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  1. Braggin: I'm on a boat
  2. Humpback whale saved from fishing nets says THANK YOU! On Video!
  3. Dolphin hunts with electric sense
  5. Transparent eel larva
  6. Sea World Questions
  7. As the whales return, the world is waking up to its bloodied past
  8. Whalewatchers attack starvation claim
  9. important coral.
  10. Call Of The Killer Whale- Keiko's Story
  11. Prehistoric Marine Life
  12. The Vancouver Aquarium's Baby Beluga Tiqa Passes Away
  13. Angry Fish Inhabit Most Home Aquariums
  14. Luna, a wild orca boy, tries to communicate with humans by imitating their boat motor
  15. Dancing squid bowl dish in Hakodate
  16. Shark Fin Soup Off The Menu At China Luxury Hotels
  17. The Griffin.....Found?
  18. Sturgeon Spawn 2012
  19. Regional Ecosystems
  20. Albino like (blonde) Penguin found in Antartica
  21. Ecologists Among The First To Record And Study Deep-Sea Fish Noises
  22. What do you think of the U.S Navy Marine Mammal Program?
  23. Fish Are Smarter Than Most People Think
  24. If Mermaids Were Real
  25. The Fish Identification Thread
  26. HOLY F***ING S**T, James Cameron just went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench
  27. Cool Aquariums - Underwater Gardening
  28. The smallest of the big blue
  29. oohhh I has a sad @.@
  30. White Orca Whale
  31. dead de-shelled tutles found in malaysia
  32. Fall From Freedom - Interesting Documentary
  33. there's only 55 maui dolphins left!
  34. California dolphin bullied by other dolphins
  35. A question to all fish keepers from a newbie
  36. Hunt For the Giant Squid
  37. crazy big school of devil rays
  38. scyphomedusa deepstaria
  39. Betta Fish Help
  40. List of Aquaria around the World
  41. List of Aquaria in the US
  42. List of Aquaria in Australia
  43. A fish a day
  44. strange lobsters
  45. Funeral for a beached whale
  46. Help with my fish
  47. octopus hitches a ride on a dolphin
  48. Baby Beluga Rescued in Alaska
  49. whale blows out rainbows lol
  50. Sea Semester: An Adventure Across an Ocean
  51. Aquarius Reef Base
  52. Lion's Mane Jellyfish
  53. a clam eats chips
  54. 20,000 Leatherback Sea Turtle Eggs Have Been Crushed by Bulldozers
  55. Following a great white shark
  56. BIOLUMINESCENCE in nature!
  57. Aquarius, the only under-sea laboratory habitat closing
  58. Walrus dances to MJ
  59. Awesome Giant school & flying rays
  60. dog swims with wild dolphins
  61. guy drags camera behind boat...
  62. sand under a microscope
  63. REALLY close encounter with a humpback whale
  64. Pink River Dolphins
  65. Underwater motion analysis of dolphin swimming
  66. Another pilot stranding
  67. Marine conservancy...
  68. ribbon eel
  69. dog loves fish
  70. Evolution
  71. Shark saves a fisherman
  72. Burying a Sperm Whale
  73. Betta Fish Lovers Unite!
  74. Show me your fish tanks!!
  75. Im doing it for the animals...
  76. And the beluga said
  77. New creature: the Harp Sponge
  78. Bioluminescent fish
  79. A Rare Baleen Whale Omura's Whale sighted
  80. Ocean based serial murders.... of DOLPHINS!!!!
  81. Octopus Steals Camera While It's Recording!
  82. So you want to be a marine biologist?
  83. Facts about the ocean
  84. This is hilarious
  85. A Look Inside Waikiki Aquarium
  86. Ultra-sensitive sharks...
  87. 5 Minute aquarium meditation.
