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A few years ago, I posted the first version of this rpg on the-n.com's rpg message boards. I created it using combinations of current events (the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico), and details from two other pencil and paper rpg books: The Sea of Fallen Stars (the atmosphere of the story, some of the coral orders) and Blood-Dimmed Tides (the modern setting, some of the schools). I also added a few things (the magic styles, the psychic waterwords, etc) and since that original game, have gone through and changed a lot of the names, altered the style of the magic, and so forth. I am toying with the idea of making this into a story or series of stories, but haven't gotten very far yet. I would be happy if you guys told me what you think of the worldbuilding and, if your interested, in posting characters and roleplaying. Oh, and please tell me if I messed up anything (i.e. said one thing in one spot and something contradictory elsewhere) or if something's too confusing. I've included my character down below.


When man first sailed the seas, or fished off the shores, or sifted through the sands to find washed up treasures, or drowned, humanity came to the attention of the Five Children of Sea:

Darro, the Fish Bearer

Qiyurel, the Tentacled One

Aychet, the Shelled Maker

Kalahiki, the Deep-Hunter

Sedna the Wave-Singer

Each of the Children blessed their favorites among the humans with magical powers, and sent the Fylgjur, spirit versions of sea animals, to merge with the humans whose personality most fitted the individual Fylgja, transforming them into merfolk and allowing them to shift shapes into human, animal, or hybrid mer forms.

For a time, all was well. However, life in the sea is dangerous, and many of the merfolk exhausted their magical energies trying to survive, only to transform back into humans and drown when their magic ran out.

The Children of Sea agreed that something had to be done, and Sedna offered some of her children, the whales and dolphins, to swim to the depths of the ocean grottoes where fonts of magic bubbled, and return to the merfolk with that power periodically, to restore their fading reserves of magic. This process changed these whales and dolphins, turning them into half-spirit creatures known as Makara, and their gifts of pure magic are vital to the survival of marine communities, for magic can be used for many different purposes. Makara can be distinguished from other cetaceans because their bodies emit a mysterious, tranquil music at all times, even among species not known for singing.

The Children of Sea gave another gift, however: Lyonnesse Coral, with which a merman or mermaid can form a protective alliance in order to gain the coral's powers. With the coral, different orders arose, each with a different mission and abilities. Coral-bound mers are similar to dryads (linked to the coral for overall health and the power to manifest each kind of coral's abilities, but able to leave and travel away from the coral at any time).

Finally, merfolk were given three times the lifespan of most mortals. With the longevity, merfolk were able to spread and survive even when separated from one another for long periods of time.

With these blessings, the merfolk prospered, and in honor of their divine patrons, they formed five schools, one for each Child of Sea. School membership is chosen by the form of a mermaid’s bonded fylgjur, not by familial lines.


The Merfolk have lived alongside humanity, and in the beach town of Aegir's Cove, many of them go about their lives, working jobs that rely on the sea. Unfortunately, the recent threat of pollution has given birth to monsters and horrors, invading the deep, killing the Lyonnesse coral, hunting the Makara, and destroying the grottoes, while tourism and commercial interests have been infiltrating the formerly small town in hopes of making it the next big resort hot spot. It is up to the merfolk to balance the interests of humanity and the sea, clear out the corruption, and try to have a good summer.

Merfolk are born with human appearance, though babies retain the ability to breathe underwater for a short period, allowing them to survive if their mother can't make it to shore before giving birth. Many have been human all their lives, with no knowledge of their true heritage. Merfolk can be born to human parents, and it isn't until they reach puberty that they begin to feel the dreams and the calling to the sea. When they do reach the water (those raised by merfolk parents and guardians are waved on their way with congratulations, happy tears, and promises of a celebratory dinner afterward), a Makara (usually a dolphin) will arrive and temporarily grant water breathing to the "nereid" (as all fledgling merfolk without Fylgja are known), and then guide him to the nearest grotto, where the nereid must enter and wait for the Fylgja to arrive and merge with him.

