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  1. Bought fabric tail from delfinamermaid. Attach fins how and what?
  2. Covering sequin tail in flexible coat?
  3. How to attach Silicone to Neoprene?
  4. Dragon-Skin Silicone Hardness and Amounts?
  5. Sequins Questions
  6. Trouble with sizing?
  7. plan to fix or alter my silicone tail (Pearlie Mae?)
  8. Circle sequins vs Shell sequins
  9. Full body tail, two pieces or one?
  10. Silicone around the monofin HELP!!!!
  11. neoprene help
  12. Painting silicone?
  13. Extending a monofin
  14. Exact product to thin down silicone caulk with?
  15. Shelf liner vinyl dorsal and extra fins
  16. A couple of painting questions (not what to use) tips and concerns
  17. Fluke mold help
  18. Scale problems! Help!
  19. could you use clay for a silicone mold?
  20. Resin, silicone pigment, and other advice please.
  21. Attaching sequins
  22. One Tail (Skin) Two Monofins?
  23. pigment questions/suggestions needed
  24. Starting my first painted neoprene tail - Advice needed
  25. 'Open Cell' neoprene in a Mer tail?
  26. gluing fabric?
  27. Dye/Painting Shelf Liner?
  28. My new mold plan... Comments needed
  29. Help identifying this scale fabric!
  30. Spray guns - HELP!!!!
  31. Just started tail, problem with foam scales!
  32. how do you get saturated colors with silicone?
  33. Filler molds of legs
  34. Fabric Paint Options?
  35. Combining thicknesses of silicone, types of pigments, questions galore!
  36. Sequin tails - not with shell sequins?
  37. Cleaning your tools when making a silicone tail
  38. Faux leather for fabric tails?
  39. Silicone hybrid.....
  40. Painting after the green period
  41. Anyone Thought of this? need help. (fabric layering for scales)
  42. 3D Paint Scales Tutorial?
  43. Turpentine discoloring silicone caulk? :(
  44. new to tail making
  45. Fixes and Repairs
  46. Sealing resin molds before using silicone?
  47. Are these caulk aquarium safe?
  48. How to sew neoprene
  49. Too many fins?
  50. How to make/types of fins
  51. What Mold To Make?(individual scale tail)
  52. Making Tail for my daughter
  53. Fabric tails: 2 side seams vs 1 back seam?
  54. Sculpting a fluke - thickness? Tips?
  55. Which thickness of craft foam?
  56. Hip help!
  57. Internal Belts?
  58. Adding Color Changing Powder to Silicone?
  59. Silicone caulk scales
  60. Need advice on lumiere 3d colours + painting fabric tails
  61. Leg molds for tail assembly??
  62. glitters dragonskin 10
  63. Fluke design/position questions
  64. painting dragon ski
  65. Silicone tail individual scales question, and lots of other questions about adhering
  66. Individual scale thickness confusion
  67. How long is the silicone green period?
  68. How to prevent siliconing your tail to the body form?
  69. Silicone tail tutorial?
  70. Repairing bleached spots in spandex tail
  71. Airbushing options
  72. Painting Aquarium Silicone Caulk?
  73. Painting latex without airbrush?
  74. What kind of zippers/velcro does everyone use?
  75. Do hot springs and spandex tails mix?
  76. Fitting a fluke for a Finis Shooter
  77. Spreading on Silicone and Adding Texture?
  78. Alternative Silicone Adhesive/Glue?
  79. Your tail making disasters and most hilarious epic fails...
  80. How much silicone???!!!???
  81. Sequin tails
  82. Creating a Tail as a University Project?
  83. I need more glitter!!!!
  84. Silicone Mermaid Tail: Questions.
  85. Tail hanger
  86. Tips on making a fibreglass mould?
  87. Tips on airbrushing?
  88. Anyone has experience with polyester resin?
  89. Neoprene vs. scuba knit, how do they compare?
  90. Tail Dimensions?
  91. How skin tight should a silicone tail be?
  92. AquaMate?
  93. Orca Tail
  94. glowing tail?
