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  1. Any other Texas mers?
  2. Austin Texas based
  3. Houston Texas based.
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth area based.
  5. Mermaid Meetup at the Galleria on Sunday, September 11th
  6. Performances?
  7. Possible Mini-Convention or Gathering (North Texas)?
  8. October 18th and 25th: Splash will be showing in Austin TX!
  9. Picturesque Swimming locations?
  10. Events and mermaids
  12. Photography opportunities in the nearby Dallas area?
  13. Anyone want to meet up the first weekend in August in Dallas?
  14. Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Conference Sept. 28-30
  15. Cedar Park // Leander area anyone? :]
  16. TRF
  17. With a smile and a wave!
  18. Texas swim season...
  19. MY Mertailor Tail to be sold at TRF
  20. Must find deep water lol..
  21. Meet up this summer!!
  22. Killeen/Fort Hood area
  23. Role-play?
  24. Meet up 2014
  25. Finally!!
  26. Calling all North and Central TEXANS! DFW to Austin, that's you!
  27. Salado, Texas Mermaid Legend
  28. south texas south padre island rio grande valley
  29. Pools in DFW that allow tails?
  30. Memorial Day Meetup?
  31. New Mermaid In Texas!!
  32. Calling All SATown Mers
  33. DFW July 4th Mini Meet?
  34. Whatever Lola Wants: Cancer benefit/ Merfriendly pool party August 16/17 in Dallas!
  35. new mermaid & plus size too...lol
  36. Sea Life Aquarium @ Grapevine Mills Mall
  37. New Mermaid
  38. Hiding the seams
  39. Newly sprouting Lotus...
  40. Joe Pool Lake July 20?!?!?
  41. thank you for accepting into the pod the newbie that is me.
  42. Houston area pools that allow tails?
  43. New pod member! Hello mersisters!
  44. New Merman- HELP!
  45. Gyms that have pools and allow tails? (preferable in the arlington area)
  46. New Houston Area Mermaid
  47. Our First Fin Fundraiser!!!
  48. Hawaiian Falls coupons
  49. "My Jolly Sailor Bold" Tenor Cover
  50. Monthly DFW Meets
  51. seeking mermaid for birthday party 9/14 in Ft worth area
  52. how do I join Pod of Texas
  53. San Antonio Area Mer Says Hi
  54. DFW Indoor Pool for a Birthday Party that allows a mermaid
  55. 2014 Meet Up News Article
  56. any mers live near oklahoma?
  57. Hello, new Texas mer here!
  58. Houston Mini-Pod
  59. Diving Pools and Lakes?
  60. Gofundme links?
  61. Professional Photographers in DFW
  62. Check-in!
  63. finally starting the template for my fluke!
  64. Coastal Mermaid Meet-up
  65. First Tail!!!
  66. Mernames
  67. I'm back and fishier than ever!!
  68. Galveston meet up!
  69. Any Mermen in this Pod?
  70. Texas Tails
  71. Casting Call! Need Mermaid/Merman Extras!
  72. Sherwood Forest Faire
  73. March birthday gig
  74. Houston area Mers!
  75. July Backyard Pool Party
  76. Family Friendly Galveston Beaches
  77. San Antonio Aquarium Mermaid
  78. Coming to Dallas for Mercademy Pro Workshops
  79. DFW Neoprene?
  80. ShyKaiju's Birthday Craft Party (DFW)
  81. Texas Ren Faire 2015
  82. Texas - ISO tail to rent
  83. New to the Pod of Texas
  84. Gathering Details for a Pod Directory...especially in DFW.
  85. Sherman/Denison Area Merfolk
  86. First Silicone Tail Journey!
  87. Starting a Massive Texas Meet!
  88. I'm new here c:
  89. Austin Meet up? Maybe Monthly?
  90. Houston Mers Tail Rental?
  91. Hello From the Panhandle!
  92. Looking for a Pod?
  93. Finding a name for my mermaid party business?
  94. free to dfw locals: Fin Fun inserts
  95. Houston Swimming Holes?
  96. Hi beautiful mer-people!
  97. Official DFW Meets!
  98. anymer down for a nude beach meet?
  99. Official DFW Meets 2: kid friendly version
  100. New Texas mer!
  101. Houston Mermaids
  102. Looking for fellow Austin Merfolk
  103. Are there any other active social media groups to join?
  104. Hamilton Pool Preserve near Austin
  105. DFW Dry Meet - Let's pick a date!
  106. Kingwood mer transplant
  107. And alas, I am a mermaid!
  108. Newbie from San Antonio!
  110. Anyone live near or in Greenville
  111. Conroe Mermaid party Sunday 3/19/2017
  112. So Does the Pod of Texas have a yearly meetup or nah?!
  113. Hello!
  114. Tail Friendly Pools in the Carrollton/Dallas/DFW Area?? New to the area.
  115. 2017 State Pod Meet
  116. Summer Swim Sessions
  117. Austin Texas Mermaid
  118. Any Mers in San Antonio
  119. Joe Pool Lake!!!
  120. Tailmaker Issues, Help?
  121. texas mers where are yall from? shout out lol
  122. Any mers in the Austin area?
  123. Austin Mer Meet Up Anyone?
  124. Swimming areas with a deep end in Houston-Galveston area?
  125. Trident Jewelry/Mer sparklies locally available in DFW
  126. Skype/ Discord Craftnoon?
  127. I did a thing!
  128. Austin mers on kik?
  129. anyone live near like galveston
  130. 1st Merman Tail!
  131. Working on meet ups for the year! (All around Texas)
  132. Anyone in Abilene Texas?
  133. Freediving lessons in Texas!
  134. Pearland (it's in the Houston area) meetup
  135. Mermaid Cruise sailing from Galveston in October!
  137. Recommend your fav lake
  138. Concert in Houston
  139. Texoma area?
  140. Adventure Mermaids Meet up June 24th
  141. Introduction 🧜🏻*♀️
  142. San Pedro Springs Park
  143. Who is going to San Marcos Splash Festival this week(end)?
  144. any mermaids in corpus christi TX?
  145. Denton Texas mermaids
  146. Brazos County Mers?
  147. Mermaid MeetUp!!!
  148. Kirby Creek Natatorium Meet Up?
  149. Mermaid Fin Fest. June 7-9th Terrell TX
  150. Tail friendly pools in the Conroe/Woodlands area?
  151. Galveston- what should a tourist mermaid do?
  152. Keller/Roanoke Area Mers?
  153. Wanting to start a mermaid pod in my area!
  154. Tx Pool Mermeet Plano June 22
  155. Sea life Aquarium Mermaids!!!!
  156. San Marcos Area Merfolk!!!
  157. Houston Mermaids?
  158. Dallas/Plano/Richardson Mermaids?
  159. Dallas Mermaids
  160. Mahina Merfin For Sale locally
  161. Places to swim?
  162. Places to Swim in DFW now that covid is a thing?
  163. Looking for Mers in the San Antonio area!
  164. Anyone happen to be in southeast Texas?
  165. Any mers in Houston?
  166. Mermaids in Austin area!
  167. Looking for mermaids near the Houston area!