This transforms the nereid into their adult form (until that time, nereids often have androgynous features and appear unusually young for their age). Now males are known as mermen and females as mermaids, and the secondary features of puberty usually set in (even if they’re well past the age of puberty in real life… 40 year olds who only now get to the sea might find themselves getting in better shape, finally able to grow facial hair, or getting more voluptuous). These physical changes that accompany gaining the hybrid form also result in shapeshifting and a burst of magic. Each Fylgja is fitting for that person's soul, and each is, if not beautiful, intriguing and "right" feeling for him or her... no one is disappointed or ostracized by their Fylgja. Mer forms have the upper torso of a human (though often with the coloration, sometimes scales and fins or plates or hide of the Fylgja), and in place of the legs, the lower body of the Fylgja (typically a tail, fins, tentacles, pseudopods, tendrils, or one long tentacle, though Schools Melusine or Glaucus might have legs, fur, claws, paddle tails, shells, or flippers). Generally they will have something that resembles a tail, even if it is a long tentacle, many tentacles, a fish tail, orca flukes, shark fins, seal flippers and lower body, stingray "wings" and poison stinger, lobster tail, or nudibranch "foot," (though sunfish merfolk might be the exception). Merfolk can shift “tails” into humanoid legs with the same patterns, fur, scales, at will in order to climb better or kick harder, though most prefer to maintain the "traditional" mer-form.

The Makara, meanwhile, spreads the word to the Merfolk community, and members of each house hasten and greet the new mermaid or merman when she or he emerges from the grotto. She is then formally welcomed into her House, and if she has not grown up among merfolk, she is taught everything about her new existence.

Merfolk are fairly tight-knit communities, lead by the silver-haired elders (known as "Dorids"), and so new mer will often be offered housing or a job (there is talk about building a university in Aegir's Cove to offer scholarships for new merfolk and provide a place for the large numbers of marine biologists who descend on the town). The Lyonnesse Orders will discuss the possibility of joining one of their orders after the mer has had time to adjust to the new form and powers. Becoming a lyonnesse involves intense training and, when the tests are passed, the mer is put under enchanted sleep while the order performs a ritual to align her spirit with that of a specific area of the reefs, predominantly featuring that order's coral. The Lyonnesse are the nobility of the merfolk, because they have a vested interest in protecting the mers and their habitat and the additional powers beyond those of other mers.

Merfolk can live on land, and many have homes, businesses (all tied to the sea, somehow) and family in the beachside town of Aegir's Cove. There is also a well-populated coral city, Vivienne, located several miles off the coast, hidden in a mazelike reef, and there are rumors that the sunken city of Ys might be nearby, hidden beneath the seafloor in a massive grotto that hasn't been found by modern merfolk.


SCHOOLS: You must choose a school, which defines your character’s physical features, abilities and weakness. If you are not sure what school your particular Fylgja might belong to, ask for ideas.

THE SCHOOL OF RUSALKA: The warriors and hunters of the Merfolk, chosen of Kalahiki the Hunter, the massive and wise predator who bestowed longevity upon the merfolk. On land, members of School Rusalka are devastating in battle, dodging, using weapons or fighting unarmed, but in the water their combat skills are unmatched. However, they are prone to frenzy at the smell of blood, and must fight to keep control in such situations.
Fylgja: Sharks, eels, skates, rays, guitarfish, barracuda, viperfish, gulper eels, anglerfish.

THE SCHOOL OF MELUSINE: The storytellers, historians, and scholars of the merfolk, chosen of Sedna the Wave-Singer, once a sorrowful land-dweller who sought shelter in the waters as mother of the air-breathing creatures of the sea, and the creator of the Makara. Members of School Melusine have a greater connection to the surface world, and tend to pick up greater skills on land than other merfolk. However, they cannot breathe underwater, though they can hold their breath for an extremely long period of time, and must surface every six hours.

Fylgja: Whales, dolphins, porpoises, pinnipeds (seals, walruses, sea lions), otters, sea snakes, saltwater crocodiles, sea turtles, and some diving birds.

THE SCHOOL OF MATSYA: The artists, dancers and musicians of the merfolk, and the chosen of Darro the Fish Bearer, the majestic leviathan who guides the schools and who gave merfolk their power to shapeshift. Members of School Matsya can command sea life, though only the most powerful can control anything other than their Fylgja's species. Unfortunately, they are also the most tied to the sea, and become increasingly uncomfortable each day that they do not spend at least an hour submerged in water.
Fylgja: Lionfish, seahorses, swordfish, marlins, sunfish, mackerel, tuna, parrotfish, pufferfish, clownfish, tangs, butterflyfish, angelfish, anthias, grammas, dragonets, damsels, dartfish, filefish, flounder, hamlets, hawkfish, pipefish, squirrelfish, triggerfish, etc.