  95. What blade would be best to use to cut a huge amount of plaster?
  96. using wood for molding the fluke???
  97. Flowy or Fast?
  98. Stiffer silicone instead of monofin?
  99. Alternative to fx silicone (dragon skin)
  100. Neoprene leggings as base for hybrid?
  101. Amounts and Prices for Making a Silicone Tail
  102. Pasta Extruder/Roller for Clay?
  103. Sculpting on a Mahina Merfin?
  104. Hybrid question
  105. Could I paint a thin layer of silicone over a silicone tail?
  106. DIY tail upgrades? - Fins & Painting
  107. Fixing neoprene creases or keeping neoprene from getting creases?
  108. Sequin tail questions!
  109. Silicone compatibility: Activated superglue and Aquasure?
  110. Individual Sillicone or Latex scale on fabric, did it work?
  111. flex seal fin! is it a good idea? will it work?
  112. Best Painting Gun?
  113. Extra Fins on Silicone!
  114. What Paint for a Silicone Tail?
  115. Um will it work
  116. Has anyone done this before? Tail Making question
  117. Glow In The Dark Tail: Paint or Fabric? ...etc.
  118. Tail modification (adding fins, zippers, and corset waist)
  119. Silicone scale and pigment questions
  120. Silicone Expiring?
  121. Cartwrights 14mm iris carnival sequins
  122. Using normal dragonskin instead of psychopaint?
  123. Iridescent (polyamide) basket wrap in silicone
  124. "Piping" Silicone/Latex Scales?
  125. Neoprene and paint?
  126. Material for additional fins
  127. Amount of lumiere to paint a fabric tail?
  128. Adhering Cured Scales onto Neoprene
  129. Future tail idea
  130. Need a fabric tail expert's opinion fast! To swim or not to swim?
  131. about vacuum forming
  132. Airbrushing Fabric?
  133. airbrush vs a paint gun, how do they compare?
  134. In need of a particular shell sequins color and a wig!
  135. Silicone discoloration from the monofin
  136. Printing a fabric tail?
  137. Sequins on Neoprene?
  138. Sequin & Silicone Hybrid?
  139. Wanted: Mermaid tail
  140. An Legless-Leg Mold- Suggestions?
  141. Facebook Group - TAIL MAKERS ONLY
  142. Copyright?
  143. Coloring silicone/What to never use?
  144. mold release?
  145. Can anyone recommend a thorough tailmaking tutorial?
  146. Superglue on a plaster mold
  147. Is being a human decoration devaluing?
  148. Beginner tail maker..
  149. Clay Sculpt Thickness?
  150. Sealing painted sequins?
  151. Fabric advice?
  152. Tails with Finish Foil?
  153. Finis Rapid in a silicone tail!
  154. Sculpting fluke???
  155. Possibly stupid question - Clear thermoplastic for 3-D scales?
  156. Coating painted mahina?
  157. Painting mythic scales
  158. Where to buy fishnet material?
  159. Paints and air brush kit?
  160. Pinholes
  161. Neoprene of Ebay?
  162. Recreating a Swimtail fabric tail?
  163. New Tail, made with fabric
  164. Handmade tail questions
  165. Questions about Seatan's hybrid method?
  166. Tattooing tails
  167. Plaster Alternatives
  168. Fabric Painting over scuba knit?
  169. Help with painting a silicone tail!!!
  170. Tail Design????
  171. How to hem a mermaid tail?
  172. vinyl thicknesses for maintaining larger fluke designs?
  173. Can you fuse bifins to make a unique monofin shape?
  174. Painting a fabric tail with silicone?
  175. Fabric
  176. Tiny bubbles in silicone scales
  177. Hidding seams?
  178. Modifying an Existing Tail Skin?