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  1. Amazing Pools
  2. Funny things while mermaiding?
  3. Do you have to actually swim to consider yourself a mermaid?
  4. Public Area Swimming
  5. The Official Underwater Tricks Thread!
  6. swimming in the ocean
  7. My First Monofin Swim
  8. Could I tail-swim with my disabilites?
  9. hiding heels
  10. Acrylic Mer Tank
  11. jellyfish
  12. Starting from the beginning?
  13. dye
  14. I forget how to swim... Sort of
  15. Goggles, ear plugs AND nose plugs!!
  16. How my butt became a PFD
  17. First Swim In My New Tail!!!!
  18. underwater vision?
  19. annoying just annoying.
  20. First Time Swimming with my new Underwater digital camera
  21. Invisible Nose Plug
  22. Places to swim in a tail/Monofins
  23. Breath holding tricks
  24. Dolphins
  25. Public pool and monofin
  26. Northern Hemisphere: Beginning to thaw!
  27. Kelp and Jellyfish twice a day?
  28. Best mermaiding spot ever!
  29. Breath Holding tricks?
  30. Confidence!
  31. My First Swim! - Mermaid Tail
  32. Video - My First Swim [Mermaid Tail]
  33. Getting in and out of tails?
  34. ooooh!!!
  35. Public Pool and Latex allergies?
  36. How to overcome a fear of sharks?
  37. If all of a sudden nature calls...
  38. Holding Breath...
  39. Surfacing? And another swimming question.
  40. will i sink?
  41. Cool under-water experiences
  42. Cold water swimming
  43. How not to get water up your nose?
  44. Anyone ever water-walked in a mertail?
  45. Winter Mermaid Swim-Along Videos - South Australia in June
  46. Coolest thing happened at the pool yesterday...
  47. Swimming in Lake Superior!!
  48. Cancun underwater museum,wouldn't this be a cool place to swim
  49. Foot cramps & Charlie horses
  50. Teaching kids to swim in a monofin pointers?
  51. Best Swimming places ever
  52. Need some help?
  53. Do you equalize?
  54. Full moon swimming
  55. Work out and diet to prepare for tail swimming?
  56. Sharks and various ocean dangers....
  57. flying fish...er..merfolk!
  58. Where to swim in the UK?
  59. Cool Things That Happen When You Swim!
  60. Mermaiding at Laguna Beach, California
  61. Kinda wacky idea
  62. Bent knees
  63. Swimming Buddies
  64. Some candids of me "tail swimming" last night
  65. mermaids trailer of awesome
  66. my first swim yaaaay!!!!
  67. bonding with your tail.
  68. Controlling your hair?
  69. Putting on a Silicone Tail
  70. Land Exercises for Improving Technique
  71. Practise Advice
  72. Venice beach?
  73. Mermaid doing the worm
  74. Top Speed
  75. Amazing underwater mono swim
  76. Ocean swimming concerns (sad/scared)
  77. Anyone else really scared by swimming at night?
  78. Tips on making bubble hearts?
  79. Children who learn to see underwater clearly
  80. Underwater Ballet / Dance
  81. Cream in the Eyes
  82. Diving in a mermaid tail
  83. quitting smoking and breathing excercises
  84. Anyone know of any nose plugs/nose clips that can't be seen on camera?
  85. What To Say To Kids If They See Your Knees
  86. How to deal with chlorine's negative effects
  87. Buoyancy and Sinking Tips?
  88. Shark repelling pattern on suit
  89. NO Mermaid tails allowed !!!!!
  90. Tailmakers woes!
  91. WooHoo- I wanna ride one of these!
  92. first swim and video
  93. Teaching toddlers to Mer?
  94. Has anyone ever had issues with kids being scared of your tail?
  95. Opening eyes underwater
  96. Scared to get my fins wet
  97. First Swim in monofin
  98. Eeeek! That was so fun!! :D
  99. Swimming in the Ocean
  100. Weight Belts
  101. A little help with this?
  102. How to protect your ears?
  103. Minimum pool depth to swim in?
  104. Swimming at hotel pools?
  105. Do you use goggles in lakes/rivers/sea?
  106. We need a new map!
  107. Making swim spray?
  108. River Swimming
  109. How warm is too warm for a tail?
  110. Drowning--The real signs you need to know.
  111. The butt flap problem!
  112. Me swimming in a tail
  113. Tula's Swimming Adventures!
  114. mermaid pranks
  115. Cool Goggles Trick!
  116. First Swim in the Tail!
  117. Lake Rawlings, VA
  118. Tails and safety
  119. Can I put dragonskin up my nose?
  120. Springs in Ocala
  121. Kids!
  122. Legendary locations
  123. If Mers Made a Park...
  124. Dorsal fins!!!
  125. FL panhandle mers!
  126. Foot Cramp Prevention
  127. Tails, Monofins, Drag and You
  128. Tips on becoming a stronger monofin swimmer
  129. Monofin Swimming - Ways to Train
  131. Mermaiding in Your Own Neighborhood
  132. How you can deal with monofin blisters
  133. Does Your Mersona Help You Swim?
  134. Tail wrinkles?
  135. TEETH shattering moment... Thanks a lot, eyes.
  136. Mermaids wearing swimming googles
  137. What was your first swim like in a tail?
  138. My First Swim TOMORROW!: What do I need to know?
  139. Technique and Tricks thread
  140. off season tips?
