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  1. Modeling
  2. my performing basics
  3. Tell us what your preformances are like? Or what you do during appearances?
  4. Hannah Fraser reading a mermaid piece by yours truly
  5. where to perform?
  6. Rooms full of kids!!
  7. Help! Need a Ren Faire Proposal
  8. How to be a Mermaid Classes & Camps
  9. Workouts for Performance and Modeling
  10. Yellow Bubbles Presents Underwater Wonderland
  11. Underwater Action = an underwater modelling show
  12. Cameras?
  13. Weeki Wachi Mermaids
  14. Singing Mer
  15. Model Mayhem?
  16. Any Mermaids or Mermen in New York City?
  17. Mermaid Pay
  18. Who out there does their Mer-Photography deeper than the usual 25 ft?
  19. I want to model YOUR products!
  20. Performing for kids
  21. Modelling for drawings
  22. How to start out modeling?
  23. please vote for me!
  24. Fundraising for a dream
  25. How to tell how you're moving?
  26. Los Angeles, California's Professional Mermaid Crew, Sheroes Entertainment, new site!
  27. Sparkly mermaid boobs
  28. Hannah Fraser Inspired Photoshoot
  29. Just booked a Chanel job!
  30. That doesnt make you a model.
  31. Gigs and Tank swimming
  32. I need help with something..
  33. Getting into Modeling? Where do I start?
  34. Non-Mermaid Aquatic Being Performance...
  35. Mermaid Modelling Tips (image heavy)
  36. Nose bubbles and how to control them? Garrr...
  37. Your Favorite Model..
  38. Seaweed HELP!!!
  39. Got booked with CHANEL again!
  40. Dark Tide Productions!
  41. Adopt a child mermaid gig
  42. My first modeling experience! :D
  43. CASTING CALL - Sheroes Entertainment & Brenda Stumpf Photography
  44. Pirate ship cruise
  45. Annual library gig...80+ children ahhhhhh!!!!!
  46. Brr! How to Deal with Cold Outdoor Gigs?
  47. Looking for Enchanting Mers and Pirate Partners for Summer Events!
  48. Trouble with getting gigs!
  49. Inspiring story- girl in wheelchair models as a mermaid
  50. Just Getting Started!
  51. MERMAID DREAMS Custom Mermaid Movies
  52. Finland's two mermaids in the local tv-show!
  53. What do you do with your pictures once you have them?
  54. Help getting gigs?
  55. Any other places similar to weeki wachee?
  56. HELP Rates for a wedding
  57. performances in groups?
  58. Performing/modeling as ex-cutter, need advice
  59. Mermaid workshops?
  60. Things to do in a tank
  61. Short mermaid hairstyles?
  62. Shark Con 2015
  63. Air Hoses for long performances - where can I buy them?
  64. Mersona names?
  65. mersona name?
  66. Miss Diving Specials - Please VOTE !
  67. The 2Tails Model!
  68. Officially a model!!
  69. Swim and make a movie with Hollywood actress!
  70. Dance Routines?
  71. Character Design for Mermaid Performing
  72. Miss Mermaid International 2016
  73. CASTING MORE MERMAIDS for Miss Mermaid International 2016 in Egypt NEXT WEEK!
  74. Live Photo Shoot
  75. Mermaid Hair Ideas?
  76. Mermaid shows
  77. Model Needed - Dallas, TX
  78. 13 years old, want to know what I can do to start out!
  79. Looking for models for a mermaid tarot deck
  80. Rates for photos?
  81. I made my first mermaid performer page!
  82. Games and things to do when for birthday parties when you're confined to a tail?
  83. Do you have freediving experience?
  84. Raising money for a tail!
  85. Help me!!!!
  86. Underwater Modelling Tips
  87. Scams?
  88. Face glitter
  89. Weeki Wachee Documentary
  90. Photographer wants to Work with Me
  91. What to Expect?
  92. Synchronized training session - Mermaid Liara and The Black Tail Mermaid
  93. First Time Modeling Underwater - What tips do you have for me?
  94. Know any merman-appropriate games and tricks?
  95. Tips for my modeling session?
  96. Help me please
  97. Mersonas
  98. Modelling tips for on land and underwater
  99. Performance art
  100. Interview with Professional Underwater Model Kristy Jessica
  101. Mostbet: ideální volba pro sázení na výhru!