THE SCHOOL OF GLAUCUS: The artisans, builders, architects and designers of the merfolk, these are the Chosen of Aychet the Shelled Maker, the great crustacean who created the first (and some say, most beautiful) pearl and transformed some coral into Lyonnesse varieties to bond with merfolk. They have a gift for prophecy, and use it to predict their best course of action and whether or not a design will work. However, with a few tropical exceptions (such as blue lobsters and some delicate, brightly-colored shrimp), many of them are less beautiful and alluring and more bizarre-looking than other merfolk, though they retain a sort of grace when they move.
Fylgja: Lobsters, crabs, horseshoe crabs, shrimp, sea urchins, conchs, whelks, etc.

THE SCHOOL OF JULANAR: The scientists, explorers, and magicians of the merfolk, they are the Chosen of Qiyurel the Tentacled One, the cleverest and most adaptable Child of Sea, who taught the merfolk how to use magic. Members of School Julanar are able to become more fluid, becoming hard to spot and imprison and allowing them to regenerate. However, they are prone to panic, and their fears make it hard to resist fleeing when standing their ground would serve better.
Fylgja: Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, jellyfish, nudibranchs (sea slugs), polychaete worms, anemones, and nautilus.


Magic, the energy of life and belief and emotion, is part of all things, but it flows in some people, creatures, places, and mediums more than others. It is believed that magic originates not with the Children of Sea, but with their mother and her siblings: Sea, Land, Sky, Sun, and Moon. Humans have very little magic, most of it focused on keeping their reality much the same as before (though feats of strength, luck, intuition, foresight, healing, empathy, and the like are fairly common). On the other end of the spectrum, there are places in the world that generate magic, much like springs spout water, and when those magical "springs" are in marine environment, they typically manifest as grottoes (in forests, they are groves or fairy rings, in the sky they become auroras, and in mountains they typically are found at the very peak or the heart of a volcano). There are a few grottos that are easily accessible, but many more are located in inaccessible places. The merfolk are lucky in that they have the Makara to collect that power and share it with them, even when the grottoes are too deep or remote to reach. With this power, which is the lifeblood of merfolk, they create patterns to manifest different effects ("spells") on themselves or the world around them, limited mainly by the patterns they study (if you've studied a bunch of spells to blast foes with fire, jets of water, lightning or raw magic, you're not going to learn illusions or healing powers without learning different patterns). These patterns are...

*Helios, or Gold Magic (spells of energy, light, blasts, warmth, cold, electricity, intuition, and vision).

*Thalassa, or Diamond Magic (spells of transformation, shaping, sculpting, changing form and matter and capability, as well as emotion and hearing).

*Lune, or Silver Magic (spells of force, gravity, time, fate, warding, empowering, weakening, reflecting, enchantment, madness, touch, dreams, and illusion)

*Gaiu, or Copper Magic (spells of senses, sensation, healing, creation, summoning, protection, strength, taste, physical power)

*Ouranim, or Iron Magic (spells of movement, animation, speed, flight, motion, thoughts, and scent)

Not all merfolk practice magic, instead being content with their fylgjur abilities or lyonnesse talents. Others may know a few spells from each, such as a Thalassa spell to dry her clothes, a Gaiu spell to cure venom, a Helios spell to freeze an attacking creature in ice, an Ouranim spell to swim faster, and a Lune spell to prevent aging. Alternately, a mermaid might be able to do anything that falls under a particular pattern of spells, making her a Thalassa master, Gaiu master, Helios master, etc. Casual magic users typically follow one path (several spells of different patterns) or the other (able to do anything using one pattern). True mages master all patterns, but this is slow and time consuming (which is why human mages are usually shown extremely old), though merfolk (especially Mazu Lyonnesses) learn magic more easily. Several of the Lyonnesses each are skilled at using different aspects of the patterns in their spells. The Varuna Lyonnesses do not use magic, instead relying on willpower and their minds and bodies alone.

