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  1. Mermaidens
  2. Mermaid Aela and MerNetwork featured on Yahoo News [March 3, 2012]
  3. News stories about Recreational Mermaiding
  4. Mermaidens in the News Again!
  5. NOAA and the US deny the existence of mermaids.
  6. im gonna be on tv!
  7. 'Article' on CafeMom about mermaid tails.
  8. MSNBC article: Sea Siren Trend: Mermaid fins make a splash this summer.
  9. NPR Wait Wait mermaid tail mention
  10. Mermaid on Local News
  11. ABC's story on mermaiding.
  12. Hannah Fraser is in In Touch Magazine!
  13. Raven's tails shared by GQ Magazine...
  14. Mermaidens at Bondi Beach
  15. MerNetwork now has a section for news stories about mermaids.
  16. Tampa Bay Online: " 'Mermaid Lady's' tails make a splash"
  17. Got another news article written about me :)
  18. Tufts student makes kickstarter to fund senior thesis: a mermaid tail
  19. Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Local Mer.
  20. Under The Sea: Journy of The Little Mermaid NEW AT DISNEY WORLD
  21. New Hannah Mermaid Interview
  22. Weta workshop's tail- NZ news report
  23. mentioned for my Peter Pan play.
  24. Little girl's mermaid tail is stolen
  25. I've been sooooo busy since this happened
  26. Featured by my university
  27. Spotted in Boracay: Mermaids and Mermans at the beach!
  28. Check it out my first article!!!!!!!
  29. Mermaids in Zimbabwe
  30. Mermaids in Freiburg Westbad: 150+ Mers
  31. Mermaid Ayla is at it again!
  32. Liden Wolbert on YAHOO news :)
  33. OMG!!! Is call I can say for this one
  34. multiple Water Festival Mentions
  35. Breaking News! Mermaid Delphine in Captivity
  36. The first article I'm in!
  37. Mizuko in Varla Ventura's New Book
  38. Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Hidalgo as mermaids
  39. FishHawk Mermaid BANNED from Local Pool In Tail.
  40. new way of learning to swim
  41. Ariel merchandise 2013! yay!!!!!!!!
  42. Mermaids and Pirates !
  43. Mermaids not the new vampires
  44. Michigan Pirate Festival (and mermaid) Interview
  45. Mermaid interview with the BBC
  46. HuffPo So You Want To Be A Mermaid from 8/8/13
  47. I was interviewed in the news,& now I need interested mers for interview quotes!
  48. Yahoo! Singapore article on mermaiding is out! :)
  49. Mermaid featured in the Daily Mail!
  50. "The Diplomat"'s feature article on Mermaids!
  51. Mermaid Marina in Huffpost.
  52. Original mermaid brings liquid history to life
  53. Mermaids & Mermen: Facts & Legends Benjamin Radford, LiveScience Contributor
  54. Bella Thorne does a mermaid shoot
  55. Merlesque in Take A Break magazine in the UK!
  56. Virginia Mermaid article
  57. Hawaiian mermaids in the news!
  58. UK Mers in Australia
  59. Dive Bar in News Videos
  60. Mers in the News! May 12, 13, and 15th
  61. Hannah Fraser on Yahoo- leave nice comments!
  62. Vancouver mom starts tail business because of her daughters
  63. Mermaids on the news and weather report :)
  64. Mermaid Odette on a billboard
  65. Finfolk in the Startribune
  66. Local Mer Makes High Five In Books-A-Million
  67. I was in a local magizine!!
  68. Mermaid School?!?!
  69. In the News for A Good Cause
  70. "Life under the sea comes to Tucson"
  71. mentioned in another article for Return of the mermaids!
