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05-11-2015, 10:19 PM
so I just finished watching the original h2o series and I really liked it but the last season kinda left me with some questions... like what really happened to Emma's character? I know in s3e1 it was just mentioned at the start that she went off with her family to tour the world, but Bella/Indiana could sing and even took over the theme song too so I'm wondering if that was a direct reason on why Emma/Clair was let go? I don't recall Emma even being mentioned after that short 3 line explanation In s3e1. Or even Ash for that matter.

Another thing I didn't like so much was how there seemed to be rehashing of the previous seasons without the girls referencing the previous two seasons, like how Sophie seems pretty obvious to me to be a rehash of Zane's personality of season 1 (bring cr@ss and willing to compromise integrity for personal gain) with Charlotte's personality of season 2 (being a selfish manipulative lying cheating b'otch)

The only other loose reference to the previous seasons i recall is when Rikki responds to Zane trying to apologize for being an arse once again by saying that she remembers all the bad stuff he's done in past besides all the good memories they have too.

I have yet to start on Mako, but after reading about each episode, I get the feeling that the two are only related by location and similar "keeping the secrets" plot lines rather than a true continuation of the original H2O...

So does anyone else think that there should have at least been a TV movie Bridge between the original series and the Mako Island spinoff? I Mean, like where was that mako pod during the entire H2O series if they are supposed to be guarding Mako from humans finding out or using Mako's magic moon Powers? Its like either mako and h2o are in two separate timelines or the mako pod didn't get back to mako until after the h2o pod moved on with college. Even then, where were they in the 50s???
There is also an animated rehash of the original series that comes out later this month, but I don't think it'll be as good as the live series.

I think the basic storyline would be that Cleo is invited and goes to America with Lewis after graduation for her own college internship, hence why Lewis popped in to surprise her at graduation (the america thread), or he had a study with the marine institute that happened to be in the area...maybe about the reef near Mako Island (the reef thread).

Emma could return to the pod either by running into cleo and lewis by chance in the america thread, or by simply returning home being homesick from her family's travels around the world.

Either thread could lead to the discovery that after the events of season 3, the moon pool/cave wasn't the only thing damaged- the reef is dying and Mako Island is showing signs of renewed volcanic activity. Cleo explains to Lewis and Emma the events of season 3, and they come to the conclusion that the chunks of moon crystals that were removed in s3e26 are whats causing the destabilization of the Mako Island ecosystem. Meeting up with the rest of the h2o pod, we see that Rikki and Zane are still in their on again, off again relationship, and Bella and Will are in arts school for her signing/songwriting and his drawing talents.

That could then lead to a perfect opportunity for them to come in contact with the Mako pod that had been out to deep sea for the entire series, only being drawn back after sensing something wrong via the water tentacles presence during the full moons and the "water/light beam" of the series finale.

Together, the unified pod must work together to restore the moon crystals into the cave that made the island dormant.

BTW, I would totally want a tail like that, using an extension and a tail with translucent areas.

05-12-2015, 01:21 AM
well, i think the biggest reason for none of the actors from h20 being in mako island is because they all got other offers with better money and more grown up parts after 3 seasons of h20. i know phoebe tonkin and claire holt did. also, they dont get brought back because a. theres only room for so many characters on the show and b. theyd have to pay them all. and c. like i said many are doing other things now and prolly wouldnt come back. however, i do agree it would have been nice if they tied them together somehow without being ridiculous. but ya gotta remember, this is australia disney and the audience base its targeted at is not that worried about plot correlations with past seasons

06-23-2015, 08:15 AM
anyone else thinks Mako mermaids tails are even better than the original H2O's ones???

Merman Andrew
12-31-2015, 06:19 PM
As I understand it there was only ever supposed to be 2 seasons made of h20, a third was created due to the immense popularity, but since the actresses had only signed on to doing 2 seasons, by then Claire Holt (Emma) had probably signed onto doing other work. As for Mako Mermaids, once again you need to realise this was made a few years after H2o had finished shooting so the actresses had moved on, plus being a series about Mermaids who become humans rather than humans who become Mermaids, they could hardly use any of the H2o girls as the main stars. Personally I like Mako Mermaids the best, it felt like H2o was a little immature (maybe aimed at 12-15yrs and under) where as Mako seems more suited to those in the late teens.

In terms of where Mako Mermaids sits next to H2o on the timeline, to me it would make sense if Mako Mermaids came way before H2o because in Mako Mermaids the whole pod is forced to leave the area forever and the Mako girls become land dwellers. However, the producer Jonathan M Shiff has said that Mako comes after H2o, though they're not direct sequels of course. In the upcoming 3rd season of Mako Mermaids, Cariba Heine (Ricky) from H2o will be guest staring so we might get some more answers then about how the 2 timelines interact. You do raise a valid point about the whereabouts of the Mako pod when the H2o girls discover the island. We know that these Mermaids have the power to turn invisible so I can only assume they were there all along but chose to hide themselves from being seen as even though the girls had become Mermaids they were still ultimately human. As for guarding the island maybe once they had seen the girls turn into Mermaids they decided to let them be. But then again, given that in season 3 of h2o the 3 girls were the only ones who could stop the water tentacle then maybe the Mako pod wasn't around at that time?