However, merfolk must be careful, because if they exhaust all of their magic, they will instantly revert to human form and perhaps suffer confusion and disorientation and even memory loss about the merfolk and their identities until they somehow are re-powered, which for many (especially those who were in the water when they ran out of magic and drowned) never happens. That is why the Lyonnesses are so vital... their coral powers (and, for the purples, their coral-focused spells) use less magic than unaided spellcasting, and their coral continues to draw in minute amounts of magic, helping them to recover from even the complete loss of power. However, spellcasting can work wonders and miracles far beyond the powers of the coral, and so young merfolk are taught to use it sparingly and wisely. As part of this training, magic-users among the merfolk are taught a variety of songs to refresh, focus, store and retrieve magic for later periods when a makara isn’t nearby. Unfortunately, these songs also draw humans and other creatures touched by magic as well, often to negative results, leading to stories of sirens crashing ships against the rocks.

Merfolk communicate with each other using a psychic language is derived from (but that doesn’t use up their stores of) magic, allowing a silent rapport between individuals. You can choose to "broadcast" your “waterwords” to everyone in the area or share it with specific individuals by "whispering" directly at them. This form of communication only works underwater, and combines words, images, sensations, sounds, scents, and even taste [and should be written in italics in order to distinguish it from normal speech]. Humans and animals cannot receive or project waterwords unless they're magic-users somehow (though Makara speak with waterwords as well). Waterwords allow merfolk who speak any other languages to communicate perfectly with one another, and knowledge of it is granted to a mer when he or she bonds with the Fylgja. Waterwords can be mastered by Varuna Lyonnesses, unlike other magic (indeed, some wonder if their psychic powers are derived from Waterwords, or vice-versa).

There are other sources of magic, including the other planets (mostly Venus and Mars and Mercury and Jupiter) and Constellations, but generally, the more distant a Heavenly Body is from the spellcaster, the weaker, more vague, and less useful and less powerful the magic is… the Moon isn’t affected, but Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Mercury basically grant spells relating to their dominant emotion (attraction, conflict, leadership, trickery), while the constellations are useful for vague astrological predictions. Merfolk have little to do with Alchemy or Hermetic magic, and questions of whether Demonology or Faerie Glamours or Enochian Angelic magic exists are outside of their sphere of knowledge. It is possible (though illegal, according to Vivienne’s laws) to draw magic from other living things, often by draining them of their life energy. It has also been suggested that pollution might serve as a dark new source of corrupt magic, though further exploration into this possibility is also illegal.


The Lyonnesse are a sort of martial artists/mages/protectors who have a mystic bond with a particular piece of magical Lyonnesse coral, which grants them special powers. While merfolk are automatically members of a specific School because of their Fylgja, they can choose an order of Lyonnesses to join. The first four orders can master different abilities, while the last two are the most powerful magic-users and psychics.

TETHYS, THE STAGHORN CORAL LYONNESSE: The warriors of the Lyonnesses, their coral weaponry make them effective peacekeepers, as do their regenerative and combat-based powers. They often learn blasting spells and wear red.

SIRSIR, THE BLUE CORAL LYONNESSE: Formed for the defense of the coral cities, grottoes, and other important sites, they tend to grow blue coral armor and master protective wards and force field magic. They wear blue and learn spells that let them sense when something is happening to their charges.

VOLTURNUS, THE PILLAR CORAL LYONNESSE: The researchers, informants, and scouts of the Lyonnesses, this order's senses and intuition are enhanced thanks to their green corals, and they are skilled at magic that enables them to move swiftly in various ways (flight, increased running or swimming speeds, swift animal forms, teleportation etc). They often wear green.

TANGAROA, THE TABLE CORAL LYONNESSE: The inventors and artists of the Lyonesse orders, they tend to learn transformative spells, and their powers enable them to build and construct sculptures of coral. Their order’s color is orange.

MAZU, THE SEA FAN LYONNESSE: Pure magicians, mystics, and priests, this order focuses on learning and creating new spells. All magic is equally increased for them, enabling them to use up less in order to create greater effects. They also master ritual magic, working together with other purple Lyonnesses to cause lasting magical spells (such as hiding Vivienne from the radar and sensors of human technology as well as human eyes, or permanently enchanting someone... it is rumored that the greatest Dorids of this order can summon an appropriate Fylgja to turn a non-nereid human into a merman/maid, though this hasn’t happened in the last century). They wear purple, the color of mystery and magic.

VARUNA, THE BRAIN CORAL LYONNESSE: Where the Mazu master the essence of magic, the yellow Lyonnesses master the powers of the mind, manifesting telepathic, mind control, and telekinetic abilities...others teasingly refer to them as the "Jedi" of the Lyonnesses. They fight in tandem, each mentally linked to their allies and a step ahead of their enemies, and their psychic weapons are devastating. The Varuna wear yellow, and are often teachers in merfolk society.



