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  1. Plastic Scales
  2. Adding Scales to Neoprene Tail
  3. Sewing neoprene
  4. How Thick To Make Latex Fluke and Scale Sheet?
  5. iridescent paint?
  6. Lexan Monofin question
  7. Dealing with heel ridges?
  8. Silicone on Fabric
  9. Custom monofin from pvc office floor mat
  10. How are airbrushes ruined?
  11. Flowy, Frilly Fins and Fluke?
  12. Painting on smoothskin neoprene
  13. How much fabric for adult size tail
  14. Sewing spandex to neoprene?
  15. Tail storage?
  16. Foam order
  17. A Few Latex Tail Making Questions...
  18. Will this Neoprene work?
  19. Gluing fluke ~edges~ techniques
  20. Laytex on fabric?
  21. New fish scale lycra
  22. How much dragon skin?
  23. pigments or colors for mermaid tail???
  24. Heat Setting Createx Paint?
  25. Modifying a wetsuit?
  26. Cost of supplies: any tips or tricks?
  27. Has anyone tried the "so Dive" Monofin?
  28. Alex plus, mermaid tail creation questions.
  29. Liquid Neoprene
  30. 6mm Neoprene!? And my mermaid tail plans! any advice?
  31. Tail Material Advice?
  32. In love with this fabric, but can't seem to find it!?
  33. Jacquard Airfix
  34. Partial silicone tail not for swimming? What materials can I use?
  35. Using something other then clay for tail mold?
  36. Which paint can be used for latex
  37. Scales on a swimsuit fabric tail
  38. Advice for other brands of silicone in Australia
  39. Painting a mertailor latex tail
  40. Tips on painting directly on Finis Wave monofin
  41. Duct tape tail
  42. Dragon skin pros and cons
  43. Amount of Latex!
  44. Can someone explain the making of the fluke
  45. Painting neoprene
  46. Painting a latex tail
  47. Best Air Brush Systems?
  48. Createx Paint?
  49. Is My Mold Ruined? Please Help!!!
  50. AirBrush Issues: HELP!
  51. First Tail need some tips and tricks <3
  52. Foam rubber tail
  53. waterproofing Acrylic paint on neoprene?
  54. Ordering neoprene in Canada
  55. Neoprene and Latex tail questions :-)
  56. Is this material okay for tail making?
  57. Silicone foam
  58. Fabric materials for sequence tails.
  59. Blank Tails
  60. Dorsal Fins?
  61. Hiding the ridges on a competitor monofin?
  62. Tulip fabric paint?
  63. Help Please <3
  64. Screenprint Ink, Airbrushes, and Integrated Weight Pockets for Neoprene Tail
  65. Silicone over sequins?
  66. Question about measurements
  67. Neoprene: Yes or No?
  68. Swarovski Crystals On Tail?
  69. How to make seamless tails??
  70. Important Question That Has Me Feeling Dumb... Silicone and Duck Tape?
  71. Other stores that sell poly/spandex fabric?
  73. How much Silicone
  74. Confusion on Silicone Fluke Molds
  75. Repairing a silicone tail
  76. Super easy question
  77. Measuring neoprene?
  78. What are some other mold making materials used besides ShellShock?
  79. Can I paint my fabric tail with fabric spray paint?
  80. Dragon Skin for a top?
  81. Nylon vs. Plain Neoprene Backing?
  82. Questions of the fabric content for my tail~
  83. fluke mding question
  84. Anyone know a good place to buy Spandex in the UK?
  85. Types of glue for jewels?
  86. Apparently Silicone Caulk is a No-Go... Other suggestions?
  87. How many 12 mm sequins for a tail?
  88. How to close up the end of the fluke 'temporarily'?
  89. Fabric Paint Medium?
  90. Pigmenting Silicone?
  91. Rhinestone bulk order - Anyone need some sparklies?
  92. pattern ease when sewing neoprene?
  93. What size is most adults flukes for tails, how to know what size to make it?
  94. Scales for Spandex?
  95. So Many Options-what to do?
  96. Scale fabric
  97. The vinyl is creasing?
  98. to FAT for my own tail �� what to do??
  99. What are the big no-nos when it comes to dorsal fins?
  100. Glueing neoprene?
  101. Full Latex Tail - WITHOUT Neoprene
  102. Can I spray paint scales?
  103. Tail wear and tear? Or, "I wish I had known sooner!"
  104. pastel pink slip cast hybrid tail??
  105. Fins to prevent wrinkles?
  106. painting lycra with jacquard paints? help!
  107. Latex chaulk on neoprene
  108. Repairing Several Tails (Have A Few Questions)
  109. How Many Sequins?
  110. Scale experiment?
  111. Making a Fabric tail should I cut the monofin? (More details)
  112. Silicone Pigments?
  113. Drainage holes in neoprene tail fluke?
  114. Silicone monofin??
  115. H2O or Aquamarine style tail?
  116. taking in a fabric tail
  117. water sealant on neoprene?
  118. How much Dragon Skin will I need?
  119. Closing the fluke of a fabric tail
  120. Pattern making, help!
  121. Should I Add?
  122. A name and a dorsal?
  123. Non-Stretch Fabric - Tips? Suggestions?
  124. monofin or no
  125. Types of Silicone
  126. Curing issues with silicone over rubber monofins
  127. Painting Sequins?
  128. pre-sequined fabrics?
