View Full Version : Turn off Tapatalk random notifications?

08-25-2015, 02:07 AM
Since the latest update on Tapatalk my droid keeps getting Tapatalk spam. I'll get notifications on my phone and its like, top ten threads this week for mernetwork. There's usually 1-2 notifications a day and I have notifications and alerts turned off. It just told me I look hot today, don't forget to check the forum?? Lol I should of screenshot.

Anyone else having this issue and know how to turn these new alerts off? Clogging up my phone notifications.

08-25-2015, 04:13 AM
In Tapatalk :
Settings :
Push Notifications :
Make sure 'site notifications' is on disable; and 'Tapatalk Notifications' -recommended forums is turned off; -Daily Picks is turned off.

Then on your phone:
Go into your settings app:
go into Notifications:
find tapatalk:
Make sure the 'Allow Notifications' is turned off.

Mine stopped after I did this!

08-25-2015, 09:23 AM
Yeah daily picks is one of the ones I'm getting. Same with recommend forums. I have all notifications turned off along with push notifications. Just not sure how they're getting through. I'll keep trying. Not easy to get all the ap settings either.

Thanks! I feel less crazy now