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  1. North Pacific Pod Introductions!
  2. North Pacific Pod Meetup?
  3. Offer for free photos/videos!
  4. Designing a Coat of Arms for the North Pacific Pod
  5. Apnea WorkShop & Monday Swim
  6. PNW Meetup: Month
  7. North Pacific Swimming Meetup: July 28th
  8. North Pacific Meetup: Aquarium and Pier Photos
  9. Washington Midsummer Ren Faire!
  10. Any mers in the Vancouver area up for a beach clean up?
  11. Near Eugene O.R.?
  12. Mid-Winter Swim Meet Up!
  13. October meet up!!
  14. Roll call for the October Meet Up
  15. Steamcon?
  16. January Meetup at the Tulalip Resort
  17. Portland Aquarium Opening Today... with mermaids.
  18. Vancouver Mers Meetup
  19. Calling all Portland mers!/portland area
  20. Sound Conversations
  21. Anyone Attending SakuraCon?
  22. Any Vancouver mermaids on here?
  23. August Outdoor Pool/Stanley Park Meetup
  24. Crescent Lake Meetup, July
  25. Places to swim in Seattle?
  26. South Lake Union on Sat Sep 14
  27. BC mers: Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Rally/Protest?
  28. North Clackamas Aquatic Park
  29. March Meet-up in OR
  30. Pirate's Life for Us 2014, Jan 24-26
  31. Leaving the mer world, couple items to sell
  32. April Meetup in WA
  33. I'm coming for a visit!
  35. PDX Mers... Scale Fabric at Fabric Depot
  36. any mers in the seattle/everette area !?!?
  37. Washington Mermaids and Mermen , where are you ?
  38. Faerieworlds!
  39. Neoprene in lacey?
  40. Mid July Meetup?
  41. Late August Meetup, Anyone?
  42. Olympia Harbor Days!
  43. Visiting Mer!
  44. Possible PDX trip to Battleground lake.
  45. A meet up? this time for real?
  46. Pod Gear
  47. Mers near Coeur d'Alene ID
  48. Seattle Meetup
  49. Can't Use Tails in Surrey Pools
  50. Meet-up for Feb in Vancouver B.C.
  51. Summer Boat Cruise?
  52. Portland mers - Sunset Athletic Center?
  53. Okay, which of you Portland-area mers go to the Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center?
  54. hello im new and I just moved to salem Oregon
  55. anyone wanna meet up in silver falls or
  56. Visiting West Seattle this June
  57. Seattle Meetup May 30th
  58. Seattle July meet-up? /// Portland Mers?
  59. NW Mermaid Pod & Merfolk of the Pacific NW
  60. Middle of Oregon
  61. Anybody in or around Eugene?
  62. Pod Transfer - California to Washington
  63. Idaho/Washington windstorm
  64. Do we have a Facebook or Meet-Up group?
  65. Just moved from New York to Seattle (Des Moines) and wanted to say Hi!
  66. Pearlacia Pod
  67. Anyone going to Norwescon in seattle?
  68. July 17th Steamship Cruise
  69. Any Coos Bay Oregon Mermaids out there?
  70. Events for Mermaids/Mermen in Washington?!
  71. Alaska Mermaid
  72. Pools in Seattle Area
  73. I just wanted to say hi to my new pod
  74. Mermaid or merman Casting Call for a baby shower
  75. CASTING CALL - Mermaids and Mermen
  76. any Vancouver meetups?
  77. First gig alone!
  78. Sakuracon
  79. Mermaid photo shoot vacation opportunity!
  80. Spokane?
  81. British Columbia Mermaids
  82. Alaskan Mermaids?
  83. Eastern Washington / Northern Idaho Meetup?
  84. BC Mermaids
  85. Are there any meetings near PDX?
  86. Oregon/ North Pacific Swim
  87. any other teen mers in hillsboro-beaverton area
  88. Rumors of a Seattle Mer Venue..?
  89. Rusty Scupper's Pirate Daze
  90. Mermaid friendly pools in Washington?
  91. Searching for PNW Pod!
  92. I want to delete my account, but admin Winged Mermaid is not responding to my request
  93. New Mermaid
  94. Spokane Facebook Pod
  95. Merfolk meetup in the Puget Sound area
  96. New Oregon pod