Making Waves - "Seadoggie", a Melusine (Sea Lion) dorid, is something of a character, looking like he stepped right out of an eighties surfer movie, but a cool guy despite that. Nobody knows more about the surf in Aegir's Cove than he does, even if he does have a tendency to call you "Dude." Catering to both the tourists and locals, he offers everything from surf and scuba equipment, hemp/bead jewelry and swimwear to an experienced staff of swimming, scuba and surf instructors (and some who do all three).

Tress for Success - Run by the Melusine “Blue-Footed Barbie” (whose odd mer form includes graceful azure webbed feet, brown and white feathers, a blue face, and feathered wings growing from her arms), this hair salon has staff trained in all kinds of hair. Barbie is also a licensed masseuse and includes a spa in her store.

The Docks - Includes the fishermen's market. Sailors and fishers take tourists out on tours and boat rides. Old Fiddlesticks, a fiddler crab Dorid with one arm that becomes an enormous claw in his mer-form, leader of School Glaucus, knows everything that goes on in the docks. The local fitness center (with its Olympic sized pool) can be found here as well.

The Boardwalk - Popular with locals, tourists, and children of all ages.

Treasure Chest - With diplomas for architecture and industrial design, this swimsuit, seamstress, jewelry and lingerie store is owned by an enterprising betta Matsya named Betty.

The Sand Dollar - Run by a cuttlefish mermaid named Sepia, head of School Julanar, this sea gift shop is popular with tourists.

Aegir's Cove Public School and Randottir High are the local public education resources, each with merfolk faculty and staff (and nereid children), run by principals Jackson (orca melusine) and Ramirez (nurse shark and head of School Rusalka).

Sea Star Rising is a popular artistic center for the community, producing seascapes & water art, from watercolor paintings to sculpture via focused erosion. There is also a theater and gallery for local art, including underwater photography, preferred by Matsya and Glaucus alike.

Oyster Bed Inn is a 4 star hotel (it was going for five, but seagulls dive-bombed the inspector). It is run by Miss Jarvis (Glaucus - Hermit Crab) who decides to frantically improve the place every few years.

Cap'n Hammerhead's Fine Dining offers the best seafood. The Captain is retired navy and Hammerhead Rusalka dorid who dresses up in a pirate captain’s costume and puts on a comedic how for the diners.

The Coast Guard base has many Tethys, Melusine, Rusalka and Julanar using their knowledge, hunting skills and magic to ensure the safety of the coastline.

Aegir's Cove Lifeguard Station, run by Sirsir, hires merfolk and human alike as guards. Some of these young humans are even let in on the town's secret.

Atlantis Waterpark was built by a Varuna as a way to get people to have fun. It also has a dry section with a marine-themed carousel and other rides and games.

Greenteeth Wetland offers educational programs, a campground, and a breathtaking waterfall. It is protected by park rangers, including the head of School Melusine, Lily (sea snake dorid).

Minch Row isn’t currently a part of town, but when Aegir’s Cove was first settled, Minch Row was the site of pirates’ and smugglers’ dens. It grew into a surprisingly upscale part of town over the next couple centuries, only to sink in an earthquake back in 1853. The sunken part of town remains more or less intact, and some of the merfolk who were living there at the time maintained their homes. It should be noted that Minch row was also the site of the major hotels and attractions in Aegir’s Cove at the time of the earthquake, and that its destruction sent many outsiders packing, no longer willing to build up the tourist industry in town, making the provenance of the earthquake most likely magic, though no one has ever claimed responsibility.

Vivienne has plenty of room for every mer to have their own coral home, with surprisingly luxurious accommodations. The leader of the city (and the Matsya) is King Mola, who gained his Fylgja late in life, after he'd lost his legs in an industrial accident, only to find he didn't need them as an ocean sunfish bonded with him. He is also leader of the Mazu Lyonnesses and a powerful mage.

Aegir's Cove also has a library, bookstore, video game arcade, candy store, ice cream place, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and French restaurants, farmer's market, comic shop, toy store, and other necessities of a small beach town. If I didn't mention something, assume it can be found in the docks, the boardwalk, or somewhere in town.

