View Full Version : "The Comedians" new series has guy in the splash tail and wig

04-06-2015, 09:27 PM
So there's this new TV show coming soon and I just caught the commercial while I was watching The Following. I couldn't get the remote fast enough to record it haha. It had one of the characters in a really good looking (like professional made) splash tail. The fluke looked awesome, but he was a big guy and the body looked baggy. And he had the whitish blonde wig and was flopping around. lol

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Comedians_%282015_TV_series%29

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLku4YmAro4

I'm trying to track down the commercial I saw on Fox or a screen shot etc.

Keep your eyes peeled maybe someone else will see it! It looked funny.

Mermaid Saila
04-06-2015, 09:42 PM

04-06-2015, 10:06 PM
Ah not available in Canada which is why it didnt show up in my searches.

04-06-2015, 10:11 PM

Merman Arion
04-06-2015, 10:11 PM
Not available in France either :(