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  1. Roll Call and Introductions!
  2. Pod of Florida
  3. Grad trip to Florida
  4. Raina's Trip Planning Thread
  5. Pixie Vision Photo Shoot coming to S. FL!!
  6. Discounted Ticket to Magic Kingdom
  7. Mermaid Mini Meet-Up March 28th (Wednesday) @Rainbow Springs
  8. GROUPON DEAL!! Swim with Manatees in Crystal River for 20.00/Adult! Deal Exp. Mar 23
  9. Southwest FL
  10. South Florida - Miami area - Performer needed!
  11. Mermaids of Tennessee?
  13. The Carolinas?
  15. Only in the South....
  16. Gulf Shores, August 27th thru Aug 30th
  17. Any South Florida Mermaids and Merman?
  18. Florida Mermaid Meet-Up! (And those who want to come)
  19. georgia mers meet up?
  20. Im In Bradenton Florida!
  21. Florida Merfolk Facebook Group
  22. Thursday swim??
  23. Mer from the north moving south!
  24. South Carolina Mers!
  25. The Spring Meet-Up!
  26. Meet ups in Florida?
  27. March Weeki Wachee Meet
  28. Florida mers come swim with me!!!!!
  29. Alabama Bound Mermaid--roll call
  30. Cloth Tail Workshop & Swimming Meet-up - Orlando & Rainbow Springs, FL - June 15-16
  31. Any Hokie Mers out there?
  32. Any Cajun swamp mers out there?
  33. Blue Springs, AL ......Meet Up
  34. Idea! Mer Monthly Meet-Up maybe for Raleigh and surrounding areas.
  36. Favorite Swimming Spots?
  37. Mer-meetup for Florida mers?
  38. Meetup in July! :D
  39. Any Florida mers wanna meet before the summer ends?
  40. bday gig for someone in fort myers
  41. Mermaid Lecture with WavyMermaidy and Mermaid Gosalyn
  42. What to do in winter?
  43. Dec. 5th Talk on Seismic Airgun Testing in New Smyrna, FL
  44. native fish-based tails?
  45. Florida mers! Check this out!
  46. Springtime swim in Florida?
  47. Chesapeake mermaid visiting the South Pod!
  48. From California Pod...Moved to FL.
  49. Moving to Florida
  50. Mobile mers
  51. Mer's Night Out & Craft Swap?
  52. Looking for a Florida mer...!!?
  53. Possible summer meet? GA/SC mers!
  54. Florida meet, late May
  55. Going to the Springs Memorial Day Weekend Any Mers Around?
  56. Mermaid calendar shoot NC
  57. Florida Meet Weekend of July 20th
  58. New St. Pete Mer
  59. Mers With Some Spare Time Feel Like Helping?
  60. Fl merfest anyone?
  61. Weeki Wachee Auditions?
  62. June meet at blue springs?
  63. State of FL FaceBook Group
  64. Just a warning for florida mers! Flesh Eating Bacteria!
  65. Birthday Surprise for Two Little Girls
  66. South Floridian Mers?
  67. Mermaids-by-the-Sea... Any Florida mers going?
  68. Jekyll island Georgia comic con
  69. Mystical Mermaid Retreat
  70. Underwater Music Festival 2015
  71. Jacksonville and surrounding Area Mermaids
  72. Florida Mer Meet
  73. Merfest favor to ask! :)
  74. New Gainesville Mermaid Cover Open for Booking!
  75. Where to swim in GA?
  76. Out of Curiosity-Looking for Jacksonville Mers
  77. FL Miami-Dade County area meetup!
  78. Meet up on 10/12/14
  80. Florida Rates?
  81. Louisiana
  82. Florida meet-up
  83. New and Excited
  84. Nashville TN and Surrounding Area Meetup
  85. Louisiana's spring meet up...
  86. Tennessee Mermaid Tumblr?
  87. SOS!!! Looking to rent/borrow a tail???
  88. Single Jacksonville Mers!
  89. Slide the City, Cookeville TN! July 3-4th!
  90. Going to be in Florida for a week
  91. Anyone hear of an Orlando Mermaid School?
  92. Looking for Neverland Mermaids!
  93. The itch is too great!
  94. Best Natural Places To Swim In Georgia?
  95. Earth Day Mermaid Lagoon (Jax Fl Area Mermaids)
  96. Any Mers in Knoxville?
  97. Mermaids in Daytona Beach FL
  98. Underwater cosplay photoshoot?
  99. Georgia Mermaid Roll Call!
  100. Aquarium-like Set Pieces (Nashville, TN)
  101. weeki wachee try outs
  102. Summer vacations in Florida
  103. Warning: Flesh eating bacteria on Florida Beaches
  104. Pod of the South Facebook Group
  105. Event in Kissimmee, FL in January looking for Mers
  106. ALIVE!
  107. Florida Keys Meet Up
  108. Kentucky Mers?
  109. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Meet Up August 2015?!