Nearby sites of interest underwater are the reef, a kelp forest, a trench (full of creatures that may or may not be natural), a sunken pirate ship (the Semiramnis), the ruins of an abandoned coral city (the merfolk avoid it and don't mention its name), and the marine lab of the Linnorm corporation, which the merfolk also avoid (something strange and suspicious is going on there), along with several grottoes, some open, some hidden.


Here is the character bio.


FYLGJA: (depends on your school)

APPEARANCE: (Human form)

MERFORM: (depends on your Fylgja)

ABILITIES: Does your Fylgja grant you any abilities? Can you use echolocation? Change colors to camouflage? Leap five times your height out of the water? Fly/glide? Survive extremely cold temperatures, or high pressures? Are you venomous? Can you release an electric shock, or fire a blast of superheated water (such as the pistol shrimp)? Are you armored, like a lobster or sea turtle? Unusually strong, like a whale? Do you have a shark's senses, or an octopus' ability to squeeze through the smallest of openings? Do you have prehensile tendrils or tentacles? Are you incredibly fast? These must fit your Fylgja (i.e. a sea snake might grant venomous bites, scaly armor and elongation, but not spines or electric shocks).

MAGIC: What spells, if any, or pattern, do you know (those who want to become Varuna Lyonnesses should not take spells, but replace this section with psychic powers).

OCCUPATION: (What is your job? Good choices include sailor, naval officer, surfer, lifeguard, marine biologist, olympic swimmer, fisher, coral/pearl jeweler, watercolor painter, swim teacher, scuba diver, photographer, seafood restauranteur, meteorologist, tourism, tourist, realtor, water park owner, wetlands ranger, coastguard, smuggler, etc)

STORY: How did you become mer? Does it run in your family for generations? Were you chosen by a Makara and brought to a grotto to bond with your Fylgja? Did your dreams compel you to dive into a grotto? What do you plan to do with your gifts and what do you think of the changes of your town?

NOTE: If you want to join a Lyonnesse Order, roleplay it. Have your character apply to the one you wish to join, talk with the leaders, etc.

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NAME: Phillip

SCHOOL: Matsya

FYLGJA: Leafy Sea Dragon

APPEARANCE: Phillip has a mane of wavy brown hair that falls to his shoulders. Every so often he likes to do something new with it (braid it, gel it, dye it bright colors, etc). His eyes are a warm, deep brown, with naturally long eyelashes, and his eyebrows are very expressive. His cheekbones are fairly high, and his lips are soft and full. His skin is tanned from the sun and his Mediterranean complexion, and he prefers to wear either t-shirts and jeans or his wetsuit or swim trunks. He is 6'2" tall, and sort of gangly-looking, but comfortable in his own skin. He keeps in shape by swimming and surfing regularly and hitting the gym.

MERFORM: His skin melts into warm gold with white stripes, and leafy turquoise and brown fins emerge from his elbows, shoulders, back, ears, and hips. A gossamer, ever-moving seahorse dorsal fin sprouts from his lower back. His legs turn into a seahorse-like prehensile tail, with leafy fins down the spine and leafy flukes at the tip. Quick-buzzing translucent dorsal fins sprout from his back to help project him through the water. His hands become webbed as well, and gills appear along his neck, protected by more translucent fins.

ABILITIES: Phillip's tail is prehensile and very strong, letting him hang onto anything it wraps around. He is also able to change color to camouflage himself amongst his surroundings, especially since his main means of propulsion as small transparent fins on his neck and back that make him look like a drifting tree or mass of seaweed by holding his body still.

MAGIC: Thalassa spell of dragon wings, Helios spell of plasma breath.

OCCUPATION: SCUBA instructor at the "Making Waves" surf, scuba, and swim shop.