  129. Fluke thickness
  130. How to fit the foam in the paper punch
  131. Psycho paint on spandex/neoprene?
  132. Glitter Coat & Zipper with Dragonskin
  133. Acrylic paint?!
  134. rubber mold for silicone tail?
  135. TAIL DAMAGE?????
  136. Latex Tail Help
  137. How much Clay for Silicone Mold?
  138. Tail coming out too big?
  139. Oh do I need some advice!
  140. Best waterproof airbrush paints?
  141. Attaching Dorsals and Sewing Sequins!
  142. How do Make one mould for scales?
  143. Sewing a tail??
  144. What sewing machine is the right one to buy for sewing fabric & neoprene tails?
  145. Monofin that won't inhibit Silicone
  146. How big is too big?
  147. How to sew on sequins to a tail?
  148. I think I got a bad batch of Monster Clay :( PLEASE HELP!
  149. HYDROCAL FGR-95 for Molds?
  150. Purchasing Dragon Skin in Canada
  151. Well sh*t.
  152. Screen printing Neoprene?
  153. Top coat for Dragonskin
  154. mica pigments?
  155. Modifying Fiskars Hole Punch--Without Power Tools?
  156. New tail design - What will i need?
  157. monofin into the fluke
  158. Best way to get Silicone out of Buckets
  159. resin safety? two questions:
  160. Plat Sil - Has anyone ever used it?
  161. conflicting info from smooth-on
  162. Finis trainer VS Finis competitor?
  163. protecting your mold?
  164. HELP! Silicone tail doesn't hug my back correctly
  165. plus size spandex tail?
  166. Kind of hating Shell Shock.
  167. 3D printed molds for silicone?
  168. Fluke Mold Thickness
  169. Having a little trouble with my tail.
  170. Sewing sequins: stitch depth?
  171. Other types of safe silicone?
  172. Attaching Dorsal and Other Fins - Spandex Tail?
  173. Fluke sculpt and drainage hole question
  174. How to Adhere silicone to Plastic or Lexan??? FLUKE QUESTION
  175. latex slip casting questions!?
  176. Could old gift cards be turned into a tail?
  177. Painting on nylon-spandex fabric?
  178. Painting Dragon Skin
  179. Goldfish fluke
  180. Questions I haven't Found Answers To.....
  181. Clear silicone tail
  182. Writing on silicone?
  183. Best adhesive to bond silicone and neoprin?
  184. Filigree Fluke? Need Help Designing!
  185. 100% silicone in tubes
  186. Lining a spandex tail?
  187. painting
  188. Need help with glue!
  189. Help with Fabric tail making
  190. Texturizing With Dragonskin
  191. Sewing or Gluing Sequins?
  192. Pigmenting Dragon Skin With Acrylic Paint?
  193. Could this idea work for a blended waist?
  194. Super Shiny Metallic Pigments; What's a Good One?
  195. Retard agent for painting with silicone?
  196. DAP aquarium silicone
  197. Silicon spray over sequins?
  198. Spandex weights? Milliskin, moleskin, supplex, oh my!
  199. Silicone tails - Sealing the monofin
  200. what I use to paint the latex tail?
  201. Attaching Vinyl To Neoprin?
  202. Is Anyone Willing To Sell A Custom Silicone Fluke?
  203. Questions about seaming with silicone scale sheets
  204. Neoprene tail with neoprene scales
  205. Chloroprene
  206. HELP!!!!!! Paint problems!
  207. Leaderfin monofin question
  208. What kind of Velcro/Snaps?
  209. Questions about making a Duct tape dummy?
  210. Painting Silicone? Advice please!
  211. Do these sequins look alright?
  212. Inside-out mold idea
  213. Scales?
  214. Silicone Fin Repair...HALP!!!
  215. Fin material ideas? (Fabric tail)
  216. Clay alright to use with Fiberglass Resin??
  217. Airbrushes with silicone
  218. Fabric Koi tail: Paint VS Sequins?
  219. Extra Fins Help!
  220. Learning to mold silicone / latex
  221. Hybrid Tail Questions
  222. working with a foil and have come to a crossroad
  223. Plastic Scales?
  224. how much pigment do I add?
  225. Silicone only vs. Silicone with neoprene backing?
  226. Mod-ing a fabric tail?
  227. Price of neoprene
  228. What To Use For Foot Pockets?
  229. Four Way Stretch Vinal
  230. All Of These Tutorials on YouTube Silicone Tails and No answers Please Help
  231. Things That Inhibit or Slow Silicone Cure
  232. Stretch Velvet?
  233. How can I keep my scale cast stable?
  234. Help! I need to know what to make my scale mold out of.
  235. Tailmaking while pregnant?
  236. Color schemes dilemma
  237. Using a 3D Printer to make a scale sheet?
  238. Yellowish clear mold making material?
  239. What kind of tail should one start with?
  240. Airbrushes/Paint guns for silicone tails
  241. Flexible mold materials safe for silicone?
  242. How do I make dorsal/side fins?
  243. Anyone here tried making their own silicone tail??
  244. What glue to use?
  245. Sequin and silicone hybrid tails
  246. Individual Scale Method?
  247. What's the best nylon to spandex ratio for a fabric tail?
  248. Attach dorsal fins?
  249. How big is your fluke?
  250. Trouble with my scale sheet mold!!!