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  1. Archive: "Important Tail Care & Maintenance"
  2. Spandex vs. Neoprene
  3. spandex and ALEX?
  4. Water Proofing Spray
  5. Tattered Edges
  6. Spandex and Silicone?
  7. Will this fabric work for making a tail?
  8. Help with Sewing measurements?
  9. Painting with Lumiere
  10. Paint for Silicone
  11. hiding heels?
  12. Best material for making realiztic tails?
  13. fabric issues
  14. Realistic tail making but not ALEX?
  15. Neoprene Thickness
  16. Silicone
  17. LED or UV paint?
  18. LED or UV paint?
  19. How do you prevent fading???
  20. Raised Edges
  21. Fundraising ideas?
  22. Change of Plans..
  23. What kinds of fabrics...?
  24. Silicon Can Be Used On What Fabrics?
  25. Scales..
  26. Paint???
  27. Scale Fabric
  28. Createx or Jacquard on Neoprene?
  29. Silicon and latex
  30. questions about molding and casting.. :)
  31. Just a few tail making questions :)
  32. Longer Tail A'la Hook, H2O, Fishtails...
  33. Airbrushing with ALEX Plus
  34. Where is the best place to order neoprene from?
  35. I'm not sure what to do...
  36. lining neoprene ..... or not? please advice me
  37. How much paint?
  38. I'm like that four year old..
  39. Glow in the dark tails?
  40. Where to get iron on gems
  41. What's the best thing to use to imprint scales on a latex tail?
  42. How hard is it really...?
  43. Silicone caulking - Why do I never see anything about it?
  44. ALEX tail: Sew then paint, or paint then sew?
  45. Sewing the monofin?????
  46. Silicone Questions and other mermaid tail making questions
  47. What species would make the coolest tail designs?
  48. Good source for scale sequins/palettes?
  49. Pattern Making Specifics, Seam Allowance?
  50. double-tailed tail
  51. The Monster Makers?
  52. HELP ASAP!
  53. Repairing a Mertailor Tail
  54. Where do you buy ALEX?
  55. Painting on nylon-spandex fabric?
  56. Measurements?
  57. Help with the silicone in the fluke
  58. Making scales to sell by the sheet?
  59. Repair advice from the Tailman himself! =D
  60. Guys Does This Look Right?
  61. How long do you think it would take?
  62. Airbrush system
  63. Reparing a peeling scale?
  64. Curing my latex tail
  65. Latex tails and silicone tails
  66. Moding Mertailor tail to make it swimmable
  67. my latex tail - HELP
  68. Ideal Neoprene Thickness
  69. Scale Making
  70. HELP! Newbie making realistic COSTUME tail...
  71. How do I seal in spray-paint?
  72. Bargain Tail
  73. Sea Lions, Seals and Selkies Oh My!: Has anyone made pinniped tails?
  74. Making a mold box
  75. How do you make a dragonskin silicone tail?
  76. Latex clay molds
  77. How can i fix clay mold that keeps cracking?
  78. WED clay
  79. Has anyone tried making a fully molded silicone fluke?
  80. latex tail with neoprene?
