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  1. Who else is in this pod?
  2. SoCal Merfolk Meetups
  3. Freediving Classes in OC?
  4. ALA-Anime Los Angeles Pool Gathering
  5. So Cal SCUBA Divers?
  6. Pod of Cali coat of arms
  7. Has anyone planned any meetups?
  8. BIG EVENT: I'm going camping in Death Valley
  9. Mermaids and Pirates Gathering and Photography Event! 2/19/12
  10. Anyone in SoCal want to hang out Saturday, March 3rd?
  11. Griffith Observatory
  12. Send me your contact info for meetup invites!
  13. any mers in the mid cali pod area?
  14. Marine Aquarium Expo Meetup 3/21/20012
  15. So Cal Ren Faire Meetup
  16. Merfolk Meetup Anaheim CA, Sat. August 18th
  17. So Cal Mer meet
  18. Are there any Pods in Norcal?
  19. Any mermaids in or around Reno, NV?
  20. Nice Swimming in Sacramento area?
  21. Need a Mermaid in monterey 4aug
  22. Great place for a meetup: Tiki Oasis in San Diego Aug. 17th-19th
  23. First ever Mermaid Festival of Southern California!
  24. Marie Debris Funding Available!
  25. NorCal Mer fest Oct 28th
  26. NorCal dive bar competition
  27. please vote for me!
  28. Dive Bar in Sac Friday Nov 30th
  29. New to the Pod
  30. Cali mers that have bought from Stretch House
  31. How to Train Your Dragon LIVE Meetup January 2013
  32. Monster Makers
  33. Meetup soon?
  34. Train "Mermaid" Concert in Irvine in Agust
  35. Any San Diegan Merfolk?
  36. SoCal-- introduction
  37. Merfolk Meetup at Crystalina's place in Anaheim, May 25, 2013
  38. NorCal mermaid meet up
  39. So Cal Merman
  40. San Diego Mers Beach meet-up / July 4th celebration
  41. New to the pod & MerNetwork!
  42. Natural Swimming Areas for the California Pod
  43. NorCal Mermaid Meetup...Saturday August 31st
  44. Central Coast Mermaids?
  45. Make a Wish for a Little Mermaid
  46. Vegas Faire?
  47. SOCAL mermiads near santa monica or malibu?
  48. Looking for a southern California tail Partner to build latex tails with
  49. Laguna Diving!
  50. Possible Get-together November 22nd (Heated Pool)
  51. It's back! Anime Los Angeles!!!
  52. Looking For A Strong Swimmer To Hit Monterey Bay With!
  53. SoCali Shell Shop Closing
  54. New mermaid tail business is starting!!!!
  55. San Diego #1 city to be a mermaid.
  56. Pod of Cali FB Group
  57. Coming to Cali in summer of 2014
  58. SoCal Meetup at the Aquarium of the Pacific, February 21st
  59. NorCal Narwhals Mer pod events 2014
  60. Pods of Norcal
  61. Socal Merfolk Meetup at Crystalina's Pool! [Saturday, March 22nd 2014]
  62. North San Diego YMCA - this one allows monofins
  63. Anybody located in Riverside, Moreno Valley, or Perris?
  64. Monteray Bay Aquarium meet up April 18th
  65. Coming to L.A. in May!!!
  66. Catalina Island trip
  67. Looking for a Summer Roommate in South Orange county
  68. Pirate Invasion of Belmont Peir (with mermaids too)
  69. Mers in Long Beach
  70. Mystical Mermaid Retreat w Hannah Mermaid
  71. Claudefish the Codfish is lonely =(
  72. Moving to Las Vegas
  73. Beach cleanup TOMORROW July 5
  74. New to Mermaiding and the Pod!
  75. Photo-op meetup
  76. Swim Meet Up
  77. In San Diego, this pretty mermaid table...
  78. New to CA, moving to Benicia/Vallejo
  79. Moving
  80. Pools in the Bay Area
  81. San Diego, Volunteer to help protect endangered birds
  82. Swim in Norcal?
  83. Is anyone attending..
  84. I'm coming to SoCal in May!
  85. New san diego mermaid
  86. Central Cali Mermaids?
  87. Merfriends once I get my tail?
  88. Newbie Intro
  89. San Diego Mermaids Meetup Group
  90. Would love to try before I buy! # silicone tail #santa Clara CA
  91. Any Mers near Ventura/Santa Barbara?
  92. Mers near Riverside?
  93. Are there any Facebook Groups for Pods?
  94. Summer Events!
  95. New to Sacramento
  96. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor night?
  97. Got my tail, Cali mers!
  98. Hello Sacramento!
  99. Want to learn to swim better.
  100. Places to swim in Clovis/Fresno?
  101. Pods in LA?
  102. Mermaid meet up in Huntington Beach
  103. Starting New Mer-Series!
  104. Hey any mers in south CA?
  105. San Jose Fantasy Faire 2016
  106. North Bay Area of San Francisco River swim
  107. NorCal Pirate Fest
  108. Socal Merfolk meetups this summer!
  109. Just to Say Hello :)
  110. Meetup swim near San Jose
  111. CASTING CALL - Mermaids and Mermen
  112. Ventura Harbor Cove Swim
  113. any Merfolk more twords cental CA? around the 5 cities area?
  114. A Siren's Hello
  115. Favorite California beaches?
  116. Planning a summer mermeetup in South Lake Tahoe
  117. Derping in my dorm
  118. Lookin for a swim spot in the East SF Bay Area
  119. PLEASE Help this little girl become / meet a mermaid!
  120. Searching for San Diego merpeople
  121. Mermaid photo shoot vacation opportunity!
  122. SoCal Swim Practices?
  123. Hotel Del Coronado mermaiding
  124. NorCal Mer Pod
  125. Any Crafty Mers?
  126. Mermaid Party, Granada Hills CA, Sat.Jun.17,2017 - for Mers of the Valleys, & beyond
  127. FYI, it's juvenile shark season in San Diego
  128. San Diego - Finis Wave for sale, used
  129. Get-To-Know-You Beach Day- July 15!!!!!
  130. Very Early Planning / Idea : Central Coast Mer-Tour!
  131. Anybody Interested in a Lake Tahoe Meetup?
  132. So Cal
  133. In Las Vegas!
  134. Monterey/Pacific Grove Mers?
  135. FYI, San Diego- shells for a really low price...
  136. Facebook Group
  137. Any tips for mermaiding professionally?
  138. Stores that sell mermainding gear in the San Francisco area??
  139. Any warm pools in San Diego that welcome Mermaids?? Canít seem to find any.
  140. Re-Introduction (Sort of)
  141. Any Roseville/Yuba City Merfolk?
  142. San Diego Mermaids!?
  143. Nor Cal Mers?
  144. Trying to get a general consensus on some topics...
  145. New to area.
  146. Mermaid Instruction
  147. New Photographer
  148. Any mers in the Los Angeles Ca area?
  149. Current in Vegas Nevada
  150. los Angeles Pod
  151. New year, slowly warmer weather
  152. Yay
  153. Norcal mers
  154. Introduction
  155. New In Town! (again...?)
  156. New pod in Cali
  157. Ocean beach pod?
  158. Riverside Mers.
  159. San Diego peeps:
  160. Hello, looking for an LA pod to swim with :D
  161. Shellow! I'm a photographer, turned mermaid and im so happy to be here!
  162. Mermaid Friendly Pool for Greater Sacramento Area!
  163. Nevada Pod?
  164. San Diego Mers?
  165. Vegas Meetup!
  166. Central Valley Mers?