View Full Version : Thalia mermaid tail???

08-18-2015, 09:03 PM
so my grandma was telling me about some famous mexican actress and her daughter got some tails. i got 2 diffrent results


so this is kinda obvious that her daughter got a finfun but i dont recognize thalia's tail. we know this is thalia though

but i also got this one too that i want to talk about

this is the first thing that popped up in the search. it looks like her but my mom isnt certain (i think it is though because i keep on seeing the words telenovela by the pic) whoever she is her tail confuses me. its just that the fluke looks like its at her shins and not at her feet.
im curous of your input

Mermaid Jaffa
08-18-2015, 10:30 PM
Green tail looks like The2Tails, don't know what the silver one is.

Mermaid Alea
08-19-2015, 12:57 AM
Hmm it could be just a very bad angle that the photo was taken at.

08-19-2015, 02:14 AM
that picture with the silvery tail looks like a photoshop to be honest, but it could just be really poor lighting

08-19-2015, 02:39 PM
Are you sure she didn't mean Tatiana? Found this site on her. It sounded familiar.

08-19-2015, 02:45 PM
I think the way her legs are bent at the knee with her knees towards the camera creates the illusion her legs are short.
Which frankly, is kinda the opposite way ya wanna go with posing...Petty mermaid: bad pose.