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  1. Professional Mermaid Linden Wolbert
  2. Interview
  3. Aspiring mermaid Questions
  4. dealing with difficult fans
  5. CASTING CALL: New York Mermaid needed for an event!
  6. Things I have learned being a professional mermaid
  7. facebook advertising
  8. Websites!
  9. Dive Barís Head Mermaid Rachel Smith
  10. business cards.
  11. hello from a german proffesional mermaid
  12. Live ustream next week
  13. Mermaid Needed! Post Casting Calls Here!
  14. Looking for Mermaids for Hire for Website Listing
  15. Share your tips for finding gigs!
  16. ...and sometimes you stick your fin in your mouth
  17. Raina in the Classroom again
  18. Reading with Mermaid Aqua
  19. Warm and Fuzzy Stories
  20. Accepting Credit Cards
  21. Mertenders and Safety Questions
  22. EXCITING NEWS: im in the water festival!
  23. Designing a unique logo
  24. Denver Aquarium Mermaids
  25. Discount Offer on Graphic/Web Design Work for MerNetwork Members!
  26. Mermaiding and Assistants
  27. Appearences...
  28. Mermaid Personas
  29. Asking for Work
  30. Dream Job?
  31. business license and legal things for a performing mermaid
  32. Very Frustrated with a Videographer.
  33. MermaidTales.net
  34. Being A Professional Dry Mermaid
  35. Merserch for a Profession Mermaid!
  36. just wanted to share a past event
  37. How Often Do You(On Average) Get Mer-Gigs?
  38. Copyright Issues
  39. Getting An Act Together/What Do You Do At Mer-Gigs?
  40. what makes a mermaid?
  41. Mermaids in the US - New Work Opportunity
  42. Mermaid Parties in Colorado Springs, CO!!!
  43. Professional Mermaiding as a Solo act or Group?
  44. Odette at the water festival (photos and video)
  45. Slightly personal question, don't answer if you don't wanna BUT...
  46. Having Cold Fins About Appearing At An Event...
  47. How much does body matter?
  48. Hey guys!
  49. Professional Mermaid
  50. A tool for Pro Mermaids!
  51. Advertising
  52. Snappy Comebacks!
  53. How did professional mermaiding get started?
  54. Public Liability Insurence
  55. Booking Dr Sketchy mermaid gigs (pic and info heavy)
  56. Scaredy Catfish!
  57. Aquariums....
  58. Mermaids in and around NYC for an event!
  59. Raina's VLOGS for 2012 Summer
  61. tagging
  62. Trying to get a sponsor [extra life story included]
  63. Swimming for a purpose
  64. a bad event
  65. What do you do?
  66. Payment Methods?
  67. Dangers while mermaiding (article for Tail Flip)
  68. Can Anyone Clear This Up For Me?
  69. First Offical Gig
  70. New to being a mermaid performer. Any advice from the pros? :D
  71. Mermaid "meet and greet"
  72. Mermaidens on ABC Radio
  73. Booked a Wedding Gig!!
  74. Making a website?
  75. MERMAID ODETTE:major updates PHOTOS
  77. Preparing for a mermaid event + waterproof makeup FAQ Video
  78. Becoming a professional mermaid
  79. When a reporter is in a hurry...
  80. What you would like to achive/accomplish as a professional mermaid
  81. Working with Kids
  82. Pirate Festival
  83. Birthday Parties- photo spotlight (ideas for you)
  84. Gaaaah I feel like I am drowning
  85. Multicultural Festival
  86. Public speaking
  87. Art Gallery Openings
  88. Professional Mermaid Gigs (index & ideas from Raina)
  89. rediculous youtube "fans" and constant emails
  90. Aerialist mermaid/merman
  91. creating a website for FREE
  92. What I must do to become a real professional mermaid?
  93. Ask me anything about being a pro
  94. my logos
  96. Parties at Public Pools?
  97. #respect professional mermaids
  98. Photography & Professional Mermaiding
  99. Comparing yourself to "Pro" Mers
  100. meremily first mermaid gig!