  88. Museum Exhibit: Fish Inside Out
  89. Dolphin in Whale Pod
  90. Dolphin Rafts to help sick companion
  91. Proof sperm whales eat giant squid
  92. Fish names!
  93. Mixed feelings about marine parks.
  94. Shark-eating seal?
  95. Fintastic Friday! (New educational shark program)
  96. In this day & age....
  97. Chomp! Speaking of captive killer whales.
  98. Woman swims with great white sharks
  99. What a mermaid see's... Video
  100. Prehistoric Helicoprion Shark
  101. Dolphins have fun with whales, Hawaii
  102. Adorable Baby Sea Lion Learns To Swim
  103. The Mantis Shrimp- a comic by the Oatmeal
  104. The Fish who wants to be in all your photos....
  105. Reef Live- World Oceans Day broadcast
  106. Rare Pacific Right Whale Spotted Off BC Coast...
  107. Blackfish Trailer
  108. Odd Looking Orca May Be a Distinct Species
  109. Shark fin ban in California begins today.
  110. Invasive lionfish are eating so many native species... they're obese.
  111. Orca nukes a common dolphin
  112. Depths of Lakes and Oceans
  113. Jailbreak! Dolphin Makes Early Break for Freedom From Korean Rehab Facility
  114. Wow. Orcas care for disabled pod members
  115. Swimming Pig Island
  116. Sea World's clumsy attack on "Blackfish"
  117. India bans SeaWorld-style dolphin shows!
  118. My Favorite Octopus Video!
  119. Dolphins respond when researchers playback their self-assigned dolphin names
  120. Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets
  121. Dawn Helps Wildlife...?
  122. 43 Years Ago Today
  123. A Different Sort of Mermaid
  124. Mexico to Save the World's Rarest Marine Mammal
  125. Fisherman and boy give food to wild stingray
  126. Betta Filter
  127. Found in Canary largest shark teeth that have inhabited the oceans. "Megalodón"
  128. Hair-raising squid videos
  129. Cephalopod Awareness Days!
  130. This is freakish: swim with dolphins, then eat them
  131. 18ft long oarfish found by snorkelers at Catalina Island
  132. This sport!! I have to try this!!!
  133. Save a manatee!
  134. Happy moment- baby dolphin says thanks
  135. Monterey Bay Container Study
  136. Sea Turtle Finds Lost Camera, Films Itself Swimming
  137. Four new species found off Scottish coast
  138. Conjoined gray whale calves
  139. The lives of dolphins
  140. The Blue: Pod of Dolphins Caught on GoPro While Tuna Fishing
  141. New River Dolphin Discovered.
  142. New Parastiic Male Angler Fish Found
  143. Hand Feeding & Playing With A Friendly Platypus
  144. I feel this belongs here
  145. Howard Stern comes out against whale captivity
  146. Blue Marlin Goes Postal on BP Pipeline, Shuts Down Oil Production
  147. Some Sea Snakes Can Go Seven Months Without Drinking Water
  148. Mysterious wasting disease causing mass die-off in sea stars
  149. Could we speak the language of dolphins?
  150. Rare video of live oarfish swimming in shallow water!
  151. Sea World attendance falling
  152. Wooden Ship Graveyard
  153. Oldest Known Orca Spotted, 103 years old!
  154. Mary Anning, Paleontologist Superstar in a Bonnet
  155. Octonauts
  156. The philosophy of India's ban on dolphin captivity
  157. Nautilus Live
  158. Egg or live birth?
  159. I'm Blue - A song about the colors of sealife
  160. Freshwater jellyfish
  161. Marine Majors (College)
  162. Jack O'Neill on the healing power of the ocean
  163. Explore:OCEANS at Frying Pan Tower
  164. World's deepest fish found!
  165. Fabien Cousteau, built a SHARK submarine!
  166. does colder water equal darker colors and warmer water equal brighter flashier color?
  167. Nautilus and
  168. Farmed Caviar
  169. Japan is at it again
  170. Apparently there are warm-blooded fish
  171. Nautilus Live diving on a brine pool!
  172. Robotic dolphin
  173. Lots of sharks at Frying Pan Tower!
  174. What is your favorite fish?
  175. What is the name of your past/current aquatic pet?
  176. NOAA Okeanos Explorer ROV at Hawaii
  177. Cool Sharks
  178. Right Whales One The Move?
  179. Aquariums
  180. New things discovered freediving with whales
  181. Happy World Octopus Day!
  182. Virtual Sea Life - Games, Apps, Screensavers, and More! Share and Discuss!
  183. Raina swims with tiger sharks at Florida Aquarium
  184. More captive whale health problems
  185. Gardening Underwater in Italy
  186. Sharkcano
  187. NOAA is diving with their ROV!
  188. Animal communicator on great white sharks
  189. Marine Biology Majors?
  190. Gifs of Chimo the White Orca
  191. Sharkskin increases drag
  192. Sleeping in a shark tank!
  193. Sea worlds final generation of captive whales!
  194. Scientists confirm whales exist in clans with distinct cultures
  195. Manatee Love
  196. Octopus makes a break to freedom
  197. New here!
  198. Shark Practiced Asexual Reproduction
  199. SeaWorld continues downward spiral
  200. A Diver and his Fishy BFF
  201. Jacques Week returns! July 23 through July 28, 2017
  202. Different types of orcas
  203. Glyphis genus
  204. Perm whales sleep with their noses pointing up
  205. Australian crustaceans that eat your skin
  206. Dolphins and Whales Have Sophisticated Human-Like Societies
  207. An Ocean of Story Maps
  208. Arm chair activism in mer world
  209. Penguins Film Themselves
  210. How fish swim
  211. Undersea Explorations online with Okeanos, Falkor, and Nautilus.
  212. Thomas Cook Agency Stops Selling trips to SeaWorld & Loro Parque Over Orca Captivity
  213. Strange hypothesis of human evolution: Aquatic ape
  214. Scientists decode genetic secrets of the Great White shark
  215. Researchers witness Humpback Whale save seals life from Orca attack. But why?
  216. Sharks MOOC!
  217. Question about high salinity brine released to sea!
  218. Fish with human teeth!
  219. Which one you rather?? Crocodile or Shark?
  220. Did anyone else want to be a marine biologist?
  221. Blacknose Shark (Carcharhinus acronotus)
  222. Silvertip Shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus)
  223. Bignose Shark (Carcharhinus altimus)
  224. Grey Reef Shark (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos)
  225. Any Other Marine Biology Majors?