View Full Version : Pixie Vision Photo Shoot coming to S. FL!!

12-19-2011, 02:09 PM
Pixie Vision Productions (see http://www.pixievisionproductions.com/gallery/portfolio for her gallery) is amongst THE most talented photographers I have encountered. She shot some WONDERFUL portraits of friends of mine, and has shot a multitude of famous belly dancers including Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, and Ariellah. She has a wonderful "fantasy" album amongst those in her collection, and I spoke to her about doing mermaid photos - and she is totally for it!

She will be here Aug 31st through Sept 2nd, 2012 and will be booking any time slots between 8AM and 10PM. Her hourly rates are $350 BUT she works very fast. And I mean very. So it would be very easy for two people to go in half and half on a 1 hour slot. I will definitely be booking with her and am curious as to whether someone would want to do this with me? Who knows, if enough FL mers get together we may be able to get some group shots.

Next is location. I want to call the Venetian Pool and see if for costuming purposes or something, if I might be able to get around the photo shoot fee. She is, however, a fan of free areas, so if anyone knows of any private beaches, or natural spring areas, or even pools that are aesthetically pleasing in or around the Miami area (that is where she would be), do give location recommendations!