  81. Latex tail monofin
  82. Removable Seal On Fluke?
  83. What are the settings for a sewing mahine to sew a regular fabric tail?
  84. Fabric tails
  85. Need some more advice please.
  86. Pearlesent pigment for silicon?
  87. Alex Plus paint tinting ratio. What should the mix be?
  88. How to use ultra cal 30
  89. Silicone and neoprene
  90. how long before its safe to swim in a newly painted/made tail
  91. Silicon fluke molding questions???
  92. Slimy Tail
  93. Is this possible?
  94. Where to get rubber matting?
  95. Repainting Question
  96. Spray Silicone + Neoprene???
  97. Sequin seashells...
  98. She Creature Tail
  99. 2 Questions based on this video
  100. Remove Createx but not hurt ALEX?
  101. Triple XXX Latex How To's
  102. Not a question...but... Caulking experiment
  103. Amount of supplies needed
  104. Finishing Mermaid Parties tail
  105. My Own Tail??
  106. Starting my SECOND TAIL
  107. A Tail That's a Bit More...Revealing
  109. The better design, please help.
  110. How do you go about designing tails?
  111. Tutorials for tail making.
  112. How much neoprene should I get?
  113. 2nd tailmaking ---Mermaid Adella but with questions and concerns
  114. About making mermaid tail...
  115. Crazt idea: Blending
  116. The Sequin Scoop
  117. Project Delphine's Ponderings on a Silcione Tail
  118. Where can I get neoprene in store?
  119. Painted fabric tail?
  120. Stretch House Inc. Website
  121. HOW CAN I DO THIS??? :D
  122. Seahorse tail?
  123. Casting a silicone tail
  124. Jacquard Lumiere paint and neoprene.
  125. How to add fins to your fabric tail?
  126. What's better: 100% silicone tails, or neoprene backed silicone tails?
  127. Sequins?
  128. Dorsal Fin
  129. Repainting FishButts Tail and adding fins
  130. Questions about neoprene
  131. Casting Materials
  132. Caught in a dilemma.
  133. What's a great glue(if it's possible) for gluing on sequins onto a fabric tail?
  134. Shell Sequins
  135. Color changing scales?
  136. Sequin Tail, work in progress...
  137. Paint for Neoprene?
  138. Fabric Tail -- Leave Fluke Open?
  139. How much silicone to use?
  140. Lumiere Paint Not the Color I Pictured?
  141. Paint for Alex Plus
  142. Choosing a Neoprene Thickness for a Neoprene-Backed Silicone Mermaid Tail
  143. Alex Plus Substitute
  144. Tail Tune ups
  145. Choosing a Monofin
  146. Silicone Tail: need to take sides in
  147. Sequin Tail...coming soon!
  148. Elastic for waist band?
  149. What does 'heat set' mean and how do you do it?
  150. I cant decide which monofin to buy!
  151. Painting Dragon Skin
  152. Silicone on Neoprene
  153. Neoprene vs. Fabric
  154. Hello and questions :D
  155. Painting ina mvd tail?
  156. Mermaid Tail: To Make or Not To Make?
  157. Latex vs. silicone, and how much do I need?
  158. How do you measure?
  159. Making a Fabric Tail with a different colored fluke?
  160. A hot glue gub tail??
  161. Possible monofin substitute?
  162. What's up with the caulking?
  163. GE Silicone II: Good or Bad?
  164. Mer Community... I NEED your help!!! Please <3
  165. Which scale pattern do you prefer?
  166. Silicone Fluke...
  167. painting neoprene?!?!?!
  168. H20 Tail Question.: What To Use For The Fluke?
  169. Can I use a permanent marker for scales?
  170. Plastalina Clay
  171. materials for fringing on tails...?
  172. Please Help! What is wrong with my sewing machine?
  173. neopren after a bath ?
  174. Making a silicone tail
  175. Advice for using an Alex Plus Tail
  176. What to use for attachments on monofin!
  177. So frustrated I'm fed up
  178. Help help help! Fluke detaching!
  179. Montana Spray Paint for tails?
  180. Spray bottle with fabric ink?
  181. Neoprene or Swimwear/Dance fabric?
  182. How much do I need??
  183. shells sequins
  184. Scale mold help!
  185. Really old sewing machine. HALP
  186. LiquidNails on Lexan
  187. transparent fins?
  188. stretch sequins fabric- possible?
  189. cutting neoprene?
  190. Putting a Finis Foil in a Silicone Fluke
  191. Coloring your latex!!!
  192. silicone/sculpted spine fluke on a fabric tail?
  193. Making a monofin less obvious?
  194. Airbrush?
  195. Shell Shock is a no go.
  196. Sticking the scales/ everything to the neoprene
  197. Non-circle scales
  198. Silicone Tail Questions
  199. Fabric and Lexan?
  200. strange ideas for how to get 3D scales on spandex...
  201. 75 year old sewing machine, Help!!!
  202. Tail Falling Apart :/
  203. Fabric mesh to support Silicone Tails?
  204. neoprene under a silicone scale mold tail.
  205. Is it possible to sew a weight belt into a neoprene tail?
  206. What is the best way to take in a tail?
  207. Where's the Fringe!
  208. Neoprene tail repair question
  209. help with silicone ratio's
  210. My first fabric tail - Questions
  211. I would like to become a tail maker, what do you think ?
  212. neoprine tail :P
  213. broken monofin
  214. Making a Fiberglass Mold
  215. Flesh Latex?
  216. how much neoprene do I REALLY need?
  217. Bond mono fin to a Neoprene tail
  218. filler for latex?
  219. Making my first tail(Latex)
  220. Latex tail and fading
  221. Pigmentation and Mica Powders?
  222. Snake Tail "fluke"- possibilities
  223. Cracks in Monofin
  224. How would i get a scale pattern like this?
  225. Silicone Monofin?
  226. Neoprene Rubber Question
  227. Jacquard Pearl-ex Pigments
  228. Can anyone direct me to a zipper in fabric tail tutorial
  229. how to glue the monofin into the dragonskin?
  230. Neverwet Tail?
  231. Silicone Tailmaking for a SA teen?
  232. Oceanika Merfin in silicone
  233. How much pigment?
  234. Dimensions of the Monofin
  235. Necessary amount of silicone?
  236. Table/Furniture Vinyl for "Fringe"?
  237. Seams on silicone tails
  238. Silicone dolphin tail
  239. Slightly OT: Dragon Dress... Tell me tailmakers, is silicone my material?
  240. Home-made plexiglass monofin in silicone tail?
  241. Musings on a handpainted neoprene/ sequin tail
  242. Questions about a silicone tail
  243. sequins
  244. Looking for neopreen and tail materials in Australia :)
  245. WED Clay Questions
  246. Drainage Channels In Latex Tail
  247. Where to buy spandex?
  248. Tail skin that will fit Oceanika Merfins
  249. Metal grating for scales
  250. Iron on transfers?