  101. I need photos and videos of professional mermaids for MermaidTales.net
  102. How Clients find you
  103. Story
  104. Favorite mer-sayings/merpuns, just for the Halibut
  105. Social Networking and Other Websites for your Mer-persona
  106. Start Sharing your Google+ accounts Mermaids!!!
  107. Mertenders!
  108. Mermaid Minister and first gig!
  109. Leeches
  110. swimming with the fishes
  111. DR SKETCHY WANTS YOU (if you're in SanFran)
  112. How to become a professional mermaid?
  113. The Official "How to Become a Professional Mermaid" Index
  114. Trade Shows
  115. Not sure what to do.
  116. I love my logo But.....
  117. Mermaids with Tattoos, or off status quo mermaid looking getting bookings
  118. Help a rennisance fair get a mermaid section
  119. The mermaid sense of "entitlement"
  120. Auditioning to become one of Mermaid Kariel's Merbabes tomorrow!
  121. Ocean Education at my local resort?
  122. Funny Moments with Kids...
  123. Mermaid sponsors/incentives?
  124. Clingy Kids, How do I deal with them?
  125. Mermaidy Children's Book Suggestions?
  126. Just booked at a party in WV, need some help!!!!
  127. Ripley's MB Mermaid
  128. New Logo
  131. In the Works, but GREAT PRO MER IDEA
  132. how to do a sponsorship
  133. Dealing with Rejection
  134. What exactly is a "corporate event"?
  135. First Interview
  136. Fishy Business: How to be a Mermaid
  137. Starting Out Without A Mertender or Assistant
  138. Mermaid Mae (new Cali mer)
  139. My first public event!!!!
  140. kids parties fun stuff to bring?:)
  141. Fun Business Cards!
  142. FAQ Ideas
  143. performer's insurance
  144. Florida mers! What do you charge?
  145. Ripley's 2013 Mermaid Auditions
  146. Doth the tail maketh the mer?
  147. Facebook!
  148. gushing a little bit...
  149. Raina Mermaid and the Halifax Aquarium
  150. How to Manage Cyber Stalking/Harassment
  151. Keep your fins crossed for me!
  152. Mer dreams come true
  153. Managing FB Fan Pages
  154. vote for me! help me out :)
  155. Super fun songs to sing??
  156. Adult Birthday Parties
  157. What do I charge?
  158. I have some questions for Pro Mermaids out there?
  159. You just need to START
  160. I just signed up for a history fest!!
  161. ALWAYS read the fine print!
  162. Princess Tea Party Charity Event
  163. Contacting Pro-mers and tail makers
  164. My Logo Draft One :)
  165. Some points about fundraising for mermaid tails.
  166. Phoenix comicon 2013
  167. Where did she get this tank!?!?!
  168. Dealing with Difficult clients-share
  169. Mermaid rides
  170. Youngest Age for Kids Party?
  171. Paperwork
  172. What to say on business cards?
  173. Party Lead for a mermaid in Japan
  174. Getting to know your facebook fan page A GUIDE
  175. "Mermaid Insurance?" Or what would be the closest thing to it?
  176. Pregnant & Mermaiding-- Can You?
  177. Breath Holding?
  178. How do I start, what do I charge?
  179. Deeper look at Weeki
  180. Business help for new pro mer?
  181. Mermaiding at the TRAIN Concert! (pics!)
  182. Mermaid at a Wedding
  183. Why Buying FB likes makes your company look Stupid
  184. First Gig :)
  185. Do you want to be a mermaid in Vegas?
  186. Mermaid Needed for this weekend! Honolulu, Hi
  187. Phone number on Business card?
  188. Suggestions needed!
  189. Raina's Second Book
  190. The biggest OMG moment of ANY gig I've ever had!
  191. Certified diver and CPR...ist?...?!!!
  192. traveling for gigs: the touring mermaid
  193. My Children with a Mermaid Experience Thread
  194. Photo Shoot with Chris Crumley
  195. Ask me Anything about going Pro!
  196. Mermaids, DO YOUR ACCOUNTING
  197. So.... A name?
  198. Annette Kellerman: The First Professional Mermaid
  199. Newport Beach CA - trade gig on Halloween night
  200. Validating Moments
  201. Swimming Tank?
  202. Funny Questions Clients ask....
  203. What makes you Pro ? ? (not what you think)
  204. Career Info Site...
  205. Funny problems (and real) faced by pro mers.
  206. Ripley's Aquarium opened in TOronto, and they hired a mermaid!
  207. 11 things I wished I knew when I started my business
  208. Do we need a business license/insurance?
  209. Music: all things related to music used for performance.
  210. What to do...
  211. Stage shows
  212. Idea for festivals?
  213. Read Fishy Business? Now go pick up The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur!
  214. Applying to Ren Faires?
  215. Charter Boats?
  216. Remember, we all gotta start somewhere!
  217. Mermaid Name Vote?
  218. Another article about FB worth a read
  219. Mermaid party bags ideas needed
  220. Which underwater camera is right for me?
  221. Health Risks When Mermaiding in POOLS
  222. Funny reasons NOT to put your phone on ads
  223. Professional Mermaids and Tailmakers Group on LinkedIn
  224. Raina's Guide to Getting new Likes on Facebook
  225. Typical age groups for private mermaid parties
  226. A chance encounter
  227. Mermaid Evolution (Pics)
  228. Tattoos and merforming?
  229. Canceling a Gig
  230. Booked for first gig!
  231. Kids Birthday Parties
  232. How do you start getting hired out for parties, etc.?
  233. Raina meets a special olympian
  234. What to Pack for a Mer-gig
  235. uggh fb pages changed AGAIN
  236. Mermaid Games
  237. Jacksonville's Black Raven mermaid
  238. Online Workshop: The Fishy Business of Being a Mermaid
  239. You've met Ariel now meet Raina
  240. Mermaid Directory
  241. Ideas for fundraiser incentives!?
  242. FYI Contests and Giveaways Are Allowed on FB
  243. Little Girls Bday Party - Bakersfield, California July 12
  244. Please Watch This Video About Dreams I was In
  245. tank owners!!
  246. Using Analytics to Help Your Web-Business
  247. So YOU want to be a MERMAID. New vlog series by Raina
  248. *New* Online workshop: Working with Children
  249. Public Appearance
  250. Sample contracts?