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  1. Bored Soap Making
  2. Mermaid pendant
  3. Mermaid MMORPGs
  4. Vietnamese Mermaids?
  5. Mermaid Quizzes - They say I am not a mer, but maybe you are!
  6. Commission Art
  7. Questions about my first Eco-tail
  8. Any Viking mers?
  9. Any larping mers?
  10. How would living underwater affect aging?
  11. Just asking for opinions! What about a ruffle?
  12. RPG Mers and Mers who want to make lifestyle changes
  13. idaho merfolk event?
  14. Mermaids swimming into Libraries
  15. Cosplay Help! :))
  16. Mer projects pushed to low priority
  17. She'll sealer
  18. The most far away place??
  19. The Harvest Moon Menagerie's Field Guide and Manual to Mermaids
  20. Needle felted mermaid
  21. Big News!
  22. Spindrift
  23. Mermaid spells, potions and other ridiculousness by young girls
  24. Need help with my logo!
  25. Mermaid swimming a way of reducing stress?
  26. my silicone earplugs disintegrated today
  27. Mermaid Nightmares, Aaahhhhhh!!!
  28. Merman Blix Q&A video!!
  29. Covering A Hard Guitar Case in Sequins?
  30. struggling with my mer identity
  31. Mermaid Trinkets
  32. Mermaid Tail Submitted At a Art Gallery
  33. Mermaid Webcomic
  34. Birthstone Mermaids
  35. List Of Mermaid and Merman Names
  36. Short funny comic
  37. Crafting and Creating to Earn Mermaid Tail Money.
  38. Excitement about making a mermaid tail!
  39. Mermaid names
  40. A funny thing that happened today..
  41. fabulous crochet scale arm gauntlets
  42. Waiting for the postal service?
  43. Welcome to Pacifica!: Merfolk Biology and Society in the "Nerissa Sanderson" FP Serie
  44. Saving for a tail and this happened....
  45. Lucky find
  46. We were at a crab festival, and I found something awesome!
  47. Mer-secrets
  48. what mermaid items have you found in stores this summer?