  141. Hair style affecting drag?
  142. Turn off the lights, and the mermaid will glow
  143. How fast can you go in your tail?
  144. Woke up with dried blood in my ears!
  145. Chronic pain reemerging
  146. Do you prefer shallower or deeper water, and why?
  147. Swimming when someone sees you...
  148. Ocean swimming - how do you deal with the waves?
  149. Mermaid Practice Video
  150. Mermaiding in the bahamas
  151. Kids and fabric tails
  152. Tail problems
  153. 1st swim in monofin!
  154. Merman and Silicone Tail
  155. Run-ins with spearfishers
  156. Riptide/Ripcurrent Safety
  157. Getting in and out of the water the elegant way
  158. Sinus Saver nose plugs
  159. Diving Weight Belt
  160. Shiny tail
  161. Just got my neoprene tail swimmable! Now advice?
  162. Leggings under your tail?
  163. What are your swimmers ear/ear infection tips?
  164. Lowering your heart rate
  165. Review: Doc's Proplugs. EQUALYSEABLE vented earplugs!
  166. Stretching, Sore Muscles and Mermaid Cramps
  167. swimming in the ocean with monofins and/or tails
  168. Swim Spas
  169. Tail Drag - Technique or Design?
  170. Monofin Foot Pockets
  171. First Silicone Tail Swim
  172. Merwork outs?
  173. Dolphin Kick On Back - Technique?
  174. Lake Swimming and Tail Stains
  175. what to put in an email
  176. First Swim of the Year!
  177. blackout while tailswimming
  178. Help for my first swim ever in a tail.
  179. Finally wet my fins!
  180. Tail weights?
  181. 1st Tail Swim - AMAZING, tail swimming is simply amazing
  182. Question about what you can do in your tail
  183. Tail Drying
  184. First swim in my new tail planned for tonight!!!
  185. How long can you hold your breath?
  186. Breath Holding tips wanted!
  187. Chlorine & Cancer
  188. Cold Water Mers!
  190. Nose plugs for tiny noses?
  191. Please Share What It's Like Being a Mermaid While Pregnant
  192. Ear Bands
  193. Wearing Earplugs - How To Hear Your Clients
  194. Have you ever swam in a neoprene silicone combo????
  195. Why swimming with arms extended in front makes you faster
  196. Training?
  197. The first swim with a silicone tail. Precautions?
  198. Foot Pocket Pests
  199. Dolphin Kick with Misty Hyman
  200. Merwrangler Sean Tried a Tail!
  201. Met another mermaid! *Squeee*
  202. First Alberta Mer-Meetup
  203. Silicone Tail Drain Holes
  204. I'm going to be so nervous please help!!!!!
  205. New Mermaid need to practice
  206. Washingtonian ocean water
  207. How difficult is it to swim in a silicone tail vs a swimsuit fabric (w monofin) tail?
  208. Lubricant Eye Gel
  209. Tail swimming and exhale dives?
  210. uneven extra fins question
  211. Milk cravings
  212. Jaffa the Very Floaty Mermaid
  213. Ears hurting after 6 feet?
  214. Made a new vid with old tail
  215. Goggles
  216. Tail doesn't fit...?
  217. Help, Fear of Flips
  218. Can you sunburn through a silicone tail?
  219. Things to not do when getting a new tail...
  220. Mer Friendly Aquariums
  221. How to wear weights in a tail?
  222. Legally blind without corrective lenses - what to do?
  223. mermaids course
  224. First tail
  225. Got an above ground pool, practice time...I'm so excited
  226. Los Angeles, California Mermaid School Announced
  227. Safety concerns over tail swimming
  228. Can't keep monofin straps on! HELP
  229. Got to use the new pool today woo hoo
  231. Walrus wobble anyone?
  232. Maiden swim in my 1st tail!
  233. the dreaded monthly visitor
  234. Neck weights
  235. My Aquarium swimming experience
  236. Standards/Must-Knows To Be Able To Swim In A (Silicone) Tail?
  237. places to swim and take photos in bermuda
  238. Another One Bites the Dust: Best Indoor Pool in Arlington TX Bans Tails
  239. Swimsuits and Rashes
  240. Good Places To Swim With Your Tail
  241. Lake Mermaid-Finally!!
  242. Regarding swimming in the ocean, should free diving be learned first?
  243. Warning to US east coast mers
  244. Anne Curtis box jellyfish attack
  245. Baby Steps As A Wet Mer
  246. Diver decapitated by surfer
  247. 2nd swim in rapid monofin
  248. Dealing With Extreme Temps
  249. Resources for Facing Tail Bans in Pools
  250. Mer-certification: What if?