  72. A Mermaid Conspiracy Theory? (also Ama Fisherwomen!)
  73. Mermaid Odette on TV
  74. Laura the Mermaid on the news- talking about Mercademy!
  75. Mermaid in the Daily Mail Online!
  76. Now there's a Mer School in the Philippines
  77. I have appeared on a Buzzfeed list (?!)
  78. World's deepest pool
  79. World's deepest pool inauguration with...A MERMAID
  80. Bayou Mermaids in the News!
  81. This man rocks!
  82. I was on the news / I'm pregnant is my excuse for everything
  83. New Buzzfeed Post, Please Share
  84. Louisiana Mermaid in the News!
  85. Fish out of water in this TV interview
  86. Going to be on TV
  87. My First Press! Mermaid in Support of Special Olympics
  88. Perth's Own Little Mermaids!
  89. Mermaid Shannon Rauch makes the news in NC!
  90. Canadian Mermaids and More in The Globe and Mail
  91. WETA created a fully functional mermaid tail for a double leg amputee
  92. Mermaids make a splash in north Queensland
  93. Mermaid Monday at the Virginia Beach Aquarium!
  94. The Mermaids of Louisiana are making headlines!
  95. Mermaid School in New York TV coverage
  96. Canadian Mermaid Tail Safety article
  97. Article on Professional Mermaid in France
  98. Cornwall Mermaid in London Metro newspaper
  99. Tail makers in Cosplay Culture
  100. Our Company In the News!
  101. Mermaids in a Magazine!
  102. Columbus Ohio Mermaid in the news
  103. Merman in the Metro!
  104. World Of Swimming Mermaid School on Good Morning America
  105. The Utah Mermaids on Good Morning Utah!
  106. Missouri Mermaid on the News! :D
  107. Banning Tails...Here we go again...Please visit and comment (politely)!
  108. Anyone know who this St Barts Mermaid is?
  109. Mermaid Schools in the Wall Street Journal
  110. Diving Into the Mermaid Life
  111. In the news twice, once with Iona!
  112. Wands and Wishes Mermaids in the news!
  113. Fast Company - Inside the Mermaid Economy
  114. Photographer Making Dreams Come True
  115. World of Swimming Mermaid School on Huffington Post
  116. Perth Mermaids in the News
  117. In today's paper
  118. Chinese woman is a model turned mermaid
  119. Acclaimed Mermaid Delivers Strong Message to Chicken of the Sea
  120. MerTail safety in Australian media and local pool ban!
  121. The Project - not a good day to be a Mermaid/Merman
  122. Australian Mermaids take over Reef HQ Aquarium (again!)
  123. In The Press! Pearlie Mae in The Guardian! Aysun in DazedDigtial, Coyote Walker, too!
  124. USA Today Article Covering NC Mer-Mania
  125. Travel + Leisure: Mermaid Spotting in America
  126. "Professional Mermaids Work Their Tails Off" - CNN article
  127. My First Interview!
  128. Listen to me on talk radio tonight!
  129. Anyone here, or we know?
  130. Disneyland Mermaids
  131. Florida legislator wants Jazz in Jail???
  132. My first interview with Channel News Asia
  133. Trina set her face on fire!
  134. Here we go again.
  135. Syracuse Media Group
  136. "Life as a Mermaid" interview with Mermaid Linden
  137. Mermaids exist- Meet Lanai the professional mermaid
  138. A real life mermaid.
  139. Merman calander
  140. Dance of the Mermaiden article in From the Hip
  141. LA Times story about mermaid schools somehow left out "LA Mermaid School"
  142. Suing Mermaids Makes the News?
  143. PostSecret Mermaids
  144. Facebook Page!
  145. Instagram!!
  146. BBC Clip About Aquarium Mermaiding in China
  147. Lena Dunham's Chrostmas Merphotos
  148. Seattle Merfolk: Barcroft Interview
  149. I hate my country's newspapers.
  150. Interview with Mermaid Heidi
  151. Mermaid Celeste and Merman Joseph featured in The Revelist!
  152. Spanish Speaking Mermaid From Sheroes Featured on Telemundo
  153. Mermaid Echo in the News | Feature Story by Alanna Conley
  154. Some headlines just catch your eye....
  155. Under the St. Croix | Story on Mermaid Echo!
  156. Merfolk in Seattle's The Stranger
  157. I made it into a local newspaper
  158. Mermaid Athiraa Interview - Mermaid from Sweden
  159. This Guy Proposed To His Mermaid-Obsessed Girlfriend Underwater
  160. Mermaiding: the trendiness returns
  161. Making a splash while talking about cleaning up our oceans
  162. Seattle Mermaids interviewed by Seattle After Party
  163. New article and my mermaid book
  164. Local merpod in Australia-wide news + radio interview!
  165. Found this the other day
  166. Professional Mermaid - "Students Stole My Work, Impersonated Me, and Won $7000"
  167. Girls wish granted with the help of Mermaids
  168. Buzzfeed Releases New Ursula Underwater Makeup Video
  169. Interview
  170. NATIONAL Night Out Event Merman Isura
  171. Australian Mermaid Salacia in the news for dolphin protection.
  172. YouTube video ideas
  173. New Article out
  174. Research paper about Mermaiding
  175. Question about tail art
  176. Closer Magazine UK
  177. Anybody interested in a project with me?
  178. Penélope Cruz Swimming in a Gold Silicone Mermaid Tail!
  179. Any merfolk around me?
  180. Mermaid decorations
  181. Sprint Super Bowl Mermaid Commercial Makes a Splash with Sheroes Entertainment
  182. Disney is starting a mermaid school
  183. so that Dailymail article
  184. Mermaid Monday - Monthly Rehash of Mers in the News!
  185. Mermaiding is Trendy Washington Post Article
  186. Podcast interview
  187. Mer-Inclusivesness in Western Australia
  188. Localish localishlegends
  189. Localishlegends Vote
  190. Petition · NYC Parks : Remove Ban of Mermaid Mono-Fins from Marcus Garvey Pool · Chan
  191. What do you know about selling tickets?
  192. Dubai-luxury.villas
  195. Dubai-luxury.villas
  196. Dubai-luxury.villas
  197. Mostbet: ideální volba pro sázení na výhru!
  198. Mostbet: ideální volba pro sázení na výhru!