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  1. Weren't the sequels to TLM terrible?
  2. More on Lady Gaga Mermaid
  3. Mermaid Movie trailers
  4. Mermaid TV Show Trailers and Clips
  5. Mermaid Commercials
  7. Five Simple Rules for Mermaid Movies
  9. Mr Peabody and the Mermaid
  10. Empires of the Deep
  11. THoughts on the "Miranda" tail
  12. Magic Island (1995)
  13. Big Lots Merman Commercial
  14. Live Action Little Mermaid Movie?
  15. Second Mermaid Movie Question: Empires of the Deep
  16. Vintage Mermaid Movies to Air on Turn Classic Movies September 2
  17. "Dolphin Tail"
  18. Dolphin Tale Movie
  19. She Creature
  20. The "You & I" mermaid tail
  21. The Fishtails tail maker
  22. ANIMAL PLANET mermaid program
  23. Mermaids in other TV shows..
  24. Merman "Splash" movie?
  25. Have we talked about "Ondine" ?
  26. Little Mermaid returning to theaters in 3D
  27. H2O: Just Add Water has a spin-off
  28. even victoria's secret fashion show is on mermaid theme!!
  29. Sabrina Down Under
  30. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Oct 31 2011
  31. Once Upon a Time...
  32. Wow, Patrick Duffy can swim like a boss
  33. Lighthouse Island
  34. Slim (or no) chance of Lori Lemaris in upcoming superman movie?
  35. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
  36. The Underwater Realm
  37. Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" Music Video with Weeki Wachee Mermaids!
  38. Aquaman Trailer and Siren
  39. I'm sure you've seen the mermaid in this clip... but if not...
  40. Where can I watch Season 1 and Season 2 od H2O.....?
  41. Just caught this interesting mermaid concept on TV
  42. Swimmable makeup challenge on Face Off
  43. What's the ideal modern mermaid movie?
  44. mermaid in once upon a time on ctv
  45. have to see mer shows
  46. Nicole Cattell mermaid documentary?
  47. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2
  48. American is really falling behind in the mermaid race.
  49. did anyone watch this the day it debuted?
  50. the animal planet mermaid mocumentary is airing!
  51. Xena and Hercules
  52. Dad said "Oh, I saw that mermaid from the doco on tv this morning."
  53. Mermaids in Starwars
  54. Anyone remember Benji?
  55. New Episode on the Glades
  56. Light mermaid on AGT
  57. Blue Lagoon "remake"
  58. Mermaid Movies
  59. Rusalochka or Русалочка from 1976
  60. A Turtles Tale: Sammy's Adventures
  61. Splash tail vs. Splash Too!
  62. I just saw "The Abyss" [Caution, Spoilers]
  63. Splash Too
  64. new documentary: mission of mermaids
  65. Merfolk of Color
  66. Phelps is a merman XD
  67. Mako Mermaids, Secrets of Mako Island, H2O Spin Off......?
  68. First pic of the merman character from Secret of Mako Island (H2O spin-off)
  69. Celebs That Should Have a Tail
  70. My 2 Seconds of fame... literally
  71. Mermaid Music Videos!
  72. Splash Woman of Mega Man
  73. Harry Potter Mers
  74. Rebel Wilson becomes a mermaid
  75. Mermaids before disney!
  76. Was I the only one who couldn't even finish "Fishtales?"
  77. Are there any mermaid/merman movies in 2013
  78. Empires of the Deep
  79. once upon a time
  80. Harlem Shake: Halifax mermaid edition, This hour has 22 Minutes
  81. Little Mermaid news
  82. H2O Complete Series on sale :)
  83. Merman on my crazy obsession!
  84. This was on WTF Japan <3 It's entertaining -mermaid video
  85. Miranda 1948
  86. Splash remake?
  87. Pre-Splash movies
  88. I just had to share this!
  89. H2O and Netflix.
  90. Mermaid: Body Found (extended) and Mermaids: New Evidence
  91. My Thoughts on Mermaids: A Body Found & Mermaid: The New Evidence
  92. mermaid short film nobody have ever saw here.....
  93. Mission of Mermaids: A Love Letter to the Ocean
  94. The Making of Splash
  95. Foxmoon Tails at Much Music Video Awards
  96. Super funny mermaid cartoon!
  97. Mako Mermaids on netflix
  98. The earliest movie mermaids
  99. Ariel sneak peak for Once Upon a Time
  100. Movies with Mermaids in them.
  101. Squid Girl on Netflix
  102. Splash is Now available on iTunes!
  103. My Fair Wedding - Mermaid Bride
  104. The Little Mermaid Disney Series on Monday
  105. Foxtrot Mocks Mermaid: A Body Found
  106. new mermaid ad from canada
  107. Psycho Princess: The LIttle Mermaid
  108. Mako Mermaids/Island of Secrets News
  109. Fabric Tails in The Voice Season 5 Ad
  110. The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live
  111. I know most of you have most likely heard of the disney photoshoot....
  112. Sept. 29/Once Upon a Time/Ariel
  113. Little Mermaid book
  114. The Mermaid by W.B. Yeats
  115. Watch Mermaid Forest Online
  116. The Live Action Reference for the Little Mermaid
  117. This Boy Caught A Merman: Mer Yaoi Anime
  118. Blackfish casuses Disney to change ending of Finding Dory
  119. Dyesebel Filipino mermaid t.v. series (english sub)
  120. behind the scenes concept art for once upon a time mermaids in episode 1
  121. mer on wipeout?!
