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Mermaid Mhara
06-29-2015, 02:41 PM
Hey guys! Not sure if there's anyone else like me here, but I'm a huge fan of Monster High...there have been a few Mermaid and sea monster based characters throughout the series, doll lines and movies...from a main girl Lagoona Blue daughter of the creature of the black lagoon...to mermaid characters such as Sirena Von Boo. The series and dolls are great, and I'm a bit of a collector.

Monster High's spring 2016 movie is 'Great Scarrier Reef' and seems to have a mermaid theme to it!! Have a look at the dolls and art!







Some nice tail designs in there too!

06-29-2015, 02:46 PM
I saw these the other day in a MH group I watch. These are going to take a wicked hit to my wallet for sure. :p

SeaGlass Siren
06-29-2015, 02:51 PM
oh my goodness the squid!! <3

Mermaid Mhara
06-29-2015, 02:51 PM
Same here! I haven't been very much into any Monster High line since about 'Ghouls Rule' and focus more on finding older ones I missed out on (deffo more into the first wave and the 'school's out' range than most of the newer stuff) But this...this is just wow to both my MH loving self and merman self haha. I SHALL HAVE ALL THE MONSTER MERS.

Kinda hoping they'll release a boy to go with this line...they've been quite decent with boys lately so I hope they carry on.

Dancing Fish
06-29-2015, 03:29 PM
Omg. These are adorable! My kid's a huge fan, she'll be thrilled!

Mermaid Clara
06-29-2015, 03:45 PM
I love Monster High dolls! Now I have to get these dolls!

Mermaid Mhara
06-29-2015, 06:52 PM
LOL just noticed my spelling mistake 'Monster Hugh'...hmm sounds like a nice guy.

06-29-2015, 07:07 PM
Oh dear I better start saving my $$$ right now!

06-29-2015, 08:37 PM
I need all of these! Especially Posea and the two headed one!

SeaGlass Siren
06-29-2015, 08:42 PM
GUYS. GUYS. this guy's name is RIDER.

https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/11698817_398965873628191_7925946827907368927_n.jpg ?oh=285b40af0993240e51de45243173e96e&oe=55E757B4

06-30-2015, 12:20 AM

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Mermaid Riia
06-30-2015, 12:40 AM
Oh my god noooooo <3 this is going to hurt my wallet BIG TIME.

SeaDragon Mermaid
06-30-2015, 11:44 AM
I'm not the world's largest fan of Monster High, but my best friend cannot stop talking about it! When she finds out (if she hasn't already!) she will literally SCREAM UNTIL I BECOME DEAF!