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  1. Oceania Pod
  2. Yay for summer!
  3. Designing a Coat of Arms for the Pod of Oceania
  4. Mermaids Swim-Along
  5. materiels
  7. Sydney Mers - come say hi!
  8. Excited new mermaid wants to join!
  9. Other ways of staying in contact
  10. Victorian Mermaids
  11. Queensland Mers - Come Say Hi!
  12. melbourne mer meet
  13. Mermaidens At The Zoo!
  14. waterproof makeup in Australia
  15. Oceania FB Group
  16. Biggest marine park now in Australia
  17. monofin retail
  18. Good places to swim in South-East Queensland
  19. Any Mermaids from WA, Perth?
  20. Tail supplies in Australia?
  21. Equality
  22. tailmaking supplies down under
  23. Lonely Mer in the North!
  24. Aussie Mer meet ups? (Details inside)
  25. Any South Australia Adelaide Mermaids Here?
  26. Silicone Tail Supplies
  27. Victorian mer meet.
  28. making a latex tail
  29. Help !!! Where can I get or find fake seaweed and shells?
  30. Overseas Travel and Aussie Customs
  31. is this the right place
  32. Possible Adelaide MerMeet?
  33. Anyone Adelaide mermaids going to Oz Comic con
  34. Mingara Mermaids
  35. Best moulding material available in Australia (preferably)
  36. Adelaide Mermaid Winter Games!! - All Mermaids Welcome!
  37. Adelaide Mermaids
  38. Possible Future Pod member -- Need Help
  39. Going Home for Holiday (Singapore)
  40. Does anyone know this mermaid?!
  41. Brisbane/East Coast MerMeets!
  42. photography?
  43. Sydney Mer meetup
  44. Adelaide Mermaid Meet Beach Day
  45. I have a dream...
  46. Northern Mers?
  47. Any hope for a silicone tail??
  48. Merfest for Mer's of Australia!
  49. Mermaid Meet-up in Brisbane or Gold Coast
  50. Professional Mermaids in Australia
  51. So this is really happening....And I can't wait.
  52. North Queensland/ Townsville area Mermaid Meet up :D
  53. Hai!
  54. Any mers in the Brisbane or Melbourne areas keen for a meet up?
  55. Hawaiian Mer Visiting Australia
  56. New Zealand Mers
  57. Melbourne Mer friendly pools + Meetups
  58. Hello! Any Merfolk in the Sydney area?
  59. Any Mers in the Melbourne area?
  60. Natural Areas To Swim In Melbourne?
  61. Help Save Some Sharks
  62. Oki doke.. so just leaving these here
  63. Lift the ban on mermaid tails in victorian pools
  64. Does the pod of oceania actually have an emblem thingy???
  65. Perth Mermaids are coming back to Reef HQ Aquarium :)
  66. Sydney Merpod Meet Up
  67. Christmas/new years 2106/17?
  68. Pod of Oceania Facebook group
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  70. Mercon Australia
  71. Mer Meet
  72. NQ Merpod meet up (with pics)
  73. Could all the Cairns/ Townsville mermaids please stand up?
  74. Mermaid Luna...?
  75. Anyone around Brisbane know of a pool that will allow a tail? Even a monofin???
  76. Moving to Brisbane soon and wondering who's actually around that area :)
  77. Bob the baby orca
  78. Christmas BBQ gathering at Lysterfield lake 2016
  79. Pod Of Oceania Coat of arms and merchandise.
  80. Meraphernalia
  81. New to group :)
  82. Anyone in Hervey Bay/Toogoom?
  83. RePost: Greetings from Newcastle!
  84. New Zealand Mers, where to swim?
  85. Anyone out there?
  86. Hello from Townsville!
  87. Southern NZ mers?
  88. Getting your tail through Australian customs
  89. Open day at Ryde Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  90. Western Australian Mer Meetup
  91. Boosting the signal - Mermeetup at East Victoria Park 26th April 2018 Book now!
  92. Boosting the signal - Mermeetup at East Victoria Park 26th August 2018 Book now!
  93. Mermaid friendly public swimming pools in Australia
  94. Very successful first time trial of Swimtail Pro
  95. Warning for Merfolk booking a lane at Scarborough Beach Pool, Perth.
  96. Australian Mermaid Tails
  97. Kiwi mer pod!
  98. Victorian meetup (waves unless proven otherwise)
  99. Bali Retreat: May 17th-24th 2019 $1650AUD/per ($1185 USD) [ cross post]
  100. Music for Freedivers at Perth Fringe
  101. Mermaid Kat's Professional Mermaid Class
  102. Two W.A gatherings this long weekend.
  103. Evening Mermeet at Scarborough Beach Pool 24th March 2019
  104. Offtopic but there's a couple of pools: Swancon for those who'll be in Perth.
  105. Perth mers: Fancy a swim tonight?
  106. Beatty Park Pool tonight
  107. So, Friday March 29 was International Mermaid Day, was it?
  108. Merswimming potential around Wadjemup (aka Rottnest Island) Western Australia.
  109. Swancon44
  110. Getting colder in Perth
  111. And Perth mers feel like a swim tonight at Beatty Park?
  112. Us two are swimming tonight.
  113. First Ocean problems
  114. Swim at Beatty Park tonight (Perth) 31st July 2019
  115. Perth merfolk - Swim at Beatty Park tomorrow night (August 7th)
  116. New Zealand Merfolk, Nyola & Kwilena are coming to you!
  117. Merman Inky makes waves at Busselton!
  118. Wadjemup/Rottnest this weekend
  119. Surfacing.
  120. Beatty Park Swim tonight
  121. Reminder Western Australian Merpeople with access to Facebook
  122. Usual "we'll be swimming at Scarborough Pool" from 4.30pm today post
  123. Facebook group
  124. The State of Swim North of the River, in Perth as of May 25th 2020
  125. For South Australian mers a mermaid school and shop!
  126. Be part of a World Record attempt! The Great Mermaid Migration in March!
  127. NSW Mermaid looking for a local pod!
  128. new Merman in Brisbane
  129. mermaid swimming schools in Brisbane
  130. It's back! The Great Mermaid Migration in Rockingham, Western Australia
  131. The Great Mermaid Migration 2024 at Coogee Live, Rockingham Western Australia