  122. H2O Actors Everywhere!
  123. Merpeople Film with Hannah Fraser
  124. SNL mermen
  125. Beach blanket bing
  126. Eye & Mermaid, movie from Saudia Arabia
  127. How to Make Moon Ring
  128. Mermaid Books
  129. Mamiwata upcoming horror movie - the mythical mermaid
  130. Independent mermaid burlesque film to premiere in February
  131. What about a remake of Mr. Peabpdy and the Mermaid?
  132. Saban's Adventures of the little Mermaid
  133. Bubble Guppies
  134. any good mermaid animes out there?
  135. Disney's New Mermaid Series?
  136. German film version of "The Little Mermaid"
  137. Ariel's Creative mermaid Art tread!
  138. Mermaids: The Body Found/The new evidence
  139. Nymph - Mermaid Horror Movie!
  140. Shirley Temple's The Little Mermaid (1961)
  141. Barbie Mermaid movies! (Latest 2014: Barbie in the Pearl Princess)
  142. Live Action Little Mermaid?
  143. About a Boy, episode had a mermaid!
  144. Dyesebel
  145. New Orange Caramel music video- mermaids!
  146. This love heart with rays
  147. New Live Action Little Mermaid Movie in the works
  148. Vertigo Comic "The Wake"
  149. Once Upon a Time-Ariel
  150. SNL The Little Mermaid sketch
  151. Lady Gaga's dark mermaid costume
  152. "Trashy" mermaid in Austin Texas
  153. Where do you think H2O's tails are gone?
  154. Mermaid Got Married
  155. Mermaid in new movie The Moon and The Sun
  156. Youtube LOL
  157. Moo's Mermaids finally here
  158. Mermaid in Black Box?
  159. Shark Week commercial with a mermaid
  160. Documentary from Nigeria, Mami Wata the mermaid goddess
  161. Any Good Mer-Books?
  162. Jane the Virgin
  163. The Idle Mermaid (Korean)
  164. Mako Merman Tail?
  165. Shark After Dark
  166. This Boy Caught a Merman
  167. In another music video
  168. Killer Mermaid
  169. Filipina mermaid
  170. The Little Mermaid (A Short Horror Film)
  171. Why Ariel?
  172. Did anyone ever see this episode on Discovery Forbidden...?
  173. Herbal Essences Commercial
  174. Guess who is on Studio 360.org?
  175. Merman anime?
  176. Mermaid penguins!
  177. I know it's not QUITE mermaids but beautifully animated Selkie movie...
  178. Beautiful mermaid in a commercial!!
  179. Mickey Mouse Appears in The Little Mermaid?!
  180. Anyone See a 80s/90s Oil of Olay Commercial with Mermaid
  181. So Now What?
  182. TV Shows that had mermaids
  183. Nymph/ Killer mermaid
  184. First photo of Aquaman for the Justice League movie
  185. Fish Tales: same tail maker as H2O?
  186. The water phoenix
  187. Pushing Daisies Mermaid performers
  188. Realistic silicone tail needed for one day movie shoot - NYC
  189. New mermaid movie coming out!
  190. "The Comedians" new series has guy in the splash tail and wig
  191. not a mermaid, but how about hippocampi?
  192. Mermaid anime!!!
  193. so, about H2O...
  194. Portlandia Pair To Make Feature Debut Adapting ‘Mermaids In Paradise’
  195. H2O: Mermaid Adventures. The animated show
  196. My school taught and certified Sara Haines , the anchor of Good Morning America.
  197. Hey Jessie episode "Rossed at Sea: Part 1"
  198. Monster Hugh: Great Scarrier Reef
  199. I Am Jazz
  201. PotC Mermaid Sculpting video
  202. Somewhat Comprehensive Guide To Mermaid Media
  203. Mermaids in 'Pan'
  204. Looking for an old commercial where a women is revealed to a mermaid the whole time.
  205. Villain finds out mermaid's secret!
  206. H2O/Mako Moonpools are wrong
  207. Thalia mermaid tail???
  208. Thai TV mermaid series
  209. The moon and the sun Mermaid movie trailer.
  210. How is there not a thread about Chloë Grace Moretz being cast in The Little Mermaid?
  211. Surplus Princess: Mermaid Korean drama
  212. Mermaid on Supernatural
  213. Round the twist nails
  214. Stephen Chow The Mermaid Teaser Trailer
  215. Little Mermaid Movies Review
  216. The Monkees - Porpoise Song
  217. Scarlet Johanson in a tail in the trailer for Hail Caesar
  218. The Mermaid Stephen Chow 2016
  219. Need to find viral video.
  220. New scary mermaid movie: The Lure
  221. The Swim school on TV
  222. Commercial using real mermaids pictures without permission.
  223. Bollywood does Splash?
  224. Any Mermaid film buffs here?
  225. Great page for newest mermaid media
  226. Kerli-Feral Hearts
  227. MerMania on @midnight (and no, it's not good)
  228. Mertailor tails in "Nice Guys" trailer
  229. Birdy sings Wild Horses in a Mermaid Tail Video
  230. Amber Heard will be Mera in Justice League
  231. Mala Morska Víla - czech movie 1976, english subs
  232. SNL Mermaids
  233. Bride of Frankenstein
  234. The 3 Tails
  235. my parents are aliens
  236. Sirenalia tails in a commercial :)
  237. Disney considering live-action Little Mermaid
  238. Mako Mermaids Plot Discussion (SPOILERS ALL)
  239. Mermaid in Dead or Alive
  240. Mermaids (2003 movie)
  241. Mers in Game of Thrones
  242. Just so you know, Lego Batman owns a merman tail
  243. Merfolk as animals
  244. Sassy mermaid goals I read in a book
  245. In Defense Of Ariel
  246. Helping mer-fans with their Netflix lists ;)
  247. Skin Wars Mermaider
  248. Rick Mercer Report becomes a merman
  249. NEW Mermaid Play in NYC
  250. The Little Mermaid 1975