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  1. Pod of Arkansas
  2. Capt Nemo here!
  3. Any Mers in Missouri?
  4. a hello from NE Kansas
  5. Traveling Mermaid To MO
  6. Hello from NE Iowa
  7. Any merfolks in Ohio, PA or MI?
  8. Kentucky mermaids?
  9. Nebraska Mers
  10. Indy Mer
  11. Minnesota Merfolk?
  12. Where to Live?
  13. Merman in Kansas City
  14. Oklahoma merfolk?
  15. New to mermaiding... And I live in Chicago!
  16. Ordered a tail from TAILZmermaidgear on Etsy!
  17. Weird Post
  18. About the Mertailor
  19. Looking to hire mermaids in Denver
  20. Any Iowan Mermaids out there?
  21. Kansas City Mers
  22. oklahoma mermaid for hire
  23. Missouri Mermaids
  24. Merfolk in Indiana?
  25. Merman fanpage on fb
  26. The Atlantian Threat
  27. st. louis merfolk
  28. Arkansas Mers?
  29. Meet Up 2015
  30. Midwest Meetup Summer 2015
  31. Any Merfolk In St.louis This Summer?
  32. I'm not the Only Mer in my Small Town!
  34. Chicago Meet-up
  35. Mer folk in the Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City area?
  36. Possibly meet for swimming on Fridays?
  37. Shells in Iowa
  38. mers in Kentucky?
  39. Any other Mers in Ohio?
  40. Iowan Mers?
  41. Johnson's-shut-ins state park mer meet up
  42. AquaMermaid in Chicago!
  43. Lake of the Ozarks
  44. Interest in a Tiwn Cities area Meet-up?
  45. Help Khaleesi the kitten's
  46. Just moved back to IL...want to find some swimming buddies!
  47. Recently moved to Springfield, IL
  48. Anybody close to NWA?
  49. Any Mers in Michigan?
  50. Mers around Branson, MO?
  51. I'll be in LOTO in June
  53. Looking for merfriends in Missouri!
  54. Midwest Meetup Summer 2017
  55. Mer meet up
  56. Making my first tail
  57. Really???
  58. Just moved from Oregon to Arkansas!
  59. Kansas City merz???
  60. Mermaid meetup in Decatur July 26
  61. MN or ND mers?
  62. Now I know what she felt..
  63. So I have decided
  64. Nebraska Merfolk?
  65. Creating a Pod of Missouri and Arkansas
  66. Any Mers want Meet Up?
  67. My Necklaces for my Mer Sisters
  68. Kansas City swimming spots?
  69. Missouri Meet up in Like Juneish
  70. So anyone up for Meet Up?
  71. I got My First TAIL!!!! 🧜🏻*♀️🧜🏻*♀️[emoji259][emoji259]
  72. Pod of the Midwest
  73. I ❤️🧜🏻*♀️ My Top
  74. My Beautiful Mermaid Top
  75. Anyone in Wisconsin?
  76. Mermaids in Nebraska
  77. KC Ren Fest 2018
  78. Merfolk in Kansas?
  79. Interested in a meet up in October
  80. Merfriendly Swim Spots in Missouri?
  81. Anybody from Missouri
  82. Nermaid Faith Meetup in Springfield, MO
  83. Any Mers do classes near Kansas City [emoji561]
  84. Where are all my MN Merfolk at?
  85. St.Louis mermaids
  86. Does anybody want tail designs
  87. Where do I belong?
  88. I made a pod Facebook group
  89. Mers in St. Louis
  90. Mers in Indiana
  91. Looking for swim buddies in/near Wichita KS
  92. Ozarks (Missouri) Mermaids
  93. OklahoMers?
  94. Anyone here in SODAK?
  95. Southern Illinois Mermaids?
  96. Wichita, KS