  49. Mermaid Camp
  50. Mermaid deals!
  51. New Etsy Shop
  52. How did you decide on your tail color/Design?
  53. Custom Crochet Mermaid Dolls:
  54. Mermaid Tail Colors
  55. Mersona-ing Start to Finish
  56. How did you choose your Mersona?
  57. Transporting Sea Shells
  58. Water shoes?
  59. Any Mers in the Appalachian Mtns.?
  60. ArtsAdd
  61. Waterproof MP3 Players
  62. What Does A Mermaid/Merman's Tail Color Say About Their Personality?
  63. What are your favorite mermaid activities?
  64. New Facebook group: Mental Mermaiding
  65. Competition blues
  66. Mermaid Chic Kickstarter needs your help!
  67. My Merfolk Drawings
  68. Favorite Mermaid Dolls
  69. Mermaid Dreams
  70. Electric Daisy Carnival
  71. Mermaid Clara's Art Studio!
  72. Contest magic tails
  73. 💙 DIY Mermaid Room Decor 💙 #1
  74. Mername/Mersona?
  75. Drawing
  76. Hi, I'm Blizzard! And could use a little help!
  77. Do people write/think up backstories for their mer-character?
  79. I'm a mermaid drag queen and I was wondering what mermaid songs inspire you!
  80. What mermaid books are you currently reading?
  81. Differences between professional and non professional merfolk!
  82. A free mermaid blog
  83. Mermaids who have pets show me your pets
  84. Do you think of mermaids as mammals?
  85. Mermaid Dreams
  86. Mermaid Names?
  87. Mermaid belly button piercings do they cut your tails just curious???
  88. Cute Merfolk Things from Amazon?
  89. Starting a Facebook page!
  90. Traveling with a tail?
  91. A random theory I had about mermaids combing their hair.
  92. Does anyone know the name for a male siren?
  93. Ring for mermaids
  94. Synthetic dreads for swimming?
  95. Ideas for storing your tail up?
  96. Most Mermaid-like Jewellery
  97. Today I told my family that I'm going to be a mermaid
  98. Indie Mermaid Roleplaying?
  99. Quiz what color mermaid tail would you have? Just for fun
  100. Playbuzz what kind of mermaid are you quiz XD
  101. My Housemate's a Mermaid - Hi!
  102. I can't swim for a month!!! *sob*
  103. new Emoji
  104. Mermaid Royal Family Tree?
  105. I'd just like some help...
  106. Travelling With a Large Tail By Air??
  107. A mermaid short film
  108. Merfilly Art!
  109. Mermaid Songs for a Wattpad story?
  110. fittness and food...to be a healthy mermaid...help !!! lol
  111. Mermaid Shoes
  112. Hello Fellow Merfolk!
  113. MerSculptures / Pictures???
  114. Petition to Remove Mono Fin Ban from Marcus Garvey Pool in Harlem NY
  115. Petition to Remove Mono Fin from Marcus Garvey Pool in Harlem NY
  116. I will digitally draw your mermaid tail/you as a mermaid!
  117. The temptations and starting out
  118. Decisions Decisions
  119. Mermaid hair Colors.
  120. Tan lines
  121. How I make shift a " mermaid tail "
  122. Looking for scale seller
  123. Any military or military spouse mers?
  124. Mermaid Doodle and craft Dump (Show me your doodles/ crafty creations!)
  125. Saying Hi Officially!
  126. Skin color variations and being teased/bullied
  127. Free Giveaway: New Octopus Mertailor Leggings
  128. Karingan's River Dragon Tail-making Thread!
  129. Copenhagen Mermaid Statue Anecdote
  130. Mer-Themed Toys, Products, Decor etc.
  131. Logo Trouble
  132. Exciting News!!
  133. superbe ship modeling byZoltŠn Papp
  134. Mermaid Luna
  135. Painting Mermaid Art
  136. Marathon in Tail?
  137. Mermaid Art Sale For A Cause!
  138. Searching for a new mermaid name...
  139. Mermaid Grottos (bedrooms/rooms)
  140. Mermaid Halloween costume
  141. So this came up
  142. Uploading new photos in photo album?
  143. Iím sad
  144. So some Good News
  145. Sclera contacts in water?
  146. Anyone want a free website?
  147. Plus size tails
  148. Plus sized mernation genesis tail for sale!!
  149. Money making
  150. Mermaid @ boat show or Marina?
  151. Mermaid 🧜*♀️ Diary
  152. Writing a Met Story called ďTitle WavesĒ
  153. Tidal Waves if someone wants to read the story here is the link I will try to update
  154. New Mermaid Logo
  155. My New Shop is Open
  156. Mermaid Necklace for sale
  157. Supermoon tonight
  158. Mermaid Planner?
  159. I made a YouTube Channel
  160. So I think Iím in love
  161. My Mermaid ring
  162. Double supermoon month is coming up!
  163. Mermaid Movies
  164. NON-Mermaid Related DRAMA THREAD
  165. My Mermaid Grotto Room
  166. Keerava's First Fabric Tail
  167. Found at Target
  169. My Awesome Logo
  170. IMVU Mermaids?
  171. Mermaid Party Ideas?
  172. Finally In California!
  173. Cyrenas Candles
  174. Guide to Wednesday's (Jan. 31) Blood Supermoon & Eclipse
  175. Feeling Ugly?
  176. Kiss me I'm a mermaid hoodie
  177. Merman hoodie
  178. Watch "Cyrena the Mermaid Splashing Around" on YouTube
  179. Mermaid Documentary!
  180. Question, silicone earplug users
  181. A Water Nerd Talks Water Science
  182. Mer-tivism for other causes
  183. Swimming rant
  184. The difficult life of a mermaid.
  185. Mermaid chat?
  186. Voting poll opening soon
  187. Mako Island inspiration
  188. Strange Tailless mermaid legs
  189. Otherkin
  190. Signature doodle
  191. Commissions open
  192. Confidance and body image
  193. mermaid art work cast glass
  194. Corny mermaid jokes!
  195. The poll is now open!!!
  196. Over thinking parents..
  197. Looking back at old family videos.
  198. I'm sooo happy!
  199. Merman pocket knife?!
  200. Commissions!
  201. What do you do as an everyday mermaid?
  202. Commissions !
  203. My leggings came in the mail!
  204. Anyone interested of a tail design or a picture of you!?
  205. The iPhone / iPad MerNetwork app
  206. Doodle doodle
  207. Picking a tail
  208. What is a Mersona
  209. Mermaid Auquita Mersona
  210. Vancover mermaid leggings!
  212. Silicone Scale Design
  213. PAID JOB - Orange County, CA Lifeguards Needed
  214. i will draw tail designs digitally
  215. Logo for my Company
  216. I absolutely love my New Logo for my Company
  217. Mermaid silicone top sports bra?
  218. Swim Vid -Cyrena
  219. Pool Time
  220. Are u supposed to Wash
  221. Mermaid Go Fish
  222. Half tail?
  223. Watch "Mermaid Cyrena spotted at Ginnie Springs" on YouTube
  224. Where do you Guys get your Fishing net
  225. Nose clips or nose plugs?
  226. First monofin! Family woes...
  227. Mermaid Alliance
  228. Fin Fun workout series?
  229. Giving up on my dream[emoji21][emoji22][emoji22][emoji22]
  231. Real Mermaid In a Pool
  232. I Will Draw Tail Designs and Art!
  233. Tap Tap Fish has an event with mermaids right now
  234. New tail for Ariel! 🧜🏻*♀️
  235. Best Goggles
  236. Opening eyes in saltwater?
  237. Mermaid Tool Kit: What should I bring to the pool?
  238. Making a Mer Name
  239. Any merfolk around here?
  240. My daughter made me art!!
  241. Please Help! Need A Natural Seascape "container" for story
  242. Mermaid doll
  243. help me pls-
  244. Partial Silicone Tailmakers?!
  245. Possibly buying a neoprene
  246. Can someone help ID this tail :)
  247. Why Did You Choose Your Tail?
  248. Mermaid Art?
  249. Mermaid Gift Ideas?
  250. My DAZ3D mermaid renders.