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  1. Exercises and Preparation
  2. Getting over panic issues
  3. How did you learn to swim?
  4. How long can you stay under?
  5. What is proper?
  6. dealing with ears
  7. Tried freediving for the first time
  8. Unusual jetpack enables pilots to swim and leap like a dolphin
  9. Underwater Hockey
  10. clearing your ears
  11. Freediving lesson in So Cal
  12. Underwater Bubble Room
  13. An Awesome Video
  14. Monofin Jump!
  15. Can you handle the pressure?!
  16. Open ocean free diving shoot, advice?
  17. Experimental Tables for Freediving
  18. Subwing - Such a cool way to dive!
  20. Interesting Freediving music video
  21. Ever gone snorkeling in your tail? Like with a cruise ship excursion?
  22. Comprehensive Step by Step on equalizing
  23. Very cool freediving video
  24. free diving special!
  25. Design differences between Scuba & Freediving Wetsuits
  26. My Senior Project Video -Freediving/SCUBA
  27. Advice: eyelashes
  28. Snorkelling with the belugas!
  29. Underwater Bubble Room
  30. How to avoid being run-over?
  31. Wetsuit Care?
  32. Article: naked female scientist tries to tame belugas in the freezing Arctic
  33. Drowning situations, and mer's with lifesaving ideas...
  34. new shark repellent wetsuits from Australia
  35. Anyone ever used Doc's Proplugs?
  36. Neoprene Suits: glue or sew?
  37. Hey!
  38. Great videos for practicing breath holds
  39. AIDA 2* free divin course !!
  40. The Cutest Christmas Freediving video w/ Sea lions
  41. Finswimming, vs freediving, vs hydrotouring, vs apnea
  42. Dolphinkick and (semi)drysuits?
  43. Hanli Prinsloo talks about following our inner seal
  44. Gills for humans! Mask allows for breathing underwater
  45. Why the heck are all wetsuits black?!
  46. Gonzo freediver- Now *that's* how you repel sharks!
  47. HUGE monofin delay!
  48. Phuket Freedivers
  49. Audrey Mestre Documentary
  50. Freediving Competition
  51. Freediving Training Log
  52. Jellyfish gets British PM
  53. Goggle/mask squeeze and options to deal with it (possibly NSFW)
  54. Freediving TED Talk
  55. Breathe ups. Breathing exercises for freediving
  56. Bajau Fishermen - hunters of the ocean floor!
  57. Dive Belt Recommendations?
  58. Underwater wingsuit
  59. Freediving bifins?
  60. The man with the 22 minute breath hold
  61. Lifeguarding and walking backwards
  62. How to reduce ear pain when swimming far down?
  63. Mermaid freediving in blue hole?
  64. Chimp and orangutan swimming and diving
  65. Snorkel for upside down swimming
  66. Official AIDA Educational Videos
  67. What kind of goggles are these?
  68. A Great Freediving Competition Video from My Soon to Be Home - Addresses Safety
  69. New shark repellant device
  70. Natalia Molchanowa missing!
  71. Whale Fantasia
  72. Freediving and Asthma
  73. Freediving Apps!
  74. Favorite Places in South America to mermaid?
  75. Man dies from (suspected) breath holding
  76. PADI Freediving
  77. Questions!
  78. Tips for popping ears?
  79. Pain in my head and neck while diving?
  80. New mask: H2O Ninja
  81. Freediving for Merfolk
  82. New invention oxygenates people's blood without breathing
  83. Chickening Out on Freedive Training
  84. What Is A Good Way To Start?
  85. A Great Video on Equalizing Ears
  86. "Controversial" article on apnea
  87. Freediving courses in Austin, Texas?
  88. So Many Questions
  89. Taking Padi Freedive 2
  90. Video Illustrating Blackout Rescue
  91. Swimming with Manatees
  92. Sexism in sport
  93. Diveskin lets you look like a whale shark
  94. Lobster neck weight
  95. Training for Advanced Certification in July!
  96. Snorkeling is Fun!
  97. Cressi footpocket sizes: Quite large for the stated size
  98. Motorised monofin
  99. Free-diving Courses in MN?
  100. Mermaid Linden Monofin Review
  101. Mertailor kicks Review and Pics