  110. Tennessee meet up
  111. Marion, SC Mermaid Gathering and Pirate Festival!
  112. Tampa Bay Mers
  113. Looking to PHOTOGRAPH a mermaid.
  114. Any Tampa-Orlando (or close-ish) mers willing to be a part of a small video project?
  115. Daytona Beach Florida Area
  116. Visiting Kissimmee/Daytona Beach Florida in May
  117. Any Freshwater Springs In Very North Florida/Georgia?
  118. Ginnie Springs Meet Up May 13-16
  119. Mississippi Merfolk?
  120. Any Mermaids Near FIU?
  121. Mers of Tennessee!
  122. Houston/Galveston Mermaids
  123. Turrner Falls in Oklahoma question...
  124. Visiting Florida
  125. Pawley's Island/ Myrtle Beach
  126. Florida Mers!
  127. Alabama Mers/Swimming Places
  128. 9 Hour Drive Down Florida - Any Mermaid Must Dos?
  129. Louisiana Pod
  130. Permissions?
  131. Hey, Tampa Bay mermaids, lets be friends!
  132. Potential move to Georgia?
  133. Anyone out there? [FLORIDA AND ETC. MERS]
  134. Help! Is the Pod of the South Facebook group active?
  135. Any Baton Rouge mers?
  136. South Carolinian Mers?
  137. Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2017 Mer-Meet!
  138. Help! Florida Springs!!!
  139. Needing a Buddy along the Gulf Coastal Area along AL, LA, MS area.
  140. Pools! (JacksonvilleFL)
  141. Alexander Springs on Saturday April 29th merman/mermaid swim
  142. Pod of the Southeast
  143. June 4th Alexander Spring, Fl gathering
  144. Georgia Mers
  145. Alabama Mers
  146. Any mers in Kentucky?
  147. FL meetup on monday
  148. Aug 11th GA Mers Lake Allatoona Meet up
  149. Small Meetup at Wekiwa Springs on Sunday August 20th
  150. Any Brazilian mers?
  151. Need advice for vacation in FL
  152. Last minute meet Up
  153. October 11th MerMeetup
  154. Myrtle Beach meetup in October
  155. Tybee Island, GA Merfolk Swim
  156. Just wondering
  157. Central Texas Merfolk?
  158. Alexander springs meetup?
  159. Jacksonville mers
  160. Are there any mers in Tennessee?
  161. Mer-May Day!!
  162. Alexander Springs Swim Along
  163. FL meet up soon?
  164. Tybee Island Mermaid Festival 2018
  165. Mers in Louisiana?
  166. Weekend meetup
  167. Panama City Beach Restaurant Hiring Mermaids
  168. new Mer in Atlanta, GA area seeking local mer-friends!
  169. Looking to expand Treasure Tail Pods
  170. Any Orlando mermaid willing to teach a new mer?
  171. Merman of north Ga looking for friends
  172. Calling all Georgia Mermaids!
  174. Newbie in Clearwater, Florida
  175. First Swim with a Merman
  176. New Mer in Knoxville, TN
  177. Noob in Palm Harbor FL
  178. Tampa Bay Mers: We gotta reclaim our TB Pod!
  179. Meet-up in Lithia Springs, Fl
  180. Facebook group for Georgia mermaids!
  181. Meetup Today, Lithia Springs
  182. NC Mers
  183. Attention all Northern Georgia Mermaids!
  184. Any Georgia mermaids?
  185. Any Mers Near The Keys, Miami, or Homestead?
  186. Anyone in Jacksonville/St Augustine Florida?
  187. Florida Springs Mermaids Thread
  188. South Florida Mermaids? (Like... Everglades south)
  189. USF Mermaids (University of South Florida)
  190. Atlanta mers, where can I swim?
  191. January Mermaid Swims in Greensboro, NC
  192. Making an Appearance in Florida at the Bay Area Ren Fest
  193. Central Florida Mermaids!
  194. Any Merfolk in West TN, Northern MS, or East AR?
  195. Middle Tennessee Mers?
  196. AL Mers
  197. Any northern AL mers?
  198. Chattanooga swimming together! Southern Mer Meetups!