swim Vids - Becoming a Mermaid (Eventually)
  246. Canada Day Swim Video
  247. Just shot tail photos!
  248. Frist Try omermaid tail
  249. Why isn't my video getting views?
  250. Mermaid Abigail progress footage