STORY: Phillip lived inland most of his life, was raised by strictly religious parents, and didn't see the sea until he went to college. He felt like he was coming home, and one night he got out of bed, left the dorms, and slid into the water. It was there that he was met by a strange sight... a narwhal, drawn well out of its normally arctic territory, and seeming to glow in the moonlight. It swam right up to him, and when he reached out his hand to touch it, power, peace, and breath flooded into him. He held on tight as it dove down into the reef below, tapping the wall with its spiral "unicorn" tusk, and silently encouraging him to swim inside as a doorway appeared! When he did, he found himself in a bubbling chamber lit by bio-luminescent walls and full of rainbow crystals and corals. Soon, a strange creature... a leafy sea dragon, relative of a seahorse, but appearing almost part plant, swam into the chamber, and when the Fylgja bonded with him, it was like everything made sense. He emerged to welcoming merfolk, and later chose to remain in the town. He graduated and is now working in Aegir's Cove, sharing his love of the sea with tourists and others... who, like him, might someday answer a call they don't clearly understand. He does want a university to be built in town, but he privately thinks most of the tourists are out of their minds, and does not want hotels and condos tearing up the landscape. He has a small apartment in town, and a more spacious home he sculpted himself in the coral city. He still goes to church regularly, since the spiritual connection reminds him of what he feels in the water, but he's more accepting of other religions than his family, who aren't happy that he came out to them as bi.

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Looks like a good RPG! Where are you playing this? :)

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I was playing it on what is now Teennick.com. However, ever since they switched over the website from the-n.com, a lot of the good RPers have gone on to other things. Besides, many of the people there don't have the attention span to read through all this text. I've modified it for this message board, if anyone's interested (I'm also still trying to decide whether I should replace School Melusine with some other mermaid name... it was originally the House Melusine in Blood-Dimmed Tides. I modified the Lyonnesse coral from the Dukar Orders of Sea of Fallen Stars, though in the original the coral is bonded to their skeletons)

12-22-2011, 02:36 PM
BOOM! CRACKLE! SIZZZZZZZ! SHRREEEEEEE! Each of the fireworks exploded overhead as the last trickling parties from the post-fourth-of-july weekend faded. The crowds on the beach oooooohed and ahhhhhed at appropriate moments, their flashing nicknacks and glow necklaces and light-up wands and sparklers lighting up the shore while the fireworks lit the darkening sky. Eventually, though, they packed up their picnic blankets, folded their beach chairs, rounded up the children and dogs, and made their way off the beach and indoors. When the last flickering light faded, the boardwalk lights grew dark, and the rides slid into a stop, the last light vendor walking along the beach reached into his sack of glittering gadgets, flicked each of them off, and then pulled out a glowing conch shell, shedding pink-peach light over the empty beach. Raising it to his lips, he blew three long, deep, resonant notes, each blast of strange music causing the shell to blaze with light. He stashed the conch back safely in his bag, replaced his shabby clothes with a swimsuit, and walked towards the water. As soon as his feet touched the wet sand, silvery scales slid up his body, and at spots along his back, arms, legs, neck, eyes and feet, his skin lit up with his own internal brilliance. A lanternfish merman, his musical summons and entry into the water (not to mention his ploy of providing the land folk with illumination so that those watching from the water could tell exactly where the humans were) had made the beach safe and signaled the beginning of the next festivities of the evening: the dance of the sea folk. Out in the water, beautiful lights spun into existence: the merfolk released bio-luminescent plankton so that their every movement lit the water with an eerie blue glow, while St. Elmo's fire burned in the air above and fog rolled in, both called by the five patterns of magic. The songs of the Makara echoed in the water, mournful and pure, and the marine citizens of Aegir's Cove breached the surface. Those who possessed musical voices joined the Makara and the echoes of the conch in a siren song, while those with partners whirled with them in a graceful underwater waltz. The rest spun together in wide, synchronized circles before breaking off to join their friends. Those few humans trusted with the secret of the merfolk's existence stepped cautiously from their homes and quietly made their way to the shore to join their magical lovers, children, parents, and friends, and King Mola rose from the water on a wave to welcome them. Each of these humans had proven themselves worthy of keeping the secret of Aegir's cove, and all were welcomed. Storytellers entertained young and old alike with tales that could only be told in the silent language of waterwords. Athletes and young mers played with the pods of dolphins (Makara or not), each group trying to outdo the other with elaborate races and stunning leaps from the water. Among them all, Phillip drifted, his leafy fins fluttering around him, his gold and white and green skin standing out in glow of the plankton, searching for his friends.

Mermaid Sirena
12-28-2011, 12:26 AM
I gotta say that is absolutely epic.

12-28-2011, 05:37 PM
Thank you, Mermaid Sirena! I tried to make it a flexible and intriguing game. Any suggestions?

01-13-2012, 02:08 AM
Anything that anyone would do to improve the game?

01-13-2012, 06:24 AM
Have you tried The Keep Nexxushost.com ? I've been roleplaying there for years, and if you want to re-establish the game there, I 'd definetly be interested. :)

Link is here : http://www.nexxushost.com/rpg/thekeep/index.php

01-19-2012, 11:01 AM
See, I don't understand that, Aela... why on earth would I post this somewhere else when I've posted it here for everyone's enjoyment? This is the mernetwork, and here is a mer rpg. I'm still surprised no one has posted something similar on here before.

03-23-2012, 10:56 AM
Character Creation Steps:
Step 1 - Name, Occupation
Step 2 - School, Fylgja
Step 3 - Human Appearance, Merform Appearance
Step 4 - Merform Abilities, Spells
Step 5 - Story

Gem Stone
03-23-2012, 12:54 PM
Is the game still on the teen nick website? Or where is it? Can we still play it?

03-23-2012, 02:19 PM
A version of it is available on teennick, though I still don't have anyone playing it there, either. It might be fun just to play it here, if you're interested... but here is the link, in case you're interested in checking it out http://community.teennick.com/Discussion-Thread/Merfolk-The-Summer-At-Aegirs-Cove/090C3FFFF01FB146200090117EB32?ref_title=Role-Playing+Games&ref_url=http%3a%2f%2fcommunity.teennick.com%2fDisc ussionResults%3ftcId%3d52940&ref_category=52940 (I'm bmmnns on teennick)

08-29-2013, 09:26 PM
May I start a character without having bonded to my Fylgja yet?

08-29-2013, 11:00 PM
I feel like I totally missed this thread and I am super interested... I am just used to multi-level forum based rps so everyone isn't posting in one thread, but there are boards for different locations, and then threads for individual story archs and characters ;)

08-30-2013, 04:15 AM
May I start a character without having bonded to my Fylgja yet?

Sure Moonlight... playing a nereid character before he or she merged with a Fylgja would be an interesting idea. Nereids are unable to become lyonnesses, though, they lack animal abilities, and they tend to run low on magic often, but they can use waterwords, and some of their weaknesses can be made up through human technology (scuba equipment) and judicious use of Magic plants and items.

08-30-2013, 04:21 AM
I feel like I totally missed this thread and I am super interested... I am just used to multi-level forum based rps so everyone isn't posting in one thread, but there are boards for different locations, and then threads for individual story archs and characters ;)

Wow, I'm flattered, Raina! I can see how those features would appeal (and I was impressed by Courtney's rpg that never was)... with so few people expressing interest until now, though, I admit I haven't looked into alternatives like the one Aela posted above. I'll have to fix that.

Mermaid Lorelei
08-30-2013, 11:18 AM
Holy fish paste! I missed this whole thread! This is awesome! I used to roleplay constantly back in highschool, but it fell to the wayside when I got into college. I'd love to pick it back up if you opened a forum for this.

08-30-2013, 03:47 PM
One of the advantages of having a single thread for an rpg is that the entire story is compiled and it is easier to interweave things, though... especially in games where many of the players can spend limited time rummaging through a forum.

08-31-2013, 03:33 AM
I am also used to multi-thread games, with different threads being different locations or timelines/whatever. I guess that may be more for if you're playing a game with a lot of people on it, like the Starfleet game I played... different threads for different parts of the ship; different boards for different ships (and you could only see your ship's board)...

And it's fine, I wasn't leaning towards Lyonesse anyways :P And of course at some point I'd bond and become a mer-person, I'm just not sure where I'm going with the character/what type of Fylgia I should have yet...

08-31-2013, 04:14 AM
Understandable... I tried to include a wide variety of ideas for characters when I discussed the different locations and the people who run them, including a Blue-Footed Booby mermaid, to give people some idea of the possibilities :)

08-31-2013, 04:16 AM
Haha yes, I did find some of your NPCs very clever! :P I'm kind of torn between an otter and a fish...

09-06-2013, 10:02 PM
Both sound cool, Moonlight Mermaid, so I can see why you'd like to explore Nereidhood.

I have to note that the-n/teennick took down its forums today. I feel like it's sort of an end of an era. Fortunately, I saved all of my RPGs on word documents, but still.

09-06-2013, 10:39 PM
Woah, that *is* like the end of an era... Thankfully you have it all saved :D

Ugh, brain fart! Trying to figure out my character makes my head go all wibbly-wobbly right now. I'm not supposed to be playing a game, I'm supposed to be making stuff apparently